Timeless love update Monday 4 December 2023

Timeless love 4 December 2023: The Episode starts with Vidhi writing the expenses after coming back home from grocery shopping. Priya asks what is going on, and asks if this is sasta market. Vidhi says she was writing the expenses, as she has just bought it. Mausi ji slips, while Mausa ji holds her. Satyavati says what a scene, and praises their romance. She says then the heart is happy and doesn’t divert. Mausi ji asks what is it? Priya says what is this sasta bazaar and asks if she don’t know about home delivery? Vidhi says she has brought it for 5000 rs and brought fresh vegetables also. She says home delivery people takes a lot of money. Priya asks why did you bring less bell peppers.

Vidhi says we waste much, so will cook what is needed. Satyavati praises Vidhi and says she is proud of her. Mausa ji says we shall keep it in the kitchen. Satyavati says it is my idea too.

Later Mausi ji comes to Satyavati and sees her peeling the peas. Satyavati asks her to teach her, as she has forgotten. She says Vidhi is making food all alone, so I thought to help her. Mausi ji says you have cleverly told me about the financial crisis, so that you don’t have to give money for Rohit. Satyavati says I already told you that there is nothing in my hands and asks her to talk to Dev and Vidhi about Rohit. Mausi ji says Vidhi will loot everyone and will give to her father’s charity box. Satyavati asks her not to spit poison against Vidhi and goes upset.

Later, Everyone comes to have food. Abhi says the food is smelling good, I wanted to have tasty food today. Vidhi tries to serve food to Priya. Priya says I can take it myself. Vidhi serves food to Simmy. Abhi asks why Bhabhi is serving, where is the staff? Priya says they are on off, Vidhi is doing savings. Vidhi says all Servants are doing laundry cleaning, they will be free in afternoon. Abhi says ok Bhabhi. Priya sees Abhi not reacting and asks if we will eat food like poor, one sabzi, one dal. She tells that she will order food from 5 star hotel, for herself, Simmy and Abhi, as he likes variety. Abhi says I will eat this food. Vidhi says sorry and says I have set this same menu for everyone, so that no wastage happens and money gets saved too. She says my Maa says that when we all have food together, then we talk and relations get better. She says when I made food for myself, I came to know that Maasi ji doesn’t like dal without ghee, and Priya bhabhi wants all the rotis gluten free. She says she will make everyone have food. Abhi says it is supercool, when Maa used to cook food for us, we used to feel the same. Dev says Chitra used to lick the plate for the dal. Satyavati says then I have to teach her, how to eat.

Chitra gets hiccups. She thanks Amba for letting her go to her mayka for holi. Amba says I am not cruel and asks her to go home. Chitra thanks her. Amba messages someone, it is time to enter Raichand house, the injury which you gave to them, I will make it as wound, I hope you have a plan.

Everyone eats food. Satyavati says food is superb. Abhi says yes. Vidhi says until everything becomes fine in office, this is my small try. She says I thought to make food for everyone and enjoyed it. Satyavati says there will be difference between cook and Vidhi’s food. Mausa ji gives shagun to Vidhi for the tasty food. Priya says now Vidhi will decide everything. Mausi ji says nobody questions her and says only Vidhi is responsible in the house, first home and then office. Abhi recalls Satyavati’s words and tells that it is happening because of me. He says until the situation becomes fine, I will have food only once in a day. He goes. Dev and others go too. Satyavati tells Vidhi that in testing time, who is hers will be known.

Dev recalls how Abhi talked to him and gets teary eyes. Vidhi wipes his tears. She asks him to cry if he wants, and says there is nobody other than your wife here. He keeps his head on her lap. She asks him not to hide his emotions. Dev says I love this family a lot and that’s why I am worried as the family is breaking. Vidhi says if family is against you today, then it will be with you tomorrow. She says the bad time will pass very soon.

Later Seema sees Vijay’s men measuring the house. She clicks their photos, but makes a sound. Vijay asks the men to do the work. Seema calls Hariprasad and tells him that few men entered their house.

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