This is fate update Sunday 21 August 2022

This is fate 21 August 2022: Sherlin holing the photo of Rishab exclaims today was the hearing of his case yet he still did not return, she now fears when would he be able to really come back, Preeta standing at the door hears whatever she is saying, and is not even able to believe half of it, Preeta then searching the mobile leaves.

Karina hurriedly walks while Rakhi is leaving, she stopping her exclaims that Sanjana has gotten a heart attack, she feels they all should send her to Sanjana, Rakhi also agrees then she goes to reveal the news to Sherlin, advising her to go and be with her mother. Preeta also enter explaining she must hurry and Sameer himself would take her to her mother in the car, Sherlin is not able to even move but Rakhi assures her that Sanjana jee would be fine assuring that nothing will happen to now.

Preeta receives a call so leaves, she answering it asks Shilpa what happened, she is greeting Preeta apologizes for not being able to call her early as she was a little busy, she explains Preeta wanted to know about the health of Sundeep khana, she needs to tell her that he is fine, Preeta is glad but then explains that she must not think he got there just because of the accident but someone purposefully tried to murder, she must take good care of him and knows how much she trusts her so then should think she has left Sundeep khana under her protection, Shilpa must be really alert about anything that is happening relating to Sundeep Khana.

Rishab in a state of tension questions how did it happen, Karina replies they don’t know but Sanjana got a heart attack, she is now fine but they have send Sherlin to take care of her so she gets fine, Rishab explains that she should call the employee as he feels Sherlin might not be able to handle everything on his own, Karina starts smiling so Rishab questions the reason,

she explains that she is not smiling because of all that happened but the care which Rishab has for Sherlin, he replies it is not that but he is worried she might not be able to handle everything on his own, Karina exclaims that she feels that everything between him and Sherlin remain really good. She leaves assuring they would be able to free Rishab really soon.

Prithvi in a state of tension enters the room of Sherlin but she is not there, he then decides to call her asking where is she, Prithvi then in excitement exclaims that he has finally ended the life of Sundeep khana, Sherlin replies she knew he would do something like that, Prithvi responds this is not fair as he revealed such a big news but she is not excited, Sherlin questions does he think she would have to smile at every news, prithvi questions when would her habit end as it is not so good, he asks what is she thinking right now, Sherlin replies she is just worrying about her mom at the moment, Prithvi replies he wants to reveal every news to her because he only loves her but was not able to find her in the room, he asks where is she,

Sherlin replies she is going to meet her mother who got in a heart attack, prithvi gets excited but Sherlin in anger questions why is he smiling however Prithvi assures he is genuinely worried for her mother and might have accompanied her, Sherlin replies there is no need and she can manage by herself, he then asks what happened at the court,

Sherlin explains they got the next date because Preeta requested a lot, Prithvi gets furious questioning why does the court not give a decision, they have been giving dates after dates which is not fair, he in anger ends the call, Sherlin thinks this man is made of stone.

Prithvi thinks that if they got the next date then he is still in trouble because Rishab might come out and ruin his plans, so he needs to make sure that his plans are fulfilled.

Prithvi walks out of the room, Preeta coming towards him questions what was he doing in the room of Rishab jee, Prithvi explains he just went to meet Sherlin jee because she would be worried because of Rishab jee, he desired to console her, Preeta warns him to not act in front of her because she knows what he actually is so he must not act Infront of her, Prithvi questioned why does she always have to talk like this as this doesnot suit her, Preeta replies that she doesnot have any concern about what he thinks of himself.

Prithvi explains that he is not that old Prithvi Malhotra but has changed a lot and will take care of the entire Luthra family, he really desires that Mahesh Luthra gets healthy again, and Karan come back but when they all are busy in their work, he is the one who is left so he will take care of the entire family so if she also wants him to help her then should give him some respect, even when he knows she doesnot want to.

Preeta replies to the way he is talking it seems he is trying to blackmail her while acting as if he is polite so he must not dare do this in front of her, Prithvi exclaims she can do whatever she wants as she is a Devi so should go and free Rishab jee.

