Naagin update Friday 19 August 2022

Naagin 19 August 2022: Episode starts with Jai shaking hands with Maarkaat. Bani getting doubtful about Jai and tells Viranshu that he was right about Jai. She says she will punish Jai. Jai comes there. Bani bites him. Jai falls down and they see an arrow stabbed on his back. Jai says she will not leave anyone.

7 hours before:

Bani becomes half snake and asks Jai to come. Jai also becomes half snake and asks her to come. Daksh, Tapish and others are caged. While some men look at Bani’s pics. Bani calls Tapish and says she is coming there and asks if Veer is with him. Parekh brothers snatch the phone from Tapish and hit him. Veer hits on the Parekh brother’s feet. They hit Veer. Veer takes Bani’s name. Bani hears him calling her and tells Jai that she knows where are they? Parekh brothers tell that they are business rivals and not murderers. They whisper to each other that Veer is closing his eyes, we shall take him away from here and kill him. They take him inside, think to dig the pit and bury them. Bani comes to Tapish and Daksh and asks where is Veer? Daksh says they have taken them inside.

Tapish asks Bani not to touch the net. Bani says I can cut it, as many magics can’t work on me. She cuts the net trap with her powers. Daksh and Tapish get freed and take her to the godown. Bani sees Veer unconscious and closing his eyes. They fight with the Parekh brothers and reach Veer. Bani tells that she will make Veer drink the liquid and make Veer fine. She finds some drops in it along with the liquid and shakes it. Jai recalls and a FB is shown, He recalls shaking hands with Maarkaat, helping her to control Veer fully and he herself taking Bani in his confidence. Maarkaat says Bani didn’t know when you come on my side. Jai says he wanted to give her a chance, but Bani has become of Veer and doesn’t want to return to me. Jai frees Maarkaat from Bani’s magic. She gives the poison and asks him to add it to the bottle and make Veer have it so that he dies. Jai asks about the Parekh brothers. Maarkaat says they are their business rivals and is in her control. Fb ends.

Jai recalls giving the poisoned bottle to Bani before she fills up the holy water. Bani is about to make Veer drink the liquid when she sees Maarkaat hiding there and watching her. Tapish asks Bani to make him drink. Daksh says I will make him drink. Bani says I will make a drink but to her. She throws the liquid on Maarkaat and curses her for trying to kill veer. She asks how can a mother try to kill his own son. Maarkaat writhes in pain. Bani asks her to shout more and says you don’t deserve to be called Viranshu’s mother, as you are just a devil and says nobody will hear your screams, you will yearn with pain…She says this is my curse. Maarkaat says Aadinaagin, I will take revenge for this. Bani says you can’t even touch Viranshu’s reflection and asks Tapish and Daksh to take him to home, says we will save him. Maarkaat says I will take revenge on you. Bani goes.

Balwant asks Veer to open his eyes and get up. Meera comes there and gives aarti to Veer. Balwant says my son is an eagle and don’t need aarti like humans. Shukla asks what is the use to let Bani stay here. Balwant asks where is your sister and asks where is Bani, who had claimed to save him.Bani comes to the temple and asks Bholenaath to save her Veer. She gives examples and says when you can love your devotee then why can’t you give a boon to Viranshu. She asks him to save her husband and give him life. She says until you agree, I will not agree. She starts dancing. Veer takes heavy breaths. Balwant asks what is happening to you Veer. Bani continues dancing. Meera holds the lamp as the heavy wind comes. Tapish closes the window. Suddenly the lamp is set off. Balwant shouts Veer. Bani stops dancing suddenly and looks at Shiv ji’s idol. She tells that it was you, you brought us together in this yug and changed my love story. She says I want to live my love story with my Viranshu and asks Shiv ji to give a boon to him and save him. Balwant asks what happened to Veer and cries. Just then Bani hears the damroo sound and a feather falls on her hand. The same feather comes to Veer and takes out all the negative powers off from him. Veer gets life again and he opens his eyes.

He asks where is Bani? Chacha says she is not here, and don’t care for you. Meera says she cares for Veer and gave him another life. She says I know that Bani is not here as she was saving your life. Veer becomes half eagle and then human. He goes to the hall. Bani comes home and sees Veer with feathers and gets happy. Veer lifts her and is happy. Bani gets emotional and cries. She says Viranshu and hugs him again. Balwant, Daksh, Tapish, Meera and others see them. Veer asks did you threaten bholenaath and got my life. Bani says yes and says Bholenaath asked her to take him. Veer asks if the same woman has done this? Bani says I have kept Maarkaat captive, but she was freed by Jai. Bani says he was helping Maarkaat by acting as our friend. Veer asks how did he rescue her? Bani tells that Aadinaag and Aadinaagin can touch Bholenaath’s trishul and tells that he has freed Maarkaat. She says I shouldn’t have understood this and says he tried to poisoned you. Veer says he didn’t know that my wife is brave and courageous, will not let others harm me. Bani smiles. Song plays….

Jai comes there and calls Bani. Balwant looks angrily…Bani turns to him and says you. Veer says today he won’t be saved. Bani says I will punish him, calls him betrayal, and asks what to call you. She tells that you have cheated and betrayed me and tells that he shouldn’t have done a sin and kill an innocent person. She says you are not of naag vansh, but shaitaan vansh. She says I couldn’t believe that I saw my life partner in you someday. Jai says bani. Veer says Bani is saying right and says if I would have been on bani’s place, then you wouldn’t have been here. Bani tells that she was helpless being Aadinaagin and asks why did he do this, and says you can’t get me and asks him to answer. She says you couldn’t answer me…Jai asks her to listen to him and gets teary eyes. bani says I hate you and says my husband viranshu told me, but I didn’t listen to him. She says my husband paid the price for it and asks him to go, before she kills him. Jai doesn’t go. Bani says I think you want to die with my hands and says I will fulfill your last wish. He says Bani…Bani is about to bite him, but he falls down before she could bite him. They see an arrow on his back. Jai says it is not right what are they thinking and says she will not spare anyone and will kill everyone. He closes his eyes. Veer says finally he is dead. Jai says Maarkaat. Bani asks him to tell what he was telling. Veer takes out the arrow from Jai’s back and finds his powers gone. Bani asks why his powers were gone? Balwant says just now he got the powers and it happens. Bani checks Jai’s injuries.

Jai says Maarkaat wanted to come here, since she escaped from your caprtivity. Bani says you have made her escaped. Jai says I didn’t do anything. Veer says you are lying. Bani says we have lost trust on you. Meera asks her to listen. Jai tells that Maarkaat met him and they had a fight. Bani says you wanted me to make Veer drink poison. Jai says no and tells that may be that water was poisonous and tells that he might die, but now he is relieved that Maarkaat can’t do anything. Balwant says you are saying as if you have killed Maarkaat. Jai says yes, I have killed her. Veer asks him to say the truth before his death. Jai says I am saying truth and asks them to come out and see. They all come out and see Maarkaat’s dead body. Balwant is happy and asks Shukla to check her, if she really died? Shukla checks and says she is the same? Balwant rejoices and appreciates Jai. Jai faints. Veer asks Daksh and Ponky to take Jai inside. Veer comes to Maarkaat’s dead body and gets teary eyes. He says she was bad, very bad, but….Bani says your mother.

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