This is fate update Saturday 20 August 2022

This is fate 20 August 2022: The defence lawyer explains they have found some new proofs and these will turn the case around, he is about to reveal it when the prosecutor raises an objections explaining that bit is absurd to talk about such things at the time when the court is about to give the decision,

so he feels that the defence is trying to ruin the case before the decision, the defence explains even the court gives the right to raise any question before the decision is made, if he is allowed then this would not only prove the innocence of Rishab but also reveal that the person who is claiming to be the defendant is actually the culprit.

The prosecutor once again tries to insist that it was proven Rishab is the one who is guilty, the judge however explains that until the court gives its decision the case can be

fought, the defence lawyer turning to MR Shukla questions why he got so frustrated when he mentioned that he has solid proof that will prove the innocence of Rishab Luthra.

Mr Shukla recalls when Prithvi came to meet him to give him more money, he questioned why is Prithvi insisting that he make sure Rishab gets a long sentence, Prithvi asked him to not worry about his matters and just try to take care of his own matters as he has got the money so should work to send Rishab in the jail, Mr Shukla exclaims that Rishab would be in jail until Sundeep is with them, prithvi explains that now they will surely win the case since he just came after meeting Sundeep and they know that Rishab is never guilty but Sundeep in anger filed a case against him so he also took the chance,

Mr Shukla asked him to not worry since Preeta cannot do anything, prithvi explains that he only thinks Preeta jee can turn the tide since if she gets the support of Karan who is not in the house then they will lose, Mr Shukla assured him to not be worried about anything.

The defence lawyer asks Mr Shukla why he is worried, Mr Shukla exclaims he was unaware of the new witness, the judge explains that even he will get the right to cross questions the witness, the defence exclaims that the witness is who filed the case exclaiming that Rishab tried to murder him, Prithvi thinks he was right as the twist is the Sundeep who has gone against them and is now going to ruin everything, Prithvi in a state of tension starts drinking water, Shristhi seeing him thinks that he is getting tensed and she prays that he die because of this tension.

Mr Shukla questions why the defence is saying that Sundeep is their witness when he is actually the one who is oppressed, however the judge exclaims that the court has not given their verdict, the defence still has the right to present their witness. Prithvi in a state of tension tries to leave, Kritika questions where he is going, he exclaims he needs to attend the bathroom. Sherlin sees that Prithvi is really tensed.

Prithvi walking out of the court, thinks it is unbelievable that Sundeep is the witness, he thinks how he can be the witness when he is himself the victim, how can he go against Prithvi when he promised to stand by him, if he has decided to deceive Prithvi then he would make sure that Sundeep is not able to live a healthy life, as not even a single medicine would work on him. Prithvi decides to confirm the truth so tries calling Sundeep but he is not answering his call, prithvi thinks it is nothing to be worried about since he is standing in the way to the court, so would catch Sundeep when he comes,

Sherlin coming from behind questions what happened, Prithvi explains he has gotten really stuck, Sherlin exclaims he should have listened to her, Prithvi asks her to not say the usual dialogue that she is clever but he doesnot listen to her, Sherlin leaves exclaiming he should never think of calling her.

Prithvi is standing when Kritika comes questioning what happened, Kritika exclaims it is really good because Sundeep will now give the statement on their behalf, prithvi questions if it has been decided when Kritika assures that he would surely come to be the witness, prithvi asks Kritika to go inside and be with the family as he needs to make an important call.

Prithvi is standing in front of the court when he sees Sundeep coming so tries to call him but Sundeep doesnot answer his call, he seeing Prithvi immediately runs away, he after running finally hides behind a car as Prithvi bumps into someone, Sundeep decides to call Preeta as she will come and help him, however before he can manage to call her, Prithvi sees him so Sundeep gets scared and runs away but in the process drops his mobile, Sundeep manages to run away using the bike, Prithvi stops the person questioning who leaves the keys in the bike, Prithvi then follows him using the car.