Preeta in anger explains she will surely free him and see what he does, Prithvi replies why would he deceive her, Preeta explains this is what everyone thinks but he must be reassured as Rishab jee like always would celebrate Diwali with his family.

Prithvi in anger walks to the hall, he thinks of how he is sure the way he hit Sundeep he would have surely died but he wonders how can he just believe any thoughts but needs to find a proof, Prithvi calls Sudeepa who is in an auto, he immediately asks her about the whereabouts of Sundeep so then he can give him some more money which he was not able to the last time, Sudeepa thinks he knows what happened outside the court so then why is he asking her, she thinks of not telling him so replies even she was not able to reach Sundeep,

Prithvi wonders why is she not even telling him after learning about the money, she then explains she really doesnot know about him, he asks if she was thinking about what to speak, the auto driver replies they have reached the city hospital, Sudeep immediately explains they needed to go on the way of city hospital. Prithvi immediately acts as if the network is disrupting so he ends the call.

Rakhi bringing the boxes asks Preeta to see as they have come for her, Preeta collects them with a smile. Rakhi asks her about what did she order, Preeta explains she heard about a website and so ordered these bed sheets from them, she came to know that each and every bedsheet which they make has a story in itself and is also of a really good quality, she also learned how each and every one of it reveals an entire story, she thought that since Diwali is approaching so they would look really nice, Rakhi is really glad with how much Preeta thinks about the family, she then asks what is in the other box, Preeta asks her to see for herself, she opening it takes out the beautiful metal utensils that are necessary for each and every Diwali celebration.

Karina is walking, she sees Sameer and Shristhi fighting in the corner, she questions what are they both doing alone, Sameer immediately replies they are not doing anything, she then questions is Shristhi has permanently shifted to the Luthra house, Shristhi replies it is just for one night, Karina questions why did Sameer not go to drop Sherlin off at her house, Sameer replies he insisted however Sherlin said that the family needs him so he came back, she then takes him away, Shristhi wonders why does Karina bua always talk in the same way.

Shristhi sees Preeta walking so coming out asks her to reveal the truth because she knows Preeta talked with the mother of Sanjana and is the reason Sherlin left this house, Preeta replies Shristhi is right and she tried to talk with Sanjana but did not think that she would make such a big excuse, she saw how Sherlin was talking and serving Rishab jee in the jail, in her eyes were the thought of a loyal wife so she sent her away from this house, Rishab jee also deserves the love and affection of a wife, she wants him to be satisfied the rest of his life, Shristhi in anger questions what is Preeta saying because Sherlin is just acting as she is not a good person but that nose pricked witch.

Shristhi exclaims that Sherlin is the nose pierced witch, Preeta should not believe her otherwise she would be trapped, Preeta assures she is not listening to her or will get trapped but just desires that she should stay away from Prithvi otherwise he would manage to end the differences, Preeta explains she was walking out of her room, when she saw her talking with the photo of Rishab jee, she feels Sherlin might actually be trying to mend her ways, the change would also be really good for Rishab jee because he started to love Sherlin, and when they told him about her affair, he got drunk which is why they are in this problem, Shrishti thinks that Preeta might be talking something serious so she will listen to her, Shristhi requests if she can stay with her today, Preeta asks if this is anything to talk about as she can stay without any worry, Shristhi thinks of informing Janki aunti but is shocked as the battery is really low.

Preeta walks into the kitchen when she is shocked as there is nothing made, she receives a call from Karan so thinks of answering it immediately otherwise it might end, Karan apologizes saying that he was forced to end the call suddenly, Preeta assures there is nothing to be worried about but she is worried as the situation is getting worse day by day,

Karan assures her that they both at the end of the day everything would be sorted, she must not be worried and cheer up, Preeta agrees then explains she is missing him, he also says the same and even says I LOVE YOU, but the network dies down so they are not able to talk further, Preeta is relieved as she was at least able to talk with karan.

