Barrister Bahu update Friday 19 August 2022

Barrister Bahu 19 August 2022: Episode starts with Mama saying its not Bondita’s fault, Anirudh will come to take her. The villager says fine, if he doesn’t come, then we will not leave Bondita. The men leave. Bondita asks did you really send the letter to Anirudh, will he come to take me. Sumati says yes, he will come. Bondita gets thinking. Somnath asks Anirudh to see his clothes, doesn’t he like it. Anirudh says its good. Somnath says you are getting engaged to Saudamini, the one you love. Anirudh says I don’t know. Bihari says if Bondita will be treated as an abandoned woman, how can you be happy, you don’t know all this, I have to tell you that Bondita will be facing sorrow.

Bondita sees the newspaper. Mami goes to Mama. She says if letter didn’t reach Anirudh, how will we get answer, what do you think Sumati will take Bondita and leave, didn’t you see how she became Durga maa and stood there. She fills his ears. Bondita thinks. FB shows Bondita walking behind Anirudh. He asks what are you doing. She says I m walking after you as Trilochan told me. He asks if I fall in a pit, will you also fall. She says yes, no, why will I fall. He says good, you follow his path, you know who is he, Gandhi ji who protects justice, who supports truth, he is struggling to get freedom, his dream is free India, where everyone is educated and equal, independent. They smile. Bondita says this is Gandhi ji, Anirudh told me about him. Sumati says you want to go to him. Bondita says yes, I want to go when he isn’t ashamed of me. She recalls Anirudh. Rishta tera mera….plays… She says he should say I m good Bondita, not bad, till then I have his Gandhi ji to show me the right path.

Sumati says he would received my letter, why didn’t the postman come. Somnath says once Saudamini comes in your life, you will always be happy. He goes. Bihari comes to Anirudh.He cries and says don’t do this engagement, I beg you, don’t give Bondita’s place to anyone, he did a mistake, she would be bearing punishment, society treats such abandoned women badly. Biniy comes and stops him. Anirudh asks what are you saying, tell me, I want to know. Bihari says you listen to your heart, why you aren’t happy. He goes. Binoy shows his happiness.Sumati says Anirudh will soon come to take you, he will forget all his annoyance, this protective thread will save you, don’t open the door until I come. Bondita also ties a thread to her hand. Sumati goes. Her protective thread falls down near the door. Saudamini gets uptan applied to her. She says Anirudh’s love will make me glow. Her friends smile. She takes her saree. The Durga idol falls and breaks. The girl says its a bad omen.

Mama and Mami meet someone. The man says its tough to keep the abandoned girl. Mami says the villagers are troubling us. The man says the girl should be like pure gold. Mama asks what does he mean. Mami says he means she should be smart. She says Bondita is very sharp, like pure gold. She signs the man. Mama asks what do you want to do, tell me. Mami says Bondita is an abandoned woman, even an old man won’t take her. Mama asks why is this man taking her, are you doing anything wrong. Mami says I m making her do labour work, he will give us money. Mama says fine, don’t make her work hard, she is a little girl. Mami says don’t worry, she will be in Rajmahal. Bondita prays for Sumati. Sumati gets caught by villagers. The villager says we gave you time, Anirudh didn’t come. The men pour the oil and burn the house. The Mukhiya says get Bondita also, we will burn her also. Sumati prays for Bondita. The man knocks the door and says your mum is calling. Bondita doesn’t open the door. She says mum said I should not go out. Sumati prays and cries. At Anirudh’s house, Sampoorna is with Saudamini. She prays that engagement doesn’t happen.

Binoy and Bhaumik have drinks. Binoy says I m happy after a long time, I knew just Saudamini can keep Anirudh away from his madness. Bhaumik says the celebrations look pale. Binoy asks him to wait for some time. Rasila comes there. Bhaumik says you have called her then. Binoy says yes. Trilochan comes and says I feel strange to see you dancing, this engagement is happening to save your daughter’s respect, to save our family respect, have some shame. Sumati worries inside the burning hut. Bondita gets the protective thread and says who will protect mum now. She shouts Maa…. the villagers leave. Bondita comes there and cries. She shouts someone save my mum.

