Timeless Love starlife update Sunday 14 January 2024

Timeless Love 14 January 2024: Dev looking at the shirt and thinks to iron it. He tries to iron his shirt. Vidhi says I will iron it. Dev says the shirt is already torn due to excessive washing. Vidhi says why you was ironing it.

She says you have so many clothes. She brings a shirt and sees stain on it. She finds other shirt’s button not there. She says she will stitch the button and cries feeling bad. Dev helps her put the thread in the needle. He asks why she is wasting her tears. Vidhi says you have always worn dry cleaned clothes and today you are washing your clothes yourself, and says this place and life is not for you, you have to do this just to be with me. He says your support is my everything, don’t say this. He says our morning will be soon, as I saw the evolving sun in your eyes.

Amba gets Commissioner’s call and says work is done. Vidhi says you are strong. Dev says as you are with me. He asks why she is crying and says I know you will bring many shirts for me, when everything gets fine. Commissioner asks Durga Devi to raid Balghar today itself. Durga Devi says ok. She asks Inspector to make the team ready to raid Balghar. Amba comes to Balghar and waits outside. Satyavati is teaching dance to the kids.

They hear Police jeep siren. Amba smiles seeing Police. Vidhi tells Chitra that she can give her statement to the Police, and tells that they are not forcing her to do anything against her wish. Chitra says this is the time when she has to do something for her child. 5bDurga Devi sees Amba standing and says your influence is beyond my thoughts. Amba says what to do, my bahu is missing. They come inside. Amba tells Raichands that Durga Devi got a tip that Chitra is here. Vidhi requests Durga Devi if they can go inside and talk, as children are here. Durga Devi says ok.

Priya tells Yogesh that she supported Amba and him, going against her family and husband. She says I always regarded you as my brother and says Amba can target you next time. She tells Yogesh that Amba has trapped us, and she is scared for Simmy and her. She says Amba has taken her POA by cheat. Yogesh says there are many loopholes in it and says he will tell her later, but for now, she has to get POA back from Amba.

Vidhi calls Chitra. Chitra comes there. Amba says they have kidnapped her. Chitra says nobody kidnapped her and tells that she feels safe here. Amba threatens her silently. Chitra says I hate this woman and tells that she has betrayed her and took her 25 percent shares. She says if I had stayed there then would have gone mad. Amba says you have gone mad to say this. Vidhi says Chitra is pregnant, and says if she feels safe in her mother’s house, then she shall stay here. Chitra says she don’t want to return to that hell. Durga Devi tells Amba that it is Chitra’s wish to stay here. She tells Amba that case can be filed against her for domestic violence etc. She asks Amba to stay away from Chitra and asks her to tell Commissioner that Chitra is safe here.

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