Vani Rani update Thursday 25 April 2024

Vani Rani 25 April 2024: Vani comes to her room and recalls all that happened. She recalls growing up with Rani. She recalls all the things Rani did for her. Rani recalls her time in the house as well. Rani recalls how vani saved her from her dad. Ajay says I know you are really hurt. If you want.. Rani says I won’t change my decision. We won’t live here anymore.

Gaitri gives tea to Prabha. Prabha says we can’t celebrate yet. These sisters can change anytime. Parkash comes in. Prabha says you don’t have to be sad. See how Ajay and Rani reacted. Better let them go. This is how they returned your favors. Parkash leaves

Anjali’s dad comes to her and says please forgive me. Adi didn’t do this. I forced him to do this. Sartak left you in mandap and I had to do this. I couldn’t take you back home? Anjali says would you do the same if I were your son? You did something that has lowered me in my own eyes. I am not a cheater but you made me a ccheater in front of my eyes. I am the one because of whom this house is breaking. I didn’t do anything but I will live in a guilt all my life. I will never forgive you papa.

Mishti hugs Kaviya and says I won’t go anywhere. Kaviya says you wont go anywhere. Nandani is talking to Rani. Nandani says I am so dazed. I and Sid were the only one didn’t want this to happen. You have decided right. But our hearts are attached to you. Please don’t break our hearts. Please don’t go and stay here. Sid say something to ma. Rani says I won’t change my decision. Please go from here. She doesn’t know about this house but you do. She gives her bangles to sid and says I can’t keep them.

Kaviya hugs Mishti. Rani says come on pack up. Mishti says I wont go from here. Rani says shut up. i am your mother pack or I will slap you. pack your stuff and come downstairs. Sid knocks on Vani’s door and says mama please open the door. Please stop them. They are going. Mama please stop them. He says mama please listen.

Kaviya says to Rani please ma we will die without you. Please don’t go. You know how much we love you. Adi please stop her. Rani says I am leaving this house. She takes the temple. Gaitri says this is temple of our house. You can’t take it. Rani says I will take the idol with me I will see who stops me. Mishti knocks on Vani’s door. She says mama please open the door. I don’t wanna go. Rani is taking me. Vani is crying inside. Mishti says mama please stop rani. kaviya says mama please open and stop all this.

Mishti says mama please stop Rani. Sartak says lets go Mishti. Kaviya says I know your pain but please don’t leave this house. I know you are hurt.

Adi sits in Rani’s feet and says ma please don’t go. Its all my mistake. Sartaksays you can never feel

my pain. Your brother has taken my life from me. I still don’t want anything bad to ever happen to you. Mishti says mama please open the door. Sartak holds her hand and ppulls her. Vani recalls her/ moments with Mishti and is crying. Mishti is crying outside. Kaviya says please stop Sartak. Sartak pulls Mishti. Kaviya is crying.

Rani says dont’ call me ma. It looks like a slang from your mouth. Adi says I wont let you go ma. Rani says you have only one mom from now. Vani. Rani is dead for you all. Adi says ma you wont go. Parkash says adi you don’t have to beg them. Let them go. Vani is crying in her room. Adi says ma please don’t go. Sid says ma please I beg you please dont’ go. Please stop ma. Rani doesn’t listen. Kaviya stands in her way. She says if you don’t live here we wont live here either. We will come with you. Parkash says if you step out of this house you will see my dead face. Vani is crying. She says why did you take this step Rani. You always knew what was in my heart. Why couldn’t you listen to my heart today?? She is crying.

Rani leaves the house. She recalls her time in the house. All the kids are crying. Rani is in years. Mishti looks back at the house. Everyone is crying.

Vani says you were my shadow. I kept you safe from the darkness. Why are you choosing this for us? Okay if you can live without me then go. I will live without you as well. She tears their family photo.

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