Sudeepa is standing beside Sundeep, the ward boy comes revealing that the time has ended, Sudeepa leaves the room, Shilpa entering advises Viren to not allow anyone into the room, he asks the reason so she replies that Sundeep needs to go and give his statement in the court room so they have to make sure he is able to go to the court room, Shilpa walks out when the lights start to flicker, Shilpa worries wondering why are they flickering just like yesterday but is relieved that the machines are connected to the other connection, she exclaims there is some sort of tension which is worrying her, Prithvi walks through the front gate of the hospital.

Preeta removing the curtain sees that Pihu is calmly sleeping beside Rakhi, she thinks it is feeling really good so promises Rakhi on the clam less of a mother, her son will surely come back to her, Rakhi is sitting straight.

Preeta is walking in the hall when she receives a call from Sudeepa so asks what has happened, Sudeepa explains that she came to check on Sundeep at the hospital, she has now been informed that he is fine but is worried because while she coming to meet Sundeep, Prithvi called her saying that he needed to give Sundeep some money which worried her, however at the same time the auto driver told her they have reached the City hospital, Preeta immediately ends the call worrying Sudeepa.

Preeta thinks of checking on Kritika, she sees her sitting on the bed so asks about prithvi, Kritika replies that he went out because of some business-related deal, Preeta immediately leaves without telling Kritika what has actually happened.

Preeta calls Shilpa asking about the health of Sundeep, Shilpa explains that he is fine, Preeta informs how he told her that someone is trying to harm Sundeep so she feels he might have already arrived in the hospital she is therefor sending her his photo so she can protect Sundeep from him.

Prithvi walks into the hospital when he sees Sudeepa drinking water, he stands behind her, Sudeep steels tensed so turns back to look however doesnot see anyone, she takes her bag and is about to leave however once again sees someone behind the pillar, she however leaves with a state of tension.

Preeta is on the mobile with Shilpa advising her to do her best and take care of Sundeep from the person because she feels he would be coming to the hospital. Prithvi immediately comes in front of Shilpa before she can get the photo.

Preeta receives a call from Sudeepa, who explains she is at the front of the hospital, Preeta advises her to go back inside and reach the room of Sundeep where she would meet a nurse named Shilpa, Preeta explains she has already informed her about everything, she would help her protect Sundeep tonight.

Prithvi asks Shilpa about the room of Sundeep, before she can reply she receives the photo from Preeta and is really shocked to see that he is the same person, Prithvi immediately takes hold of her mouth warning her to not tell anyone about what has happened otherwise he would surely kill her, Shilpa reveals the room of Sundeep, prithvi sees Sudeepa so then pulls Shilpa into the room, he forcefully makes her smell the chloroform as she revealed the number of the room, Prithvi walks out into the hall while Sudeepa is rushing towards the room, she gets scared seeing Prithvi but falls on the ground, he also manages to take her unconscious.

Preeta enters the hospital, she sees Shilpa so rushes to her, and helps her regain consciousness, Preeta apologizes Shilpa for dragging her into this situation, Shilpa explains that Prithvi has went to room 202 to poison Sundeep, Preeta gets worried thinking this would mean he has already reached the room but Shilpa explains that when the lights were flickering she asked the ward boy to go and shift Sundeep to room 302, Preeta is relieved, Shilpa requests her to go and safe Sundeep from Prithvi without worrying for her.

Preeta rushes to save Sundeep but she sees prithvi walking on the other side of the hall, Preeta immediately hides so Prithvi is not able to see her, he tries to rush after her but Preeta hides in the room, she is glad that Prithvi moved on from room 302 so she can save Sundeep, Preeta rushes into the room, prithvi sees the door closing, Preeta rushing into the room requests Sundeep to wake up as they have to leave but he doesnot respond, Preeta hears the door opening, she immediately hides.

Prithvi is relieved to see Sundeep in the room, he exclaims how he warned Sundeep to not deceive him as if he had stayed with him then would not be lying in the hospital bed but he switched sides, Prithvi asks him to call anyone he desires for help as no one would come to him, Prithvi explains he is the Yamraj who has come to take his life, he tries searching for the injection but is not able to find it, Preeta hiding behind the machines thinks of a plan, she quickly changes the poison with something that is non-lethal, Prithvi however feels there is someone else in the room.

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