Timeless Love starlife update 20 December 2023

Timeless Love 20 December 2023: Vidhi recalls Dev’s words. She regrets her mistakes. Dev comes there and gives ice cream to her but she is lost in her thoughts. Dev applies icecream on her nose to tease her. Vidhi tells him that she didn’t believed him and hurt him a lot. Dev asks her to leave this matter. Dev feeds the ice cream. Dev tells her that he hasn’t slept those days. They spend quality time with each other. Later, Satyavati says to Priya that she isn’t wishing good morning to her.

Timeless Love 19 December 2023

Priya says that the royal family breakfast is just bread and butter. Where is her daughter-in-law who took the family responsibilities? No one is questioning her about it. She wouldn’t allow her to ask her anything.The servant brings the breakfast there and apologies to Satyavati for being late. She gives Dev’s bag to Satyavati and tells her that Vidhi has asked her to give it to her. Satyavati reads the notes in it. Dev says to her that he is going to spend time with his wife today. He gave his office laptop and cheque book to her. He asks her to contact him on his personal account in any emergency situation. Satyavati says to Abhimanyu that Dev realized at this age it’s important to spend time with his wife.

Abhimanyu says to her that it’s very important to make his wife happy. Priya glares at him. Later, neighbours are struggling to do pradharshanam in Milapini’s Devi temple due to lots of parcels arranged there. Neighbours complained to Hariprasad about it. Bimla asks Hariprasad to talk with Vijay Babu about it. Urmila went there and noticed the parcels there. Bimla thinks that she is here to create a drama. Hariprasad warns Urmila not to create more drama there.

Later, Dev takes Vidhi out to spend time with her. Urmila teases Hariprasad to allow Vijay Babu to use the temple as a storage place. Hariprasad says to her that he repays her debt, so he stops bothering them. Urmila says that she isn’t arguing with him, just questioning about the parcels. Bimla says to Urmila that Hariprasad’s health is getting worsened because of her. Urmila leaves from there. Bimla asks Hariprasad not to believe him blindly. Hariprasad says that he was at fault. It’s his mistake to believe everyone. Later, Dev is busy building a tent. Vidhi offers help to him but he denies it.

He asks her to appreciate his effort. Vidhi praises him and says that she saw such arrangements in movies only. Dev tells her that he has a surprise for her. Vidhi tells him that she will give a surprise to her after he gives it. He makes her blindfolded and leaves.The manager informs Abhimanyu that something is wrong with company accounts. It’s affecting our shares. He asks him to inform Dev about it. Abhimanyu denies it, reasoning he was responsible for it, so he will take the responsibility. Yogesh hears it and thinks that it seems Amba will get caught asap.

Vidhi was surprised to see the arrangement there. She appreciates him. Both Dev and Vidhi spend quality time with each other. Divya transfers all of Yogesh’s files to her pendrive without his knowledge.

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