These streets update Wednesday 2 February 2022


These streets 2 February 2022:  Asmita says Shan think about Chahat at least. Shan says then come back to me. Asmita says that’s no possible. I married Shekhawat. What about Nirvan? Krishi falls. Shan picks her. Krishi cries. Inspector says Krishi and Shan are in the jungle. Asmita says let’s go there. He says no you stay here with the kids. I will bring Krishi home. Shekhawat says on call to his thug kill Shan and don’t harm the girl. He leaves with the police. Asmita says I hope Shan and Krishi are fine.

Shan takes Krishi to the hospital. The doctor does her bandage. Krishi says in sleep please come to me, mama. The doctor says she has a high fever. Call her mom, please. She is crying for her mom. For her condition to get better you have to call her mom. Shan holds Krishi’s hand. Krishi says mama.. Shan recalls Asmita begging him to bring Krishi home. Shan says how can I be so selfish. I have to take her home. Shekhawat’s thugs are outside. He calls Shekhawat and says we are at the traced location.

Shan brings Krishi home. Asmita says she has a high fever. What happened to her? Shan says I am sorry I kept her away from you. I know Krishi needs both of us. But please you also understand. I can’t live without her. I am leaving her with you. Give her a really good life. Asmita is in tears. Shan goes out. He looks at Krishi and says papa loves you Krishi. The goons point gun at Shan and shoot him. The bullet hits his arm. Asmita screams Shan.. are you okay? Shan says I am fine. Asmita does his dressing. The bullet graced his arm. Shan walks out. Asmita says stop. Shan walks out.

Asmita cries and says if you trusted me that Krishi is your daughter this won’t have happened. I promise you I will take care of her all my life.Shan comes home. Chahat says papa where were you? I really missed you. Shan hugs her. Chahat says I really missed you. She says mama left me too. Promise me you will never leave me. Shan says I promise I will never you. Nevi asks Moni to take Chahat to another room to play. Shan sits down and cries. Nevi says what are these bruises? Shan says I am fine. Nevi caress his hand and says what about the bruise in your heart? I brought you up. I can see the pain in your eyes.

Nevi says I have been the reason of your pain. But won’t you let me heal you? Shan lays his head in her lap. Shan cries. Nevi says cry and spill your pain out. Shan says I couldn’t keep my daughter with me. I feel like a loser. I couldn’t save anything. Nevi says there can no son be like you. You are any mother’s pride. Go and talk to Asmita. Make her yours before it’s too late.Shan says I couldn’t be good father, husband, son or brother. Nevi says there can be no one better than you.

No one has a heart like you. Krishi knows you’re world’s best papa. Your circumstances were wrong. This pain will end and everything will be fine. Shan says I feel hopeless. Thank you. After so many days someone has consoled me. Can I rest my head in your lap? Nevi says of course. A mother’s lap is always there for her children. If you’re at peace I will be too. Shan recalls his moments with Krishi. Nevi fondle hi face.Asmita does Krishi’s cold strips. Krishi opens eyes. She says mama you came to me. Where is papa? Asmita says I am here with you.

Krishi says where is papa? How did I come here? Take me to him,A please. Asmita hugs her and says I don’t know how to explain it. You’re not well. Please rest. Krishi says please call Shan papa. Asmita says he can’t come here. Shekhawat says your papa is here. I am your papa. We were all waiting for you. I have arranged something for mu family. We will all live together. Asmita asks Krishi to rest.Krishi cries for Shan and recalls moments with him. The song Naina plays. Shan is missing her as well. Krishi cries sleeping.

Shan is leaving the house with everyone. He says this house was where I was born. Nevi says Shan don’t leave this country. Can you live without Krishi? Shan says I can’t stay in the same city otherwise I wont’ be able to stop myself.Asmita packs Krishi’s bags. She says I don’t want to go anywhere mama. Please take me to papa. Asmita says don’t ask me something that is not possible. Nirvan comes and says I am so excited we are going to our new house. Shekhawat says Asmita, let’s go and start a new life. Asmita takes Krishi with her. They come to the car.

Shekhawat says what happened? Asmita gets a call from Nevi. NEvi says Shan is leaving this city forever. Please stop him. He can’t live without you all. Please stop him. Nevi hangs up. Asmita is shocked. Nevi says please Asmita come. Shan says Asmita let’s go.Nevi says Shan please stay for Krishi and Asmita. For your love. What will we do? How will Moni and I live? Where would we go? Please stop. Shan gets in his car and leaves. Nevi and Moni are standing there. Asmita comes. Asmita says where did Shan go? She looks at the house and their bags. Nevi says you got late. Shan is going to US forever.

I don’t know what happened yesterday. Everything changed when he came back home. He sold the house. Where will I go with Moni? Asmita says how can Shan do this. Nevi says you know his anger. What will happen now? Asmita says Moni is like Krishi to me. Come with me. Nevi says we can’t go there. You have a new family. Asmita says you’re my family. I am not selfish like Shan. Please come with me.

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