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These streets 19 November 2021: Asmita says this dia is of my and shan’s love. No one can blow it. Nevi blows it. But nothing happesn. Asmita says see. Nevi says truth is Shan is married to Nandani. Today is their wedding night. You have to decorate the room for them. Nandani is so over-excited. She is in love with Shan. How will you save Shan from an obsessed lover? She leaves.

Nandani is on her bed. Someone comes in. She does her ghunghat. It’s Thaku ma. Nandai says what are you doing here. I am so excited Shan must be comin any time. Thaku ma locks the door. Nandani says what are you doing. Thaku ma breaks the flowers. she says you won’t’ have a wedding night tonight. Nandani says why not. I married him. Thaku ma says I don’t think he would come. Nandani says how can he not. Thaku ma says you have to calm down. Wait for him. Nandani says what are you saying.

Thaku ma says he is proud. He would come to you when he understands you are a nice girl. You can’t be hasty., Nandani says I get it. I will be as you want me to be. I will make Shan mine. Thaku ma hugs her. Nandani says I will kill everyone if he doesn’t become mine. thaku ma says you just have to stay calm.Shan recalls everything that happened. He hits his hand on the pillar. asmita comes and says why are you hurting yourself.

He says I am so sorry. You were insulted because of me. I am so happy Ridoy is back but I feel weird seeing you as his wife. How do I convince my heart. This feeling I have when you are in front of me. What do I do with it? He hugs asmita. Asmita says in heart our love will win. Shan says I have to control my emotions. Otherwise, you will be insulted and I won’t be able to handle it. He leaves. Asmita smiles. She says thank you, God. His heart is always mine.

Ridoy turns the lamp on and off. He is on his chair. He recalls Shan about to fill asmita’s hairline. He recalls what beauty said and Moushmi saying Asmita loves Shan.Shan is drinking. He recalls his moments with Asmita. He says I love you asmita. I know you are Ridoy’s wife. but I can’t see you being accused. I ruined everything. He drinks more. Shan says what should I do. My heart beats for Asmita. I love her and I do. Nothing can change that.

Asmita comes to the room. Ridoy opens the light. Asmita is scared. Ridoy gets up. Asmita recalls Ridoy trying to rape her. ASmita runs outside. Ridoy holds her hand. Asmita shoves his hand. Asmita says don’t come near me or I will.. She picks the knife. Asmita says don’t come close to me. I will kill you this time. Ridoy holds her hand. Asmita says leave my hand. He takes the knife from her. Asmita says don’t come near me. Ridoy kneels down and gives the knife to her. He says you can kill me if you want. But please listen to me once.

What happened with you.. What I did. It was so wrong. I was wrong. I have remorse. I feel guilty. I am not a that bad man. I don’t deserve your pardon. Forgive me for what I did. I know you and SHan are made for each other. I will unite You and Shan. I will unite my Ram and Sita. Asmita is dazed.Asmita says you are lying. He says I am not I want to see you and Shan together. I want you two to pardon me. I want to fix everything. I don’t want come in between love that is blessed by God. I want to unite you two as my remorse.

I want my ram and sita to be together. Asmita says stop it. You think you can fool me with all this? You ruined our lives. Ridoy says I know. But I have changed. I am not that person. Asmita says how did you change. Ridoy picks Moni and says because of my daughter. She changed me. Ridoy hugs her. He says I know you told everyone she is our daughter. I know you did this to save her. I want to pay this debt. I want to make up for what I did to you. Please trust me. I won’t lie to you holding my daughter in my hands. I know you two are made for each other.

I ruined everything. I will fix it. He hugs moni. Ridoy says I can do anything for my daughter. I am sorry. She says moni papa really loves you. He leaves. Asmita is in shock.Shan is drinking. He recalls his moments with Asmita. Moushmi says the first time I am seeing a guy who isn’t going to his room on his wedding night. Beauty says you are drunk. We can take you to your room. Moushmi says she is waiting for you. Beauty says we will take him to room. Shan says leave me alone. They lock him in the room. Asmita comes there.

Nandani says finally Shan is here. She covers her face. Shan thinks its asmita. He realizes it’s Nandani and says open the door. Nandani says what the hell. Beauty says what are you doing here? They are in their room. They won’t come out and you can’t go in. Beauty says see her face. Moushmi says who is burning? Beauty says your husband came back. He won’t let you sleep tonight either. FOrget Shan. You can’t make a married man his. The girl is his childhood friend. Asmita says done? No one can stop true love.

Heartbeats for one person. There is a difference between love and lust. My love will win. Beauty laughs. She says to keep your stupid lectures to yourself. Moushmi says your loss is done.Shan faints. Nandani comes close to him. shan says what are you doing. Don’t force me to come near me. I don’t love you. She says I am your puchki. I am your wife. He says I dont’ consider you my wife I don’t love you. Open the door. He breaks things in anger. Nandani calls thaky ma says please open the door. Thaku ma opens the door. She says what happened? Nandani says nothing.

Nadanni comes to asmita shan will never be yours. Asmita says today is your wedding night and you are here. Do you even know what it is? We all know what truth is. He couldn’t be yours on first night, how would he be yours forever. Nandani slaps her. asmita twists her hand and says you know who I am. Shan’s memory will come back and he will kick you out. He is mine and he will always be.

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