Timeless love update Friday 11 August 2023

Timeless love 11 August 2023:  The Episode starts with Amba asking Vidhi to stop and insists to talk to her, saying she is responsible for her destruction. Vidhi says I? Amba calls her near and tells that she don’t want her family members to hear them and don’t want to expose her doings. Vidhi says I never wanted this to happen with you. Amba asks her to keep her fake sympathy to herself, and tells that whatever happened is because of your so called infatuation, one sided love and this cheap love story. She tells that when you have to pay the price for it, it won’t be small, it will be heavy for you. She says I will change your life, and even Dev has to pay the price for this. She says I will burn you both in the same fire in which I am burning now, and will ruin you. Golden asks Urmila if she is fine. Urmila says Milapni Dev has broken first Vidhi’s alliance and now Dev’s alliance. Hariprasad says Dev’s mother would have thought something before taking this decision.

Bimla says Maa Milapni sets the real jodis. Urmila tells that the decoration expenses, she will lose. Golden thinks if Dev loves Vidhi. Urmila comes out and indirectly asks for the decoration money. She tells that she has brought this decoration stuff from Delhi. Amba says you have talked to us. Urmila tells again. Amba throws money bundles on Urmila and expresses her anger. Urmila gets happy and counts the notes. Amba throws the decoration stuff.

She walks out from there. Chitra goes behind Amba. Amba leaves. Priya and Abhimanyu come behind Chitra and apologizes to her. Chitra says she can never forget whatever Dev and Maa have done with Amba.

Dev comes home and asks Satyavati why she has done this. Satyavati asks if she should have let him getting ruined. She says you might regard me as your step mother, but for me you are my own son. She says I understand your pain and shows the letter, says you love Vidhi then why did you sacrifice your love and life for your sister. Chitra tells that they have done wrong with Amba and didn’t think about her marital life. She says she will never come to Raichand house. Priya gets the message and tells Abhi that they are all in the news. She sees media coming there and asks Abhi to come fast. The reporter asks why Dev broke her engagement.

Satyavati tells Dev that Chitra doesn’t know the difference between buying Shampoo and selecting Bhabhi. Urmila gives interview to media and tells them. Satyavati asks Dev not to sacrifice his love for anyone. She asks when did Vidhi confess her feelings to you. Dev says Abhimanyu had asked her to convince me for Amba, and she expressed her feelings mistakenly. Satyavati asks him to go to her house and express everything. She asks him to face the truth.

Golden comes to Hariprasad, Bimla and Vidhi and tells that people are calling Raichand as inauspicious and telling that nobody’s marriage in the family are happy, and Satyavati became widow at the young age. Vidhi gets angry and asks Golden not to read it. Golden asks why you are angry. Vidhi says they are talking bad about Dev and his family. Bimla asks Vidhi if she knows the reason. Hariprasad worries for Chitra. Vidhi also thinks of the same.

Dev taking out the shirt gifted by Vidhi. He wears it and goes in his car. He recalls Satyavati’s words. He comes to the florist and asks him to make the bouquet leaving red and pink flowers. He pays 2000 Rs to the florist and goes. The reporter tells that Dev Raichand called off engagement with Amba, after his step mother wanted. Amba cries. Priya asks Satyavati why she has done this. Vikram asks Chitra to see, and says when they didn’t want to marry then why agreed at first place. Abhimanyu asks Satyavati to think about Chitra and tells that she told that she will not come here. He asks her to say. Vikram tells Chitra that they will not have any relation with Raichands. Priya asks Satyavati if Dev was sacrificing to marry Amba, and tells that even we are compromising in our marriage. She says you ask me to think about others, and have done this. She says we have to suffer because of you. Satyavati shouts Priya. Priya says we need a valid reason. Satyavati says I don’t think that I shall give you a reason. She tells that Dev is her son, though step son, but she can’t see his life ruining. She asks Abhi, he should have asked Dev before asking vidhi to convince him. Priya asks what about Amba. Satyavati says Amba should have talked to Dev before asking Chitra to convince us.

Dev comes to Amba’s house. He tells Chitra that he wants to meet Amba. He tells that she must be feeling betrayed, but he can’t marry her. He tells that he can help her if she needs any help. He apologizes from his heart. He then asks Chitra to take care and goes. Amba looks at the bouquet.

Dev comes to Vidhi’s house. He hears Vidhi telling Milapni Devi that she never wished that Dev and Amba’s engagement shall not happen. Dev says that relation was not destined. Vidhi says Sir, you are here. He tells that he wants to tell her the truth, looking in her eyes. Vidhi asks what? Dev says you have the right to know about my feelings. She asks what? Dev prays to Milapni Devi and tells that he believes that whatever happened today was with your wish. He tells that his mother didn’t approve of his engagement with Amba, as she found a letter which he wrote for a girl, who works in his office, who is very younger than him. Vidhi realizes he is talking about her. Dev tells Vidhi that he wants to tell her that….don’t think you are not special, you are special, innocent and have a beautiful heart for whom I couldn’t hide my feelings. He says Vidhi…I love you. Vidhi gets emotional and happy. She smiles and asks him to pinch her. He pinches her. She says this is real. She says I love you too, Sir.

He tells that there is another reality, and tells that they have a distance of age gap which society will never accept.

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