These streets update Monday 31 January 2022

these streets 31 January 2022: Asmita says if you love us let us go. Don’t make it difficult for us. Asmita leaves with Shekhawat and Krishi. Krishi goes back and hugs Shan. Krishi says i love you. We will live together. You, mama chahat and I. She hugs Shan. Shan says yes. She leaves with Asmita.Nandini is in hospital. She opens eyes. Shan comes there. Nandini says please forgive me. I have realized my mistake. I did so wrong.

Please take care of Chahat. Shan says just rest. Nandini says I want to talk to Chahat for one last time. That was the only true emotion that I always felt. I crossed my love for you and used it in the wrong way. I am paying for my sins. I have done so wrong. Please forgive me. Please say sorry to Asmita and Krishi as well. Krishi is such a nice kid. She is blessed. Tell Asmita I am proud to be related to her. Please do one thing for me. Take care of my Chahat. Always tell her how much did I love her. Shan says doctor.. She can’t breathe. Nandini says Shan.. She is dying. Nandini says Shan don’t let Asmita live with Shekhawat.

He isn’t a nice man. He doesn’t care about Krishi. He helped me kill Krishi. He is fooling Asmita. He only wants her. Not Krishi. Krishi deserves her own father. Nandini dies. Shan is shocked. The doctors come in and declare her dead. Shan recalls what she said.Shekhawat recalls what Shan said and hits punching bag. Shan comes there and says how dare you? You thought you could do anything. Shekhawat punches him. Shan punches him back. Shan recalls what Nandnini said. Shan hits him badly. Shan says I will expose you in front of Asmita. Asmita comes and says stop it. Shan says he is a digusting man. Shekhawat says he attacked me.

Shan says he planned to kill Krishi with Nandini. She told me. Asmita slaps Shan and says enough. don’t stoop so low. He married me to give Krishi a father’s love. Get out. You’re the one who didn’t own her. Shan says you are making a mistake. Asmita says shut up and get out. We are happy here. He is my husband. Shan says I beg you please don’t do this. Asmita says leave. She holds Shekhawat’s hand and goes from there.Shan says now you see what i do.

Asmita says where is Krishi? Why is she not up yet? She comes to Krishi’s room. Asmita looks everywhere. Asmita says Krishi where are you? Asmita gets worried and starts crying. Asmita says I am sure Shan did that. She calls Shan and says bring Krishi back home. Shan says that won’t happen. No one can keep me away from my daughter. You didn’t listen to me. Asmita says this isn’t right. Don’t do this. Do you know what are you doing? Shan says Shekhawat doesn’t care about Krishi. This is all his drama. Being nice. He only wants you. I can’t leave my daughter at a place where she is not safe. Asmita says Krishi is mine and Shekhawat’s daughter.

You can’t take my daughter away from me. This about her at least. Shan says she is safe with me. You can’t find her. Asmita says Shan listen. He says find me and her if you can. Asmita says it’s too late.You can’t keep me away from my daughter She runs out. Shekhawat says Shan you thought you can take Krishi from here and I don’t know? He saw Shan taking Krishi in his car. He says I let you take her. You have no idea how have you made it easy for me. I will get closer to Asmita like this. I will tell her I am worried about Krishi and you’re the bad man.

She will hate you and love me only. He says I am very happy. he laughs and says poor Shan.Asmita comes to Shekhawat and says Shan took Krishi. I can’t live without her. Shekhawat says don’t worry he can’t take Krishi away.Shan and Krishi come to a place. Krishi says such a pretty house Shan says it’s yours. I will make you breakfast. we will have so much fun. Krishi says if mama comes it’d be more fun. Shan says sure. Get fresh. Shan calls Chahat. She says papa where are you? I am scared. You said you will always be with me. Shan says please don’t cry. I had some work I will come back home. Bari ma and Moni are there.

Nevi takes the phone an says Shan where are you? Your phone was off too. Shan says please take care of Shan. Don’t give this number to Asmita or anyone. Shan says sorry Chahat. I love you and Krishi both. I can’t make any mistakes. I will make you two really happy.Shan says to Krishi let’s eat now. He cooks with her. The song Ashiyana plays.Shekhawat asks his man I asked you to keep an eye. He slaps him and says how dare you. They both make each other eat. The policeman says you are wasting your time with them. a father kidnapped his daughter. I am here to take your statement. we keep our eyes open. Shekhawat says do his encounter and kill him. He says you’re such a businessman.

What is this animosity? He says it’s about personal life. It’s about Asmita.Asmita asks Nevi do you know where Shan is? She says I have no idea. He didn’t tell me anything. Asmita says how could Shan do this. He shouldn’t have left Chahat at least.

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