Strings of love Starlife update Tuesday 30 January 2024

Strings of love 30 January 2024: Angad talks with the clients on the way to home. The client looks at social media and asks Angad if he got married. Angad says yes. Jasleen shows to Seerat that in a news portal, a photo of Seerat and Angad came in it. Veer comments on the news portal.

Angad is shown to be upset as Sahiba didn’t come home till now. Sahiba tries to get either an auto or a cab to reach the Brar mansion.Hansraj comes and says the guests have arrived. Manveer comments on Sahiba not arriving till now. Jasleen says Seerat will attend in Sahiba’s place and take care of the guests. Jaspal warmly welcomes the clients. The clients look at Seerat and they think she is Angad’s wife.

Jaspal takes the clients inside. Sahiba tries to get a lift. Sahiba stops a lady for a lift. The lady says she doesn’t know how to drive doubles. Sahiba says she will drive. The lady agrees. Sahiba drives the Scooty.Akaal talks with the clients. Angad asks Veer where is Sahiba? Veer says Sahiba hasn’t returned home till now. A truck goes through a puddle and splashed mud on Sahiba and the scooty. Sahiba hopes to reach home as quickly as possible. Seerat serves the guests. Angad gets worried as Sahiba hasn’t returned home till now.

Jabjyot comes and asks Angad where is Sahiba? Angad says he doesn’t know. Akaal says to Jabjyot that Sahiba isn’t going to come. Sahiba reaches the Brar mansion. Sahiba thanks the lady and goes inside.A guest gifts champagne to Angad and says he would like it if Angad and his wife open the champagne together.

Sahiba tries to go inside without anyone’s notice but Jasleen sees Sahiba going inside. Jasleen stops Sahiba and asks Sahiba to come with her. Jasleen brings Sahiba infront of the guests. Angad asks Sahiba to go and change her dress. Jasleen asks Sahiba to introduce herself to the guests. Sahiba introduces herself as Angad’s wife. The guests couldn’t believe it and asks Angad about it. Angad later says Sahiba is his wife. Akaal asks why would they think that Seerat is Angad’s wife as they haven’t introduced her like that. The guests show the news portal in which there is Angad and Seerat together and the caption Mr. and Mrs Brar. Angad thinks where did the news outlet get this photo? Angad asks Veer to make sure the news outlet deletes this photo. Veer agrees. The guests talk about how Angad got married to Sahiba. The guests also comment on Sahiba. Akaal and Jabjyot feel insulted.

Manveer asks Angad why did he allow Sahiba to go to college when there are important guests coming home. Angad says Sahiba said to him that she will be here on time. Manveer comments on Sahiba coming home like a mess infront of the guests. Angad says he would like to talk to Sahiba alone.

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