Timeless Love starlife update Thursday 1 February 2024

Jai tells Hariprasad and Bimla that he will take up the order of 100 packets from them and asks them to come for his Dad’s mourning ceremony. Dev and Vidhi tell that they will surely come. Jai keeps bouquet infront of his father’s photoframe. Manager praises Rao ji for sharing happiness with everyone.

Jai tells Manager that he couldn’t give love and respect to his father, but he is happy that he gave him love and respect. Manager says Rao ji Saheb was very humble and helpful guy. He says you could meet your father because of Vidhi, now I am sure that his soul will be peaceful. Jai recalls his father giving him clarification of Vidhi’s helplessness and then Vidhi slapping him. He thinks he has to do this and writes something on his laptop. Vidhi reads the letter sent by Jai for her, in which he thanks her and tells that he has extended his job offer. Dev, Satyavati and Chitra congratulate her. Vidhi goes to keep the letter in the temple.

Dev tells Satyavati that he is proud of her, she is his mother and can take strong decisions. Later Dev thinks Vidhi has to go for job interview and she is doing her house responsibilities. Vidhi gives milk to Chitra. Dev signs Vidhi to come. Vidhi comes to their room and find her dress ironed and her hand bag ready.

She thinks who did this? Dev comes and hugs her. She asks if I can work somewhere else. Dev says a person gets benefitted when he goes out of his comfort zone, and says this offer is from Rao ji’s side, and says we shall respect his wish. Vidhi asks if this is that night’s guilt.

Dev says my guilt has nothing to do with your career and says people say that Vidhi Raichand marry Dev Raichand for his money or she is successful as she married him. He says he wants them to say that he is Vidhi Raichand’s husband, or when they say that he is smart to marry a smarter girl who is his old life’s support. Vidhi thanks and hugs him.

Amba comes to the office and the servant serves her tea. She imagines the servant cursing her and asks who is she? Yogesh comes there and sees Amba’s state. He asks Servant to go and asks Amba to handle herself. He says it is good that Durga is transferred else she would have arrested her again. He says Rakesh’s case is not yet solved. He asks Amba to visit Doctor today. Amba refuses and goes. Yogesh thinks he has come to destroy Raichands, and shall elope with all the wealth before he loses everything because of Amba.

Vidhi comes to Jai’s office and he tells that as she was chosen by his father, he will not take her interview. He welcomes her to his company Vidhi folds her hands rather than shaking her hand with his hand. Jai takes her to her cabin as she will be head for the project, but she insists to sit with her team and says good ideas come in the mind due to brain storming. Jai asks what is her expectations about her salary and perks. Vidhi asks can I ask my husband and tell you. Jai asks her to take her own decision. She says she needs time. Jai asks her to tell him at the earliest. They come out. Jai thinks Dev has caged her, now it is time to free and fly.

Dev and Chitra come home after visiting the doctor. Bimla ties mauli to Chitra’s hand for her baby’s safety. Vidhi comes there. Dev stops her and asks her to tell the good news. Vidhi says she is the head of superfeast food’s innovation manager. Everyone gets happy. Satyavati congrats Vidhi and asks her to get ready at 9 am for puja. She says hariprasad and Bimla suggested them for havan. Vidhi says she has to join the office at 9 am. Satyavati asks her to inform in her office that she will come late. Vidhi gets worried.

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