These streets update Tuesday 1 February 2022

These streets 1 February 2022: Asmita requests Nevi to tell her about Shan. Nevi says I don’t know, he just said that he is somewhere and he didn’t tell that Krishi is with him. Asmita says Shan shouldn’t have done this. Nevi says we have seen Shan crying for his baby and now he has got her so he will do anything for her. They hear Chahat screaming for her mom. Nevi come there and hugs her. Chahat says I want my mom, where is she? Asmita stops her and says your mom sent a message for you, you know what she said?

She said that you are the most pretty girl, your mom misses you and she wants you to smile always, remember that mom is with you, if you miss her then just smile and she will know that you are happy which will make her happy too, don’t hurt your mother. Chahat smiles and says where is papa? I want to talk to him. Asmita says I have an idea, you can write anything in this diary and we will send this as a letter to your papa. Chahat says but I want to meet him, will you help me search for him? Asmita hugs her and says your papa will come back soon, I will bring him back and this time he won’t go away from you. Chahat says okay and goes to write a letter.

Nevi says Nandini did so much with you still you pacified Chahat. Asmita says I am a mother and this child shouldn’t be punished for her parents’ deeds.Shan sees the police searching for Krishi. The policeman stops him and asks if he has seen her? He says no and leaves from there.Shan comes back to the Shekhawat house and says I know he would be searching for me everywhere that’s why I have chosen his place to hide, this is the safest place. He tucks Krishi in the sofa and looks at Chahat’s photo.

In the morning, Krishi wakes up and says good morning mom, I know you must be missing me but Shan papa will make everything fine. She takes a selfie with sleeping Shan and sends it to Asmita. Asmita is shocked and shows the picture to Shekhawat. He says I know where they are.Shan makes breakfast for Krishi. He hears police arriving. The inspector says that we have covered this house so surrender yourself and don’t try to hurt Krishi. Krishi hugs Shan. Inspector asks him to surrender in 5 minutes, we have the order to shoot you at sight too.

Asmita says who gave you those orders? Inspector says the commissioner gave the orders on Shekhawat’s insistence. Asmita is shocked and says don’t shoot him. Inside the house, Shan tells Krishi that we have to play hide and seek from the police. Shan comes out of the house with Krishi in his arms. Asmita cries seeing her and says Shan please give my baby to me, we will not do anything. Shan puts Krishi down and throws a gas bomb at them. Smoke fills the area and Shan is gone with Krishi. Asmita falls down and cries.

She says I need my baby. Shekhawat tells Asmita that I asked them to shoot him at sight but you asked them to stop it, do you still have feelings for Shan? Asmita says he has Krishi, she could have been hurt. Shekhawat says he kidnapped your daughter and you are blaming me? I am doing all this for Krishi too, he wants to take Krishi away from us, this is a game for him, he can hurt her. Asmita says never, he is her father, he can take her away but he will never think of hurting her, let alone hurt, he will not allow her to be harmed at any cost. He can give life for her and can take a life for her as well.

Asmita say Shan can kill anyone for Krishi. he would never harm her. Krishi can never be in danger with Shan. Their bond is really strong. No father can harm his child. What he did was wrong but he wanted to stay with Krishi. He wasn’t harming her. Asmita says I will find him.Shan runs with Krishi. Krishi says I want to go home. I am tired. Please. Why are police looking for us? Please let’s go home. Shan hugs her. Shan says you don’t have to be scared. papa is with you. That’s my girl. It’s like a picnic. Krishi says why isn’t mama with us. She wanted to talk to you.

Shan says papa couldn’t talk there. Things weren’t right there. Trust papa. I will convince mama as well. Krishi says I am scared her. Shan says sit here. I will get you water. Call me, I will come in a moment.Chahat breaks things in anger. Asmita comes there and says Chahat do all this but what will people say? Chahat is a girl? Who would want to be your friend? No one talks to a bad girl. You’re the best girl in the world. Can I get a hug from the best girl? Chahat runs away. She looks at ASmita and hugs her. Asmita says I want to play with you. Chahat says mama never wanted to play. Chahat says I will set up a dollhouse. Moni says should I come too? Chahat says yes.

Nevi says thank you for all you’re doing Asmita. Asmita says she lost her mother. She needs our support. All of this isn’t right. Shan is responsible for all this. He doesn’t understand that we have to live for our kids now. He doesn’t listen to me. He is running. Why? A mother is a mother. Krishi will come back to me. No one can part her from me. Nevi says what if Shan is harmed? Asmita says I won’t let that happen.

Shekhawat says to his man find Shan. Nothing should happen to Krishi. Kill Shan. Shekhawat says I asked police not to encounter. But now my men will kill him. They won’t leave hin. He says Shan you have to go far away from Asmita.Krishi says what if tiger or lion come? He says they would be scared of papa. Shan sees a restaurant. He says let’s eat here. Shan takes off Krishi’s shoes. Krishi says no papa. He says if you’re in pain I would be too. He massages her feet. They both eat together. Krishi says I am going to toilet. She goes. Shan puts sim in his phone.

Asmita gives food to Chahat and Moni. Shan calls Chahat. Chahat says papa where are you? Asmita says can I talk to him? Asmita says Shan where are you? Why are you doing all this? He says you wanted to get me encountered. Asmita says there’s nothing like that. Please bring Krishi home. She can fall sick. I will let you meet Krishi. Shan says I won’t come back. I know how to take care of my daughter. Asmita says why are you roaming around with her. She is a child only. She is suffering because of you. Shan says she isn’t. Krishi wants to see us together. Leave him and come to me.

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