Timeless love starlife Wednesday 31 January 2024

Rao ji telling Vidhi and Dev that he wanted to make Jai understand and teach him so much, but he doesn’t have much time. Vidhi says I will bring your son. She goes to Jai’s office and tells him about Rao ji. Jai says he doesn’t care for him.

Vidhi asks him to come with her and says he is taking his last breath in the hope to see you. Jai asks why is he stopping his breath, and asks her to let him die. He says I will not meet him, he is dead for me. He says I will stand wearing white kurta in the crowd for his funeral. He says last rites will be done tomorrow, so why you are spoiling today. Vidhi is shocked. Jai says you are very innocent and everyone takes advantage of you, two old men have taken advantage of you, first that Dev Raichand and now this Rao.

He says Rao is Ravan, and he just acts. Vidhi gets very angry and slaps him hard. She asks if you have less poison in your body then you are drinking more, and asks him to come with her, says your Papa is fighting with life and death. She holds his hand and takes him from there.

Satyavati tells Bimla and Hariprasad that she is worried about the happenings. Bimla gives her Milapni Devi photo and Hariprasad asks her to get the havan done. Vidhi brings Jai to Rao ji in the hospital. Jai gets shocked seeing Rao ji’s condition and says dad. Rao ji understands that he is drunk and says I will not slap you.

He apologizes to him for not becoming a good father and says your mother might be standing with roller to beat me. Jai apologizes to him for not understanding him and says you was always right. Rao ji says he feels proud of him for making the business prosper and says you are a rocket. Jai says no, Dad.

I couldn’t understand that whatever you have done is for my betterment, says if you had not challenged me then I wouldn’t have been motivated. Rao ji hears him and then asks Vidhi to search girl like her for Jai. Vidhi says we will search girl for him. Rao ji says train is leaving and closes his eyes. Jai asks doctor to check his dad, and says I got him today. Jai cries.

Amba gets angry to see the news, that she is a non stopper like cat/jerry who is behind the Raichands. She sees the news in which Dev and Vidhi are waving bye to Abhi and Priya at the airport, and then reads the news that if infidelity news was a publicity stunt to defame them, as they were seen happy going. She asks Yogesh to kill the PR agent. Yogesh is shocked.

Vidhi and Dev are going home. They recall Abhi’s suicide attempt. Vidhi says who can benefit, Amba Mehta. Dev says yes. He recalls Rao ji’s accident and stops the car. She asks what happened. He says nothing and tells that she did right to make jai and Rao ji meet. They come home. Satyavati tells Dev that Rao ji was a good person. She then praises Vidhi for saving Abhi, and then saving Priya and his relation. She says Vidhi is handling us since marriage and you are always worried. Dev signs Chitra. Chitra hugs Satyavati.

Later Dev gets dream of Rao’s death and gets up shocked. Vidhi asks if you saw any bad dream and gives him water. Dev says it is the truth which is not leaving, and says Rao ji’s face is coming infront of me again and again. Vidhi says it is not your mistake and tells that if there was someone else on your place, then that person wouldn’t have taken him to hospital or wouldn’t have called me. She says God sent you there so that you can unite Jai and Rao ji. She asks him to sleep.

Hariprasad and Bimla come to know from Dev and Vidhi about Rao ji. They pray for his soul. Dev asks if we can get havan and bhoj for him. Jai comes there and says he is happy to hear this, but he will give the money. Bimla says it is a nice gesture of you. Jai says Dad used to take 100 food parcels from you. I will take it from now.

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