Timeless love update Saturday 12 August 2023

Timeless love 12 August 2023: The Episode starts with Dev confessing his love to Vidhi and says I love you. Vidhi gets emotional and says I love you too, Sir. Dev says I told you truth about my heart, but we don’t have only one truth and have many truth in our lives. He sits. Vidhi asks what is the truth? Dev tells that they have a distance of age gap, a generation gap which a society will never accept. He asks Vidhi not to have any hopes from him, and tells that she shall think of her life partner who is near her age. He says may be you will regret later, I want to see to you happy always. He says she can never be happy in this relation, so he wants to end this matter right away. He says you will come to office and work, I will be your boss, everything will be the same. He asks her to think about her future, and tells that he has family responsibilities and most importantly age gap. He asks her to give place to someone in her life who is of her age. Vidhi comes out and thanks Dev for expressing his feelings.

She says if we have no age limitations then we would have unite. She says it is enough for me that you love me, my dream came true which I didn’t see. She thanks him for emptying her loneliness by replying to her and thanks him. He wipes her tears and says you are young and very understanding, asks how did you get so much understanding. Vidhi says Milap Devi has made me for you, and says sorry for born late. She says I can understand that we have no future of our relation, and tells that she is happy that he loves her, and that’s enough for her. Dev holds her hand. He leaves. Golden comes there and sees him leaving. She thinks if Dev Sir came to talk to Vidhi about his love for her.

Dev returns home. Priya asks Dev where did he go? He says don’t know who gave the gossip of your engagement. Abhi asks why you are so calm? Dev says whatever I did, was needed. He says for him, his mother comes first. Abhi asks what about Chitra? Dev says I decided to marry for Chitra, but when Maa is against the marriage, how can I do it. He tells that he had gone to Amba and apologized to her. He says even if I had married her, then the marriage couldn’t have worked. He says just move ahead. Satyavati says we shall end this matter right away. She says she feels proud that he agreed to her sayings and respected her decision.

Vidhi wakes up and prays to Milapni Devi. She says they have 3 Devis in their life. She says everything is in our hands, I will not get upset, but will be happy and celebrate their love.She says this love is difficult, but not impossible. She tells Milapni Devi that if she wanted then she will make it possible. She gets ready to go to office. Later Vidhi brings breakfast to the table. Bimla says today you made it. Vidhi says she didn’t break anything today. Golden comes there. Vidhi serves her food and tells Bimla that she will have tiffin in office. Golden tells Bimla that Vidhi is jumping high. Bimla asks her not to make stories.

Vidhi telling Golden that she will meet her in the office. Golden asks Bimla why Vidhi is happy. She says truth is that…Bimla asks her to have breakfast and not to make stories. She thinks if Vidhi is really happy with Dev’s engagement cancelling. Dev comes to the office and hears the watchman talking about him. Rishabh and Anaya are talking about Dev and asks Vidhi if she knows if Dev loves someone. Dev comes there and says good morning. Vidhi says good morning Sir. Dev says good morning vidhi. Vidhi says I want to tell you something, and tells that he always supported them. She asks if you know about Meghna, who is in London Branch now and tells that when she was divorcing, you didn’t let her matter gossip by anyone. She says you have made Namit understood. She says we all are with you and will not judge you or will not discuss your private matter, as we support each other in Raichand group and don’t gossip. Everyone claps. Dev thanks everyone and Vidhi. He says you all made me emotional. Sangeeta says you are a good person, if we forget then Vidhi will remind us. Dev gets a call and goes. Just then Abhimanyu holds Vidhi’s hand and takes her away from there. He blames her for the happenings. Vidhi says no Sir. Abhimanyu says you said that Bhai agreed for engagement. Vidhi says no. Abhimanyu says Bhai refused for engagement when Maa asked him.

Vidhi tells that there was network problem, and Dev Sir was with her and she replied to him, and not to Abhi. She tells him that even you knew that Dev Sir don’t want to marry Amba. Abhimanyu apologizes and tells that Bhai had agreed for Chitra, Maa was right that he was sacrificing for us.

Yogesh tells Kanika that Arjun messaged that he is fine and asked them not to worry. He tells that Arjun seems to be worried for Dev and asks them to take care of him, and that he is with him. kanika says there is something wrong and she will find out.

Priya tells Abhimanyu, what Chitra might be going through in her sasural. Abhimanyu calls Chitra. Chitra gets angry at Abhi and tells that if they are not done after getting her family insulted. She says she is not blocking their phone, as she respects their relations. Satyavati gets upset.

Vidhi comes to Dev and salutes him. Dev asks what is it? He asks her to sit. Vidhi says Abhimanyu told that he agreed to marry for Chitra, and tells that she feels proud to have loved him. dev looks at her. Vikram tells Chitra that doctor fears that Maasi will have nervous breakdown. He vents out his anger at her, and asks her not to have any relations with Raichands.

Dev says it seems I am not a bad person, and tells everything whatever she had told him that day. Vidhi says no Sir, and swears on him. Na umar ki seema ho plays….Vidhi says I will leave Sir. Dev says everyone is worried around me, when I see you smiling, I feel peaceful. Vidhi says very soon Milapni Maa will give you a reason to smile and everything will be fine. She says I will leave now. She walks out smiling.

Chitra tells Amba that she is angry with her family like her, and apologizes to her on her family’s behalf. She says please forgive me and my family. Satyavati comes there and asks why you are apologizing? She says I didn’t do anything wrong, as I did this for my family’s betterment. Chitra says crushing someone’s feelings is a crime and asks why did you come here? Satyavati asks her not to forget that she is her mother and says she is seeing her tantrums since some days. Amba responds that she saw her intelligence, when she asked her son to call off the engagement. Amba says nobody would have been happy in this marriage. Amba says your son is not a small milk feeding boy. She says you have come here to talk this nonsense? She says I have done tapasya since 20 years, to get him. She says I am his suhaagan since 20 years and shows sindoor in her maang. Chitra and Satyavati are shocked.


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