To die for love Update Friday 19 November 2021

To die for love 19 November 2021: Arohi’s parents screamed please let us talk to Arohi. Anjali shot them. Arohi says We were given wrong information about their accident? Their body isn’t shown in the video. Were they not killed and just scared? That means my parents are alive. Arohi calls inspector and asks them to open file of her parent’s accident.Arohi recalls her moments with her parents. They were setting her proposals. She said I dont’ want to leave my parents. Arohi screams. She says ma papa where are you. Arohi sees her conscience. It says you saw who are your parents’ culprits. Arohi says deep gave me the face that killed my parents? I hate this face. She breaks the mirror and says I will ruin everything.

Arohi picks a piece of mirror. Deep throws water on her and says what are you doing. You look very angry. What happened? Arohi says in heart you are responsible for all this Deep. She recalls how he fooled her.Tara sees them. She is angry. Virat is coming in that direction. Tara says to Virt you anju is with my husband go and stop her. Virat says I trust my anjali and you can’t provocate us against each other. Deep hides arohi behind the door. He says your virat was coming here. Virat sees the room and says stop doing the drama.Arohi gets a call from inspector. She says dead body was never found. Arohi says that means my parents are alive. she runs out. DEep goes after her. Tara sees them go she goes after deep..

Deep comes to the room. Tara is already there. She locks him there. She says I am your destination. He says why don’t you understand you are arohi. She asys no I am tara and you are mine. Deep says of course who knows you more than me. Deep comes close to her. He takes her to bed and blindfolds her.Arohi in on her way to police station. DEep says to tara I am coming. She says deep.. What game are you playing. He tied her hands and left. Tara says how dare you deep. You can’t fool me like this. She releases her hands and sees that deep isn’t there.Arohi cries. She says I am away from my parents because of this face. I will end this game now.Tara finds a chip in Arohi’s room. She says whats in it.Tara opens the video but it doesn’t play. Arohi looks for anything that can tell her about her parents in that house.

Tara sees video of puppets. She says what is this. Chawani looks at her and smiles. He giggles. Tara listens. TAra throttles Chawani and says you know what can I do? Virat shoves her.Arohi says please God give me some signal. There must be something in this house. She breaks Anjali’s photo.Virat says what were you doing tara? She says Arohi. Virat says only Tara can do something like this? Arohi says I as helping chawani get off that hair from his eyes.Chawani says yes she wasn’t doing anything. Virat says your behavior reminds me of Tara. She says you better keep an eye on your wife. She isn’t here and so isn’t Deep. Virat says I am sure they aren’t together. Arohi wonders why Anjali killed her parents. Or tara did all this? Her car runs out of fuel. Arohi says I have to get a cab. A car stops near her. Its deep. He says come I can give you a life. You wont finds a taxi here. arohi sits in his car. Deep says you are hiding. She says you are the one with secrets.

I wanna hide something. You are Virat’s gf. She says you can’t get what you want. He says remember anjali when we met at your place? We never go to talk again. Arohi cuts her hand. Deep holds her hand and dresses it. He says you are very careless. A girl was crossing road carelessly a truck came and hit her. Be careful or it can take your life. Arohi sees him wearing the bracelet. She says deep killed her. Thank God he doesn’t know Anjali is alive.Tara says why dont you call Anjali. He says I trust her. Arohi and deep come in. Virat says where are you coming from? she says my car ran out of fuel. Deep was driving past there so he gave me a lift. She goes to her room.Tara says to DEep you left me alone. He says I told you I had something important to do. You forced me to stay with you. You will get everything you want.Tara comes to Arohi’s room and takes off screws from the mirror. Arohi comes out of shower and the mirror falls on her. Deep saves her. He says carelessness can take your life.

Surekha says are you okay? I didn’t check the mirror was lose. You need to be careful. You have changed a lot. You used to love dressing. Where is your dressing? Didn’t you bring it with you? Arohi recalls she saw a diary at Anajli’s place. She says Surekha I have to go.Arohi goes to Anjali’s place. Virat calls someone and says follow her.Arohi comes home and sees that someone is taking all the stuff. Arohi says where are you taking all this? He says virat sir called and asked me clean this house. Arohi asks the man to go in. She looks in the stuff. The diary is there. Arohi takes it.Arohi reads the diary and sees a logo and card no. on it. SHe says I have seen this logo. she recalls she saw it on his father’s certificate. The one he got from his company. She says what is all this have to do with deep and anajli?

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