In the court Mr Shukla exclaims that he is sure the Luthra family has pressurized his client to become a witness because he is sure they would have pressurized him, the defence asks Preeta to call Sundeep, Preeta explains she has tried texting him but there is no response he asks Preeta to bring Sundeep while he will try to further the case hearing,

Preeta then leaves from the court room, Mr Shukla seeing the opportunity blames the Defence exclaiming he is sure they would have pressurized his client, the defence exclaims that Mr Shukla is not Bhagwan so how can he say that Sundeep is in some sort of problem, he will come to the court and be the witness, Mr Shukla requests the court to view this is a direct attack on him, the defence tries to reason saying it was an objection but the judge asks him to not be personal and call his witness.

Sundeep is riding the bike when the bike suddenly stops, Sundeep sees Prithvi driving the car so he tries to run away while Prithvi is still following him, Sundeep starts to run away but Prithvi is frustrated and following him, Preeta is standing when Preeta informs that she went to the backside, Preeta explains she went to the backside of the court, Rakhi questions why did she go there, Preeta explains that she left Sundeep to the backside as she assured him that place was safe, she will manage to protect him, Preeta says she also met Sudeepa, Preeta then reveal but now there is nothing but just the mobile,

Preeta explains this is the mobile of Sudeepa, they then see her coming to them, Preeta questions where is Sundeep, she explains that Sundeep went to drink water but did not come back so she went to check on him, Preeta hands her the mobile, Sudeepa explains she left it while trying to run away, Rakhi is worried, Preeta thinks Prithvi might have tried to harm him but Sudeepa explains she feels he left because he was nervous and also constantly receiving calls from his mother, Rakhi gets worried asking Preeta what will happen now, Preeta assures her they will surely bring Sundeep back, she then asks Sameer and Shristhi to go at the house of Sundeep’s mother while she will try to prolong the hearing in the court, Preeta walks inside with Rakhi and Sudeepa.

Shristhi questions Sameer if he knows the way, she sees that a motorcycle is on the road, Sameer insists that she should focus on Sundeep and not the motorcycle.

Preeta walks inside the court room, she sits on the bench, looking around thinks where has prithvi gone, she wonders if he might have actually gone to harm Sundeep.

The prosecutor exclaims why is he feeling that the defence is trying to argue with him to take time when the defence exclaims that he is forgetting that he has asked for the time which the court allowed, the judge exclaims that the time has ended so he should call the witness, the lawyer going to Preeta asks her to call Sundeep otherwise if he doesnot come then they might lose this case, Preeta requests the court for the time to speak, the judge allows her saying that she can say whatever she wants in the witness box, Preeta standing in the box exclaims ever since Rishab Luthra was charged with attempt to murder, they all know that he is innocent and did not do anything wrong, Mr Shukla stands exclaiming they care for her sentiments as a family member but the court will not accept her witness so he requests her to go back and sit on her seat.

Preeta exclaims Mr Shukla the last time exclaimed that Sundeep cannot walk again maybe for the rest of his life because of the injuries and for that purpose he is worried about the care of his family, Mr Shukla agrees when Preeta exclaims he was lying because Sundeep can not only walk but can also run, eat, or do anything which a normal person can do,

Mr Shukla once again says that he has heard such arguments a lot of times from the family members, Preeta explains she has proof of what she is implicating as she herself made a video which shows Sundeep walking, she shows the video to the judge who is also shocked to see that Sundeep is walking without any hurdle, the defence and the prosecuting lawyer both also view the footage, Mr Shukla objects exclaiming this footage might be doctored but Preeta assures this is an authentic video which was shot quite recently,

The judge exclaims that this video is derailing the case which is originally against Rishab Luthra, Preeta insists that this is the proof, the judge remarks that they will send the video for analysis to the forensic team, but also advises Preeta to make sure Sundeep comes to the court as he is the biggest witness which they have. The entire Luthra family is stunned.

Sundeep is trying to evade Prithvi with all his might, running up the blockages set up on the road, Prithvi rashly driving the car thinks where Sundeep would run away as the only place where he can go is up to Bhagwan, Sundeep comes on the road where he sees Prithvi coming straight towards him, Prithvi with a smile locks the car in the gear, hitting Sundeep who falls after flying some feet away from the car, he sustains injuries on his head which starts bleeding.

Prithvi with a smile step out of the car, Sundeep is shocked to see him, he starts screaming for help while Prithvi is walking over to him, he comes to sit beside Sundeep asking if he did not tell him that he should not cheat otherwise he would ruin him to the extent that he will never be able to do anything, even then he thought of cheating, Prithvi exclaims before he was acting in the hospital but he really made him into a broken man, Prithvi assures this is the end for him because his story will end, Prithvi explains how will he go to hell,

he gives Sundeep two choices either to die or live, Sundeep once again cries for help when Prithvi exclaims he will once again take back the car and come to towards Sundeep, he cries for help in pain but Prithvi takes back his car but before he can come towards Sundeep, some people rush to help Sundeep exclaiming they should call the ambulance, Shristhi and Sameer also see the people, they both wonder what might have happened, Prithvi then drives off, Shristhi and Sameer both step out and seeing it is Sundeep put him in the car towards the hospital.

The judge exclaims the time of the court is being wasted so they should call Sundeep, Preeta mentions he was about to come to the court but has not come here, until that time his fiancé can give the statement on his behalf, Mr Shukla stands exclaiming that Preeta should not insist on calli9ng his fiancé she is neither a technician nor a doctor so how would she be able to reveal the truth, Preeta explains she can at least point towards the fact that can Sundeep actually walk, Mr Shukla exclaims she can say it after listening to Preeta, even he will say it but the court doesnot accept majority as the court demands proof which she doesnot have, Preeta then asks Mr Shukla to prove that his client was actually hurt when he is saying she is not able to prove that he is not injured.

Preeta holding her hand requests the judge that until Sundeep is present in the court and reveal whether he was injured or was hurt, he should not take any decision, Mr Shukla once again says this is the court with certain laws and a judge, even then Preeta is taking her own decisions, the judge mentions she is right because Sundeep was about to come today as a witness from Preeta’s side while a client from his but since he was not able to come today the court cannot reach any decision and is adjourned till tomorrow, they take Rishab away while Rakhi starts crying.

Karan is waiting in the car while following the assistant, he sees that the assistant met someone and sat in his car to leave, Karan thinks the court hearing would have ended so calls Preeta asking if Rishab was released, Preeta replies that he will be released tomorrow, Karan gets worried thinking Rakhi would be really worried, Karan immediately ends the call exclaiming that he will also be present in tomorrow’s hearing.

Shristhi and Sameer both reach the hospital with Sundeep, they immediately call the doctor who take him away, Shristhi thinks of calling Preeta, she informs they have found Sundeep, but he is not in a good condition and really injured, Preeta exclaims she knows who would have done this because prithvi was not in the court, Shristhi exclaims that he was in the court but Preeta mentions that he left in the middle of the hearing, Preeta questions if Sundeep is alright because she is feeling guilty as she promised to protect him, he was already scared of Prithvi, she advises Shristhi to always stay beside Sundeep, Shristhi explains they are in the same hospital where Preeta used to practice, she advises Shristhi to take all the measures while she will also personally call each and every doctor she knows.

Preeta is standing when Rakhi at once questions why he did this to her family, Preeta sees Prithvi standing behind her, Rakhi in anger tires to walk towards him, Preeta stopping her asks Rakhi to come with her as she needs to talk with her, Prithvi while standing thinks that Rakhi has once again gotten angry at her daughter Preeta because she once again lost, as she was never before able to stand before him, Prithvi leaves with a smile.

Preeta takes Rakhi into the kitchen, she explains she gets really angry whenever she sees that man, Preeta replies she knows how Rakhi is feeling but she should control her anger because if Prithvi comes to know of their plan then he will surely ruin it, she should just wait one more day after that she can hurt and beat him as long as he wants, she should wait for Rishab jee to come back, Rakhi replies she knows what Preeta is saying is true but she feels like killing him whenever she sees him, Preeta hugs Rakhi requesting her to wait for one day, Sameer and Shristhi both are tensed to see them both, Shristhi questions she promised Rakhi to wait for one more day as she would be able to bring back Rishab, Preeta replies she doesnot have any plan but was not able to see Rakhi maa like this so gave her hope, she was not able to see her like this but cannot understand anything, Preeta then thinks what if she is realizing something, Sameer and Shristhi questions her about what is she thinking.

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