The Evil Eye Starlife update Monday 29 April 2024

The evil eye 29 April 2024: Scene 1Piya hears Adi crying and says what happened to him? Mohana comes there and says he will get more ill. Piya says what did you do with him? you want to deal? Mohana says you are clever. Piya says what you want? Mohana says I will free you, you can make Adi fine then you have to do my work.

Nishant calls Ansh and tells him to not take Mohana’s help at all, he ends call and says we have to make Piya fine soon. Naman says Makshika didnt help so what can we do? Nishant says we have to find a way.

Mohana says to Piya that your baby has fever and you dont care about him? accept my deal. Ansh comes there and says we dont need your help. He says to Piya that we are taking care of Adi. Chitali comes there and asks him to come.. Adi. Piya asks what happened to Adi?Ansh comes to Adi’s room and sees him blue. Adi is crying. Vedsheree says no doctor is picking up call.

Mohana says to Piya that Adi will keep getting more ill, you dont care about him?Ansh tries Piya’s herbs but its not working and his fever is increasing. Vedsheree says we should take him to Piya. They come in lounge but sees Piya gone.

Mohana brings Piya on terrace and says you did right by taking my help. She shows her fairy powder and says I stole it from Makshika, it used to get powers from others. She makes a circle around Piya using powder. Piya is raises from water tank and starts spinning.. She loses her mermaid’s powers and pearl falls from her head.All family members are searching for Piya. Chitali sees her parents and ask them to sit in lounge only.Ansh comes on terrace and sees Piya falling but he holds her. Piya says Adi.. where is he?

Scene 2Nishant says Mohana forced Piya to take her help, she cant change, there must be something her motive, we have to keep an eye on her so we know what her motive is. Saanvi says there was a fog near their house. Nishant says we have to find out what it is.

Piya says thank God Adi is fine. Ansh asks what deal did you have with Mohana? She cant help without asking for something in return. Flashback shows how Mohana told Piya that she will have to do her work later but she cant tell anyone otherwise Adi will be in trouble, flashback ends. Piya hugs Ansh and says I want to forget everything.

Mohana is waiting for evil power to come. She says I dont even know him, how will I recognize him?Shekhar comes home. All hug him. Vedsheree says you surprised us. Chitali’s parents say we should start leaving. They turn to see a kid coming inside. Avi asks who is he? Shekhar says he is my friend’s nephew. He has come to study here. Chitali’s parents leave.

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Mohona try to go when Rahul trouble her and remind her that he need to return again. Mohona try to take lift, but Rahul into smoke and doesn’t let lift go. Mohona get terrified!! He asks her to go, but Mohona denies. Just than lift open. Chaitali and Vedshree ask them to come back and have lunch; we shall go out in evening. Rahul hurt Mohona.Mayank’s mom mixes something in water to teach him lesson. Sanam come infront of Mayank car.Mohona ask Vedshree to make Rahul out of house, he is dangerous. Vedshree say he is innocent child, and see Aditya playing with Rahul with big smile and taunt Mohona that even Aditya like him, just you have problem.

Mohona says because he is not nice. Vedshree says as you are evil, you think others same.Mayank’s mom worry for him and think he has not completed single work till yet, just than mayank arrives with sanam, shocking her and tara.

Vedshree give milk to Rahul and play with aditya. Mohona think Rahul is too clever to handle. Rahul uses his powers and make fan fall down. Piya pick crying aditya and chaitali say thank god that aditya and Rahul was not under fan. Rahul smiles.

Mayank’s mom scold him for bringing Sanam home, though you were engaged with her, but now you are married to tara. Tara serves tea to sanam. His mom say that we broke engagement as it was needed. Mayank say she was about come under my car, and she was victim, till everything is fine she shall stay here only.

Aditya doesn’t sleep and do mischiefs and making trouble ansh and piya. Piya pt blanket and ask aditya to sleep like Rahul. Mohona wait for Piya and goes to meet her, but Rahul come and ask her to come. Mohona uses her braid to catch Rahul, but Rahul run here and there and finally slap her hard. Mohona runs from there but stoped by Rahul, mohona get terrified and Rahul slap her again, just than both hear someone walking, and mohona hold Rahul.. piya sees them, rahul start begging to make him leave.. piya ask mohona to leave rahul. Rahul says to Piya to save him, I came to drink water only but mohona was troubling me!! Piya ask him to relex and say to Mohona not to trouble him.

Tara hear horse walking and try to see outside, and follow sound. Just in next secene tara is shown on balcony and think about sanam and mayank. When sanam come and say to her that I have accepted that mayank and I can’t become one and Mayank was clear always that he shall marry the person whom his mom selects and you are very lucky to have him. Mayank have much love in his heart for his family and now you are part of his family.

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