Timeless Love Starlife update Thursday 21 December 2023

Timeless Love 21 December 2023: The Episode starts with Dev asking Vidhi to keep the papers and says now coming to your guilt. Vidhi says I am sorry. Dev asks her to forget it and asks her to let start afresh. Vidhi gets emotional. He says we shall write about our problems, make boat and will put it in the water. They write doubt and mistrust on it. Then they put the boats in the river. They write infidelity and put the boat in the water. They write age barrier. Dev says copy kat. Vidhi smiles, this is the truth which I don’t want to go away from us, I want to accept it and be with you.

Timeless Love 20 December 2023

Dev hugs her. Later Dev asks Vidhi to be there and goes from there. Vidhi goes. Dev gets worried. Later he finds her back near their tent. Vidhi asks him to have three types of fruits brought by her. He asks from where you brought it. Vidhi asks him to eat.He adds salt and pepper and asks what is it? Vidhi says it is Amla. Dev says it is good. Vidhi says I have brought it so it is special.Hariprasad asks Bimla about the expenses of ground nut and sago’s rates. He says you was right, we shouldn’t have taken money from Vijay. He says they shall ask Vidhi about the business so that they can return the debt.

Dev takes Vidhi to the tent. Vidhi says it is all beautiful. Dev kisses Vidhi on her cheeks and hugs her. They get romantic.Divya comes to Abhi’s cabin and thinks to tell everything to him. She thinks to check data first. Yogesh comes there and sees Divya in Abhi’s cabin, and thinks if she wants to expose me.Dev and Vidhi come to the temple. Vidhi tells Dev that here the Pandit ji predicts their future without seeing them. Pandit ji is sitting near the idol and tells that your Jodi is of Ram and Sita, and says troubles will come your way, but your Jodi will cross everything. He gives them mauli to tie. Yogesh asks Divya what she is doing in Abhi’s cabin, and says who gave you authority. Abhi comes there. yogesh says she tried to make Dev as her father, and now she ….He blames Divya for the fraud in the company.

Divya says Abhi Sir, I am not anyone’s pawn. Abhi says I don’t know why you came here, we don’t trust you, you are fired. He asks her to leave. Divya says ok Sir. She is about to keep the laptop in the laptop bag. Yogesh says we don’t trust you, the company will check the data and then will return your laptop to you. Divya says ok and goes. Yogesh says something is wrong/

Dev and Vidhi do the rounds and tie the mauli. Vidhi thanks Dev for everything, and asks him to say what she shall do for him. He asks for coffee. Vidhi says done. Dev gets Divya’s call who tells her that she has found the person doing the fraud and he threw me out of the office. Dev says he will come there in 2 hours.

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