Timeless Love Starlife update Saturday 13 January 2024

Timeless Love 13 January 2024:  Vidhi asking Priya if she is fine. Priya says my husband doesn’t want to see my face, and tells that she has done so many mistakes in her life that she is feeling like losing everything. She says I couldn’t become a good mother or good wife.

Vidhi says I trust you even now like before, and says there are different types of people, and asks her to try to win everyone. She says I know that you repent for your mistakes. Durga Devi tells Amba that Rakesh Kumar was your employee, with whom Priya Raichand had an affair. She shows his photo and says who killed him. Amba says I didn’t know him, I saw his photo in the newspaper when he was killed. Durga Devi says if you didn’t know him, then how a huge sum of money was transferred to his account from your account every month.

She asks her to tell who has murdered him.

Priya tells Vidhi that she came to save her marriage, and missed Abhi and more than her, Simmy missed him. She says I hate Amba, she has done wrong with us. Durga Devi says you are sweating and sprinkles water on her face. Amba asks her to go and search Chitra. Durga Devi asks her to think of the answers, as it will be useful for her. She goes. Amba is angry and says I have to do something to her.

Priya tells that she didn’t steal money and has earned money from her investment, which she wants to use for Balghar’s kids. Vidhi asks her to win everyone from her actions. She comes to Abhi and asks him to see the papers. He asks what happened to her hand. Vidhi tries to convince him to forgive Priya. He says I can’t forget her.

Vidhi asks him to agree and says we have move on forgiving each other’s mistakes and says Priya also needs a chance. Priya comes to the ration shop and asks him to deliver the grocery to balghar kids. She says she will pay the fees. The principal calls Priya and says kids’ fees payment is done anonymously. Priya says the kids’ education shall not stopped. Vidhi gets a call and informs everyone that the fees is paid. Everyone is happy.

Amba finds the money in the bag which came for Yogesh and thinks he is betraying her and backstabbing her. She says she made him hero from zero, now she will ruin him. Satyavati talks to her husband’s photo frame and says I had promised you that I will not let our bahus work, and that’s why Priya was angry with me, and Vidhi tried and suffocated her wish. She says Vidhi can’t help us, as she is bounded by the rules. She says you have changed the rule of not to cut the cake, and brought cake for Dev and since then we have been celebrating birthdays. She asks if I can’t change the custom and give permission to daughter and daughter in law to work.

Vidhi comes to Priya and asks did you send the ration and paid the fees of the kids. Priya says yes, and asks her not to tell anyone. Vidhi hugs her. Priya thanks her for showing trust in her. Vidhi says Amba has not just snatched our home, but our sasural too. Priya says but how.

Yogesh comes to Amba and says what accountant is saying that I can’t access the accounts and says I am the CEO and the authorized signatory. Amba asks Accountant to go. Yogesh asks Amba to say. Amba asks him to say what does it mean? Yogesh says what? Amba says it is your money, and says among the 50 lakhs which you have withdrawn from the company, 250000 someone sent here and asks where did you invest 250000. Yogesh says I didn’t withdraw any money. Amba asks if you have started your own ways. Vidhi tells Priya that Dev regards you as his younger sister. Priya says yes. Vidhi asks her to be careful and says Amba is very clever. Priya says I know what Amba can do. Yogesh tells Amba that she can’t do this with him. Amba says I know to take out poison of scorpion. She says when you can betray your best friend then how can you be honest with me. She says I am not innocent like Dev and says I will ruin you so much that you will beg infront of me for death. She asks him to get out.

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