Bondita throws the water to blow off the fire. She runs inside the hut. She sees Sumati unconscious. She takes Sumati.Bondita trying to wake Sumati up. Devoleena says what if something happens to Sumati. Bondita says nothing will happen, she will go and call doctor. Devoleena thinks to send Bondita away before Sumati wakes up. She asks whether anyone will help her. Bondita says she will do anything, but will call doctor.Trilochan asks Binoy did he try to talk to Anirudh. He’s afraid that in order to save their status, they might lose their son too after Bondita. Binoy sends Saurav to call Anirudh.

Anirudh is sitting sad in dark. Saurav says everyone is calling him. Anirudh asks how he can do all this? Is this right? Then he says yes this is right, Mini will get eyes, everyone will get happy. But if everyone is happy, then why he is not happy?Binoy asks Rasiya to dance. Rasiya dances. Binoy along with guests enjoy her dance.Bondita asks doctor to save Sumati’s life. Doctor asks her to go away. He won’t touch anyone who supports her. Bondita asks what’s her mother’s fault in all this? Anirudh used to say God made doctors to save people. If God doesn’t differentiate, then why is he doing that? He can punish her, but save Sumati. Doctor says if he helps her, then villagers will kick him out. He cannot take risk.

Saurav asks Anirudh to tear Bondita’s photo. She is all the problem for him. Anirudh recalls when he took Bondita’s photo and explained her how camera works. She said she didn’t want her solo photo, she wanted it with her husband. Saurav says he won’t be able to do it. He will do it for him. Anirudh doesn’t let him tear the photo. He continues thinking about Bondita and him promising her that he will change her future.Binoy and guests get lusty as Rasiya continues her dance.Bondita continues trying to convince doctor. Meanwhile, Devoleena is determined to send Bondita away. Bondita gives solution to doctor that she will take his box and go to Sumati. He can pretend to be following her and then treat Sumati. This way, villagers will think he was just following her. Doctor agrees and gives her medicine. Devoleena asks doctor how long before Sumati wakes up. Doctor says one hour. Devoleena is determined to send Bondita to Bazaar / market.

Anirudh and Mini have to do Durga Maa’s puja. Anirudh asks why he feels something is not right. He asks Durga Maa to help him. Rasiya is waiting to get her money. She sees Bondita’s photo. She learns from a servant that Bondita is daughter-in-law of that house, but Anirudh left her. Trilochan is doing aarti of Anirudh and Mini. Rasiya slips and her wallet goes in aarti’s thaal. The thaal falls down. Trilochan gets furious. Binoy tells her that he told her to leave before ceremony beings. Did she forget from which Bazaar / market has she come? Did she forget they don’t like mud in their house. Anirudh tries to help, but Mini stops and then asks what’s happening.Anirudh tells Trilochan to stop a woman’s insult. Trilochan says telling her a woman is a curse. Anirudh wants to help, but Mini is holding his hand. He pulls his hand and asks Binoy to stop. Is that how they treat their guests? Binoy says she is not a guest. Anirudh argues with Binoy and others for women’s respect. Trilochan asks him to let it go and complete his ceremony. Anirudh says he vowed to fight for women’s respect. He will not see any woman getting insulted. He says engagement won’t proceed until Binoy apologizes to Rasiya.

Binoy says that’s never going to happen. Anirudh says then engagement won’t happen either. Rasiya enjoys their fight and cannot believe someone is fighting for her respect. She questions Anirudh whether he just speaks or actually follows his words too. He fought for her, but she wonders whether he mistreated someone else.He felt bad that someone called her mud, but someone might be going through same because of him. Anirudh thinks of Bondita.

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