Lost in love starlife update Wednesday 20 December 2023

Lost in love 20 December 2023: Savi seeks catapult in exchange of getting kids’ ball out of the tree. A kid asks refher to pay 10 rs for the catapult. Savi says she is too smart and frees the ball with just one hit. Kids clap for her. She pays 10 rs for the catapult. She then hits a stone towards a car to stop it. Stone hits car’s back windshield and breaks it. Ishan gets out of car and gets angry seeing broken windshield.

Lost in love 19 December 2023

He notices a few kids with catapult and thinks they must have broken the windshield. He angrily walks towards kids when Savi stops him and asks if he is going to Nagpur, can he drop her. Ishan refuses and says he doesn’t give lift to strangers. He notices no network in his mobile. Savi says she can help him if he drops her to Nagpur as she is getting late.A religious possession passes by. They notice them standing in Lord Vithal and Rukmini’s style and discuss among themselves.

A religious song plays in the background. Flowers fall on them. Savi requests Ishan to drop her to Nagpur and tries to get into car, but finds the door locked. Ishan walks to a fruit vendor nearby and asks if this road goes to Nagpur. Savi signals vendor not to say anything. Vendor says he doesn’t know. Ishan unlocks car door. Savi hurriedly tries to sit in front seat. Ishan asks her to sit in back seat and drives car away. Fruit vendor’s wife says he did right by uniting Vithal and Rukmini. Vendor says it’s god’s wish.

Savi shows direction to Ishan and paints the broken glass to decorate it. Isha calls her and asks where is she as they are waiting at Teen Haath Naaka since 10 minutes. Savi says she is on the way and would reach soon. Isha asks asks her to video call her and show where she is. Savi shows her traveling. Isha notices Ishan’s back and asks whom she is with. Savi says a kind person saw a lonely girl on a road and is dropping her to her destiny even without her request. Isha asks her to reach soon.

Riva orders a strong coffee at college’s canteen. Dura and Avni ask if she was awake whole night. Riva says no. She hears girls listening to Ishan’s voice and saying there is a magic in his voice. She calls Ishan/Chintu and chats with him. Savi sees him smiling and thinks thank god he is not alien and smiled talking to a girl. She stops him at Teen Haath Naka and says this is her destiny. She gets out of car and reveals that she is the one who broke his car’s windshield and will surely pay for his loss after she becomes IAS officer. Ishan fumes and tries to get out of car, but his seatbelt jams. Savi runs to her college bus. Isha and students feel happy seeing her. Students say they surely will win debate now. Isha asks why is she late. Savi says earlier Bhavani aaji, then scooter broke down, then Mr Chikchik.Isha asks who is Mr Chikchik. Savi says no one. Ishan gets out of car and runs towards bus. Savi asks driver to drive the bus soon. Ishan runs behind bus and fails to stop it.

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