These Streets update Monday 22 November 2021

These Streets 22 November 2021: Nandani says to Nevi you thought Shan would be mine. How is he now? Thaku ma says you have to calm down. Nevi says you know shan loves asmita. Then use your mind. Look at asmita. Try to be like her. See how confident she is. You should be too. With this behavior, he would g away from you. Everything has gone as per our plan so far. I know how to keep asmita’s life complicated with ridoy. Ridoy overhears and says no mama I won’t let you harm asmita and shan. I am standing between you and her.

Ridoy asks asmita have you seen shan? No one has seen him. Nevi says ridy has gone to look for him. they come in. Shan is drunk. Thaaku says we gave you our daughter. Control your son before things get out of hands. Puchki’s papa can come to thhis city anymore. If he finds out her husband is a drinker he would be so mad. They are 10 times more powerful than you. THey know you can’t control things in your own house.

Ridoy caresses Shan’s face. Asmita comes. Shan says I really love you asmta. I can’t live without you. SHan says see his love for you. Ridoy holds his feet and says you are my role model. And you are in this condition because of me. See what I did. I am responsible for all this. I can’t let him be weak. He holds their hands. Ridoy says I will fix my sin by uniting you two. Do you trust me? Asmita says yes.

THe ritual of ring finding starts. Moushmi says where si the groom. THe bride is upset alone. Maoushmi says take the bowl from here. THere would be no ritual. Nandani says it’s okay if he isn’t here. She finds the ring herself. Nandani says shan is my husband. She leaves in anger and says don’t taunt me again.Ridoy says to asmita his heart loves you. His mind doesn’t know. Tell him you are his puchki his childhood love. Tell him. Asmita says this isn’t that easy. ridoy says that’s truth.

Ridoy says you can prove it. Asmita says I can but.. Ridoy says you’re worried about moni? Don’t worry about her future. She is secure with me. Asmita says I feel so good hearing this. Everyone knows she is my daughter. If I tell Shan his condition would worsen. He would lose all the memory. I can’t ruin his life for my love. Shan says to Moni we will unite them. Don’t worry.

Thaky ma takes nandani to the room and says why do you create such drama? No one would accept you here let alone shan. This truth is between us let it be. You would be in trouble. You’re my daughter. I am saying this for you. Nandani says but I really love Shan. Thaku ma says I know. It would take time. You need to take asmita off his heart. You would lose him this way. Ravindra has arranged a seesion for you and Shan. You know what to do right? Nandani says I would do anything to make Shan mine. He would be mine tonight at any cost.

Nandani comes to SHan’s room. Nandani says Shan where are you. Shan is in office. He recalls what has been happening in the house. Shan gets a call from nandani. She says where are you? He says there was work in the office. Nandani says why are you punishing me? He says there is no such thing. Nandani says then you have to propose me in front of everyone. You have to show everyone you love me. He hangs up. Shan says how do I say something I don’t mean? Ridoy comes and says you don’t have to. Shan hugs him.

Ridoy says why are you punishing yourself? I know you only love Asmita. Shan says I am sorry it was a mistake. Ridoy hugs him and says it all happened because of me. Don’t say sorry. You two love each other. No one has to sacrifice. He says everything is fair in love. True love wins over everything. I free asmita from this forced marriage from my heart. Shan says what.. Ridoy says we never loved each other. She is made for you. She is yours only. I do anything but not have her. You have to think about your future with her. You don’t have to sacrifice anymore. Nothing else should be more important.

Please own her. ridoy hugs Shan. Ridoy says in heart now you see how I expose that fake Puchki in front of you.Asmita is on the road. Her car is broken. She looks for an auto. Her dupatta falls. It falls on Shan. It starts raining. The song tujhe kitna plays. Shan recalls what ridoyy said. Asmita hugs shan. Shan takes her to the car. He gives her a tissue. Shