Lost in love starlife update Tuesday 19 December 2023

Lost in love 19 December 2023: Savi calls Isha madam who asks her to meet her in an hour to leave for Pune. She agrees and packs her bag. Bhavani asks Harini to clean the house properly and make sure Savi doesn’t wear jeans today. She reminds Ninad that he should be ready when boy’s family comes to see Savi at 5 p.m. Ninad says his little kid grew up so soon. Savi seeks blessings from her Savi as she is going to step into a new chapter of her life.

Lost in love 18 December 2023

She turns and gets tensed seeing Bhavani standing. Bhavani asks where is she going. Savi says she is searching something and didn’t find it yet, why she is asking if she is going somewhere. Bhavani says forget it and asks her to be besides her until boy’s family sees her. Savi thinks its difficult to get away from her sight and gets busy with mobile. Bhavani orders her to prepare snacks for the guests. Harini says she will prepare snacks. Bhavani insists Savi to prepare snacks as boy’s family usually likes girl’s prepared snacks. Savi thinks she will be late because of Bhavani and starts preparing snacks.

Isha with students waits for Savi. Students say they are getting late and should leave. Isha says they should wait for Savi, calls Savi and asks why she hasn’t reached yet, is it because of her aaji. Savi says her aaji has called a boy for alliance, she will be there in a few minutes. Isha says Savi is their star debator and she wants Savi to win Bhosale institute’s scholarship. Savi finishes preparing snacks. Ashwini walks in and asks if she prepared them all. Savi says yes.

Bhavani walks in and sends Ashwini out. She suggests Savi to do some make up and look good in front of a boy. Savi silently packs some snacks. Bhavani asks what is she doing. Savi says she is going to serve bhog to Bappa. Bhavani says she knows Savi is trying to get out of the house. Savi says Bhavani taught her to serve bhog to Bappa whenever they plan something new. Bhavani she herself will visit temple and serve bhog to Bappa.

Once Bhavani leaves, Savi tries to rush out of the house and drops a plant pot. Bhavani gets alert. Harini diverts her attention and sends her away. Savi gets on her scooter. Harini asks her to return home by 5 p.m. or else Bhavani will make her late Savi. Savi says she is already late and promises to return by 5 p.m. She drives her scooter away. Students ask Isha if they can go now as they are getting late. Isha agrees and gets into bus. Savi calls her and informs that she will reach college soon. Isha says they already left. Savi says she will meet her at Teen Haath Naka and is on her scooter.

Isha asks her not be late as they are already late. Savi agrees and speeds towards Teen Haath Naka when her scooter breaks down. She seeks lift from passing by vehicles, but nobody stops. She notices a few kids trying to pull out their stuck ball on a tree with a catapult and helps them in exchange of catapult.

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