The Evil Eye Starlife update Tuesday 30 April 2024

The evil eye 30 April 2024: Scene 1Rahul thanks Piya for saving him from Mohana, he leaves. Mohana says to Piya that you have to fulfill promise, you have to attack Rahul and kill him.

Dilruba says to Tara that Mayank is very nice, he cares for his people. Tara thanks her and turns to leave but she hears Dilruba falling from balcony.

Mohana sees her room filling with smoke and is scared.Piya sees Adi playing with Ansh and recalls how Mohana said if she doesnt fulfill her promise then Adi will bear punishment. Piya runs to Adi as he gets hit by toys. Ansh says dont over-react, they are soft toys, what is bothering you? She says nothing and leaves.

Tara tries to pull Dilruba up. She holds her hand and pulls her up. She makes her sit and brings water. She asks Sanam how you fell? Sanam says someone threw me from there, there is someone here. Please save me. Tara says lets go inside. Sanam says someone was here. Tara sees horse shoe mark there.

Mohana is running away. She comes to Vedsheree and says I will go with you. Vedsheree says I am going to sleep. She leaves. Mohana sees smoke coming behind her and runs to lounge. Smoke turns to Rahul. Mohana says dont take me, give me time, please let me meet my family, you like to play with Munna? I will bring him for you, please give me time. Rahul says okay but you have time till tonight only.

Sanam is getting hit by coins. Tara hugs her and coins are gone. Sanam says we should tell Mayank’s mom, Tara says its not needed as she is doing all this.Mohana sees Adi sleeping in crib and smirks. She takes him and looks at Piya. She takes him from there.

Sanam says what? Tara tells her everything and says I am not lying. Sanam says I believe you, Mayank’s mom Panna doesnt want me to live here. Tara says they want something from me, its dangerous here, you leave. Sanam says you saved my fiance, I dont trust his mom, I want to help. Tara says we have to find what she wants from me.

Nishant says how is Rathore family house is covered in smoke? Saanvi touched smoke storm. He puts her hand on snow and it burns. Nishant says this smoke came from another world.Sanam says to Tara that Panna hides everything in trunk, we need to find key for it.Vedsheree calls Nishant and says Mohana seems scared of a kid Rahul, he came to live with us. Nishant says some evil power has come behind Mohana, dont help Mohan at all. She says okay and ends call.

Tara is searching Panna’s cupboard and finds trunk key. She sees phone ringing and sees Keol’s call. Koel asks how is she? Koel says mom is in hospital because of Malaria. Mayank helped us a lot.

Saanvi says we find truth without knowing why storm came here. Nishant says Mohana can put someone’s life in danger for her. Saanvi gets some message. Nishant asks them to leave.

Mohana brings Adi to Rahul, he is about to take him but Mohana moves away and Piya is standing behind her. Rahul glares at her, creates smoke and vanishes before Piya can stab him.

Mayank is washing face. Panna uses her powers to make his veins pop like creature and thinks I have to make my s on ill for my mission. Tara sees him and puts hand on his shoulder. He falls back but Tara holds him and his veins become fine. She asks what happened? why are you cold? I will bring doctor. Mayank says it happens sometimes, I am fine.

Smoke comes in Vedsheree’s room. She makes Shekhar wake up and says smoke came in house again. All family members gather in lounge. They ask for Piya and Ansh. Mohana says where did he go? Rahul comes behind Mohana. Mohana says he is here, kill him Piya. Piya is tensed and says I cant. Mohana says if you dont fulfill your promise then it wont be good.

Ansh wakes up and sees smoke in room, he goes to search for Piya.

Tara comes to Sanam and gives her key of Panna’s trunk. They go to check it.

Mohana asks Piya to kill him. Piya throws dagger, Rahul falls down.All are looking around for Piya. Ansh says where is she?

Tara opens trunk. Sanam sees some old and weird things inside.Tara finds some papers. Sanam says we will find some clue. She hears Panna coming. Sanam says lets go, she can come here. Tara says I will try to stop her, you close this, she leaves.

All family members come in lounge to see Rahul’s body on floor and blood on him. Vedsheree says someone murdered him. Chitali says what.. Shekhar says what will I answer to his parents? Ansh says I am sure Mohana is behind all this. Vedsheree says she didnt like him but you killed him? Mohana says I didnt kill Rahul. Ansh says then who killed him? Piya says I did.. All are shocked.

Panna is going to her room. Tara hides and throws some liquid in her path. Panna freezes on place for sometime.

Vedsheree says to Piya that you cant do it, you cant kill an innocent. Avi looks knife and says its Piya’s knife. Chitali says it means she killed Rahul? Ansh asks Piya why? there must be some reason. Piya says I gave Mohana witch promise when she freed me from mermaid trap. Ansh says why you promised her? I told you to not do any deal with her, you never told me. Piya says I was helpless. Ansh says it made you kill a kid?

Sanam closes trunk and sees Panna frozen in a place. Mayank comes there and says who did it? Tara and Sanam hides. Mayank makes Panna eat gold. She becomes fine again. Mayank asks if she is fine? Who did it?

Chitali says to Piya that you killed him. Piya says no, my knife cant hurt anyone which I dont want to kill. Avi says but Rahul died with this knife. Mohana says he is not human. They see Rahul vanishing and becoming smoke. Ansh says what is this? Mohana says its smoke from smoke world, witches go to that world when they die, I didnt go there so he came behind me, I helped Piya and she helped me, I didnt force her. Chitali says what to do about this smoke now?

Panna comes to Tara and asks who threw garlic liquid here you did it? Mayank comes there and says no, it fell from me, he asks Tara to bring his stuff from kitchen. She goes. Panna says you lied?

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