Wedding planners update Saturday 29 January 2022

Wedding planners 29 January 2022: The Episode starts with Preeti encouraging the kids to not get scared. She thinks to send Kirti for her plan. She tells her plan to the kids. The kids make the goon fall down. Preeti and kids smile. Another goon comes and hits on Preeti’s head. Preeti gets tied up. The kids call her for help. Kushala says a mum can reach anywhere to save her kids. The goon passes the message to the police. Preeti gets conscious. The kids shout for help. The kidnapper scares them.

He asks Preeti to save the girls now. Vishal comes to Kushala. He also sees the kidnapper troubling Preeti and kids on the screen. Kushala says tv got off, how shall we know what’s happening. Preeti tries and gets a cutter. She cuts the rope and sets herself free. The kidnapper asks where are you running, wait. Preeti frees the kids. Kushala and everyone watch this on tv. Kidnapper falls down and gets angry on Preeti. Preeti asks the girls to open the lock fast. She tries to run. She takes the girls with her. Kidnapper gets up. Preeti gets a phone. She calls police. Kidnapper gets a sword and says I will show you the real game now. He tries to stab the sacks. They hide behind the sacks.

Preeti takes a stick and beats the kidnapper. She asks the girls to run out. The kidnapper says I won’t leave you, you have less time now. Police tries to find out. Vishal leaves. Inspector says we are not able to trace location. Priyanka says someone had sent me location, Mohi would have sent it. Inspector says send me the number. Kidnapper says I will kill your daughters and you, I will not leave you. He hits her. He gets stabbed by his own sword. Preeti gets shocked. She falls aside and gets hurt. She faints. Kushala and everyone come there. They see Preeti lying unconscious. Kushala asks her to open her eyes. The girls come to them. Kirti hugs Kushala. Vishal hugs his daughter. She asks will Preeti get fine. Kirti says Preeti has saved us. Kushala says she is such, she never cares for her life. They all cry for Preeti. Vishal gets sad. His daughter asks him to wake up Preeti, will she get fine. He says yes, she will get fine.


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