Meet in Love update Friday 12 January 2024

Meet in Love 12 January 2024: Sumeet confronts Shagun, reminding her of how Meet had defeated her in the past. She puts red powder on Shagun’s face and taunts her before leaving. Shagun screams in frustration, recalling her defeat.Shlok smiles as he reminisces the events involving Sumeet, Raunak, and his own interactions with Sumeet. The family members tease him and discuss how Bitti has brought happiness into his life.

Meet in Love 11 January 2024

Shlok’s mother considers speaking to Bitti’s parents about a potential alliance between Shlok and Bitti. Shlok becomes determined to reveal the truth to Sumeet and express his feelings for her. Despite his brother-in-law’s advice to be patient, Shlok remains stubborn in his decision.Shagun becomes restless and imagines Raj strangling her while the doctor examines her. Vani is shocked to learn from Sumeet that Shagun is Abhay and Raunak’s mother, feeling betrayed by Abhay.

Sumeet advises Vani to talk to Abhay and test his love for her by revealing the truth. Vani agrees and also urges Sumeet to inform Raj about the truth of Abhay and Raunak’s mother. Sumeet agrees and leaves.Masum receives a call from Mrs. Chaudhary, who asks her to look at a file in front of her. Masum is shocked by the information she reads in the file. Shagun reveals her face to Masum and explains that she is the real mother of Abhay and Raunak. She expresses her desire to accept Vani as her daughter-in-law but mentions Sumeet’s refusal to marry Raunak and reveal her true identity to Raj.

Shagun states that if Sumeet continues to refuse, she won’t allow Abhay to marry Vani. Masum becomes worried and pleads with Shagun to accept Vani as her daughter-in-law. Shagun tells her that the decision is up to Sumeet.Sumeet calls Raj to inform him about Shagun’s truth, but Raj only hears Shagun’s name and misses the fact that she is Abhay and Raunak’s mother. Concerned for Sumeet’s safety, Raj asks his driver to take him home. Meanwhile, Shlok prepares to propose to Sumeet, but Raunak arrives with his men. An argument ensues between Shlok and Raunak, with Shlok mocking Raunak. Masum questions Shagun’s motives and her intention to marry into their family.

Shagun puts on an act, claiming that she is doing it all for her son’s happiness. She requests Masum to convince Sumeet.Poonam asks Sumeet to get ready while Raj arrives home and heads towards Sumeet’s room. On the other hand, Raunak orders his men to attack Shlok, but Shlok challenges them to hit him in the throat, confident that Raunak will stop them. Raunak prevents his men from attacking Shlok, who taunts him before leaving. This infuriates Raunak.

Sumeet is on her way to meet Raj when Masoom abruptly pulls her into a room. Inside, Masoom reveals a positive pregnancy report belonging to Vani, causing Vani to burst into tears. Masoom then requests Sumeet to marry Raunak. Sumeet is shocked that Masoom knows the truth about Shagun, yet she is making such a request. Sumeet tries to explain to Masoom that Shagun has ulterior motives, but Masoom refuses to listen, insisting that Shagun made a promise to her. Just then, Raj calls for Sumeet to open the door.

Masoom becomes desperate and threatens to harm herself and Vani if Sumeet tells Raj about Shagun’s truth. Feeling helpless, Sumeet reluctantly opens the door. Raj enters the room and finds himself confused to see Masoom and Vani in Sumeet’s room.Masum asks Sumeet to marry Raunak, while Raj knocks on the door and calls for Sumeet. Sumeet opens the door and Raj is confused to find Masum and Vani in Sumeet’s room. Sumeet hugs Raj and lies to him, saying she couldn’t find Meet’s chunri and had a nightmare about Shagun.

Raj assures her that everything will be fine and gives her Meet’s chunri, saying he took it to the temple for blessings. Sumeet cries and hopes for guidance from Meet to make the right decision.Shlok is shocked to see Raunak dressed as a groom and Raunak teases him. Shlok wonders why Sumeet hasn’t refused the marriage yet and calls her. Sumeet feels defeated and decides not to talk to Shlok, believing there’s no way to break off the marriage.

Raunak gets angry seeing Shlok heading towards Sumeet’s room. Sumeet realizes she needs to stop Shlok from revealing the truth to Raj. Meanwhile, Raunak goes to his room and takes drugs while the priest asks Raj to call Raunak for the ritual. Raj fails to notice Raunak consuming drugs.Raunak hears Raj’s voice and manages to hide behind the door. Shlok confronts Sumeet and demands an explanation for why she’s ready as a bride. Shlok grabs Sumeet’s arm and insists she tell him why she’s marrying Raunak, but she refuses to answer.

Raj spots Shagun covering herself in a blanket and rushes to check on her.Shlok repeatedly asks Sumeet if someone is blackmailing her, but she remembers Masum’s threat of self-harm and stays silent. Raj uncovers the blanket and confronts Shagun.Raj is shocked to see Shagun and recalls his childhood memories. Shagun realizes that Raj is still unaware that she is Abhay and Raunak’s mother. Masum arrives and worries that if Raj discovers the truth, he won’t let Vani and Abhay get married. She tries to distract Raj by asking if he knows where Raunak is so they can perform the garland exchange ritual.

Raj instructs Masum to handle the unwanted guest Shagun, who has arrived to stop Sumeet’s marriage. Masum pretends to be shocked and asks how Shagun got there.Shlok tells Sumeet that even if she doesn’t answer, he will go and tell Raj the truth. Sumeet follows him to stop him. Raj ties up Shagun’s hands and instructs the guards to keep an eye on her so she can’t disrupt the marriage.

Shlok continues questioning Sumeet about her decision, but she continues to lie, claiming she wants to marry Raunak and falsely portrays him as popular and wealthy.Sumeet asks Shlok to forget what happened in the hotel room. Shlok calls her a loser and angrily leaves. Shagun feels relieved once Raj and Masum leave, while both Shlok and Sumeet are left heartbroken.

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