Titli Starlife update Thursday 23 May 2024

The Episode starts with Koel dragging Titli and ousting her. Titli says please let me meet Garv once. Koel says stay away from him. Baa says Titli is his wife, not his enemy. Koel says I m his Maa, she can’t come to my Garv. She shuts the door.

Titli cries. Monica asks what. She says Garv met with an accident, I will go and see him. Her Sasumaa stops her. Monica says he is my brother. Her Sasumaa says take your bags along, this house’s door will never open for you. Chintu thinks who did the complaint. Hiral asks inspector not to tell anyone that she filed the complaint. She says I m Garv’s employee also. Inspector says don’t worry, I was waiting for a chance to punish Garv. She asks do you have any personal matter. He says very person. He sees the mark on his hand. She smiles.

Everyone goes and meets Garv. He takes Titli’s name. Doctor says call Titli. Koel says no, I have sent her away. Garv gets up. Everyone tries to stop him. He goes out and sees Titli crying for him. Dil ka Dariya….plays… Everyone comes. She opens the door and holds him. They hug. She kisses him. He asks are you okay. She nods and says you got hurt, why did you do this, I was so scared.

He says everything got fine when you hugged me, my love and madness, passion, everything is you, I can kill anyone and die for you. Hiral comes and looks on shocked. She thinks to call police. Jaishri says Garv loves Titli a lot, I wish you also get a husband like him. Hiral thinks I would have got Garv, but Titli snatched him.

Titli makes Garv lie down. Manikant comes and says if anything happened to you then I… Garv says I m fine. Koel stops Maina and wards off Garv’s bad sight. Garv says nothing can happen to me till Titli is with me. inspector says you are under arrest. Garv sees him and recalls their fight. Inspector says its good you are fine, did anyone not tell you anything. Koel asks him to get out. Garv says I will handle him. Inspector scolds him for pushing his wife in front of everyone.

He says who knows he beats her inside a closed room, Mrs. Mehta would remember it, such men have male ego, it doesn’t make them remember their mistake. Titli recalls Garv saving her life. She says you are thinking wrong, it’s a lie, I don’t need to tell our relation’s truth to you, how can you come here and accuse my husband, I didn’t come to you to file the complaint, he met with an accident to save my life, he loves me a lot, he will always do, Garv can never think of raising hand on me, I can never think of filing complaint against him. Koel asks did you understand, I told you the same, now arrest him. Inspector asks Titli are you sure this person will never break your faith.

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