Never say goodbye update Monday 31 January 2022

Never say goodbye 31 January 2022: The Episode starts with Uma and Guddi leaving to meet Sujata to take Atharv’s phone number. Dadi asks where are they going. Uma says market. Dadi asks who will do puja, I will come along. Guddi says you will get tired. Dadi asks why do you want to leave me at home, do you want to burn the house. Guddi asks Dadi to sit, I will apply face pack and fools her. Dadi asks Guddi why is she acting sweet today. Guddi says I ate fruits in breakfast, that’s why.

Atharv and Vividha look for Payal. She gets dizzy and slips. Atharv he holds her. Kailash also comes there in the fair. The man says we kept camel race this year. Atharv asks Vividha to have some food. She says I m fasting, its belief. He says you should choose life partner by love, the one who teaches you to love. She says I have left this to my dad.The couple go to sell Payal. Payal sees Atharv and goes to him. The lady goes and stops Payal. Vividha shouts thief and asks the lady to stop. She follows them. Atharv hears Vividha shouting and looks for her.

Guddi applies the face pack to Dadi and leaves with Uma. The camel race announcement is made. Vividha runs there and some women fall down. Kailash taunts the man for organizing such an event. He does not see Vividha there. Atharv collides with Kailash and leaves. Kailash gets angry and says strange guys, they collide and don’t apologize well. Vividha throws a melon on some other guy, and says I know you are with them who have stolen Payal, I will call police. The man asks her to get saved first. Police comes there with Atharv.

Vividha tells inspector that this man has stolen her calf Payal. The inspector scolds the man. The man denies everything. Atharv gets angry. Vividha says I have seen this man with those thieves and shows the video. The man says I don’t know this couple. Inspector arrests the man. The couple looks on. The lady says police arrested my brother because of this girl, I will see what to do now.Vividha tells Atharv that we should find Payal here. She feels weak. He asks will you find Payal in this state. He asks her to have some food. She says I m fine. He asks her to go somewhere if she wants an adventure.

She says you know I have hidden this from my Papa and came here to find Payal, did you think what is my relation with Payal, I gave her name, if you are irritated, then we will find Payal separately. They go opposite ways. He turns and goes after her. Uma and Guddi are on the way to meet Sujata. Vividha says Atharv is so selfish and rude. She goes to find Payal. The couple see her and trap her by showing Payal. Vividha gets glad seeing Payal.

The lady catches Vividha and says you got my brother arrested by police, you will be punished. Vividha shouts for help. The men cover her face and take her. Atharv sees the footmarks of some person dragged and looks around. Atharv shouts Vividha. A girl says she got a shoe. Atharv sees that and recalls Vividha. He asks the girl where did she get this shoe. The goons put Vividha in the truck along with Payal. She sees Atharv and pushes the grass. Atharv sees Vividha and Payal and runs after them.

Atharv shouting Vividha and running to save her. He takes his bike and drives. Sujata asks the cow to eat grass, Atharv will get the calf, I can understand a mum’s pain. Uma says then you would know my pain, Atharv has taken Vividha to find the calf. Sujata says no, she wanted to go herself, she said infront of me. Uma says Vividha is in Pushkar. Sujata says she is linked to Payal. Uma argues with her and says you should have informed me. Sujata says if Vividha is with Atharv, she is safe, Atharv is responsible guy, he will take care of her.

Uma says you won’t understand a girl’s mother’s worry, I came here to tell you that Atharv acted irresponsible, Vividha who did not lie to us ever, she reached Pushkar because of your son, she forgot all her values. Sujata says she went there for her values, she feels Payal is lost because of her, she is fulfilling her promise to get Payal, its her values. Uma worries and says what shall I tell you, her Papa went to Pushkar, if he sees her there, it will be bad.

She says you will understand it better, that if a girl’s name gets stain, it stays forever. Sujata cries and says I will inform them. She calls Atharv and he does not answer. She calls again. Atharv is on the way following the van. The man asks what to do of this girl. The lady says we can sell her too. Vividha hears them. He tries to free her hands and shouts Atharv. The lady says that girl’s husband has come after her. The lady goes to back section and pushes Vividha. Vividha says I will take Payal. The lady hurts her hand, as Vividha hangs down. Atharv gets worried.

Vividha says I will not lose Payal again. The lady pushes her down. Vividha holds the side and gets on the van again. She twists lady’s hand. Atharv follows them and gets on the van, leaving his bike. The man applies the breaks. Vividha falls in Atharv’s arms. The lady calls her goons. Atharv gets down to fight with them. Vividha gets tensed seeing the people with sticks. Atharv fights with them and gets hit by a stick on his head. Vividha shouts Atharv.

Uma says if Kailash sees Vividha then… Guddi calls Vividha and says its ringing, but she did not answer. Uma and Sujata worry. The lady holds Vividha’s neck and scolds her. Atharv gets beaten up by the goons. The villagers pass by and decide to call police to save them. Uma says if Atharv does not answer call, we have to tell Kailash, why should we trust Atharv. Sujata says I trust him, he will risk his life and save Vividha.

Atharv and Vividha get saved. She asks are you fine. He says yes. She says if you were not there today then…. She runs and hugs him, to catch the lady and stop her from stabbing Atharv. She pushes the lady. Vividha gets hurt. Atharv sees her bleeding feet. Police comes there. Vividha tells them what all happened and gets the couple arrested. Atharv gets Payal and tells Vividha that you are not so sensitive as you look. She says I know to keep relations, how would I go without taking Payal. She says come, we have to take bike too. She slips and he holds her.

He asks are you fine, and lifts her in his arms. He says even I know to keep relations, I have to make you reach home before your dad. Uma calls Atharv. Vividha faints. He asks the ladies for water. He sprinkles water on her and tries to wake her up. He says see Payal has come, get up, stop joking, its bad joke. The man asks him to slap her, she will wake up. Atharv recalls her words and their hug. He does not slap her and tries to wake her. She wakes up. She hugs Payal. The lady says this girl risked her life to save a calf. The man says this guy has risked his life to save his wife. Atharv says its nothing like that. They all call them perfect couple.

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