Lost in love update Tuesday 5 December 2023

Lost in love 5 December 2023: Bheema gives gun to Sai and asks her to kill any one between her current and ex-husband or see all the passengers dying. Virat warns Bheema not to drag Sai in this and talk to him instead. Bheema’s aide threatens Sai to shoot. Sai recalls quality time spent between her and Satya and then her and Virat. Virat asks Sai not to pay attention to Bheema. Satya asks Sai to kill him and return to Virat as he already spoke to Virat and informed him that she still loves Virat and married him as a compromise.

Virat asks Sai not to shoot Satya. Satya says he is dying each day after Girija’s death and wants to die at once. Virat warns Bheema that if any passenger is harmed, Bheema’s team and Ramakanth will not be spared. Satya insists Sai to shoot him. Virat asks Sai not to let Satya play with her emotions. Sai tries to shoot herself. Bheema asks if she wants to take best actress award home, he will help her take a decision. He holds her hand and shoots. Everyone shout in shock. Bheema shoots his aide Raghav standing behind Virat by mistake. He asks Sai to treat Raghav. Sai says she will if he promises to spare Virat and Satya. Bheema agrees.

Sai with Satya’s help removes bullet from Raghav’s body and asks Satya why did say that he should return to Virat. Satya says he knows she still loves Virat and as a bestfriend insists her to return to Virat as some decisions in life should be taken on time or else they will lose the chance. Aide asks if they are done. Satya says yes. Aide pushes Sai towards Virat. Outside the plane, Karishma tries to escape. Nurse forcefully takes her to the treatment camp and asks her to get her baby treated. Karishma notices Vinu in the camp and runs away from there. Kadam asks doctor about released hostages’ condition and asks Vinu what did he see inside the plane.

Virat thinks he should get hidden gun from air marshal and says he needs to go to the washroom. Bheema says he is not in a movie theater. Virat says they both are fighting for their themselves, but shouldn’t forget humanity. Bheema permits him. Virat falls on air marshal while walking towards washroom and searches for gun. He finds a pen. Bheema’s aide pulls him up. He enters washroom and writes a note for Sai to get a gun from air marshal. Aides ask him to come out soon. He walks out and signals Sai to get a note from washroom. Sai says even she wants to use washroom. Aide warns her to stay right there. Satya diverts Bheema’s attention saying his aide is waking up. Sai silently walks towards washroom. Bheema stops her and says he didn’t permit her yet. Sai says she really has to use washroom. Bheema sends his aide to check if Virat left something in washroom. Aide checks and says there is nothing there.

Sai gets into washroom and searches for clue. She recalls his signal and finds a note on a tissue paper roll to get a gun from air marshal. She gets out of washroom and drops things nearby, picks air marshal’s gun in lieu of picking them, and points gun at terrorists. Bheema asks if she knows to use a gun. Sai says she is a police officer’s daughter and asks if she should shoot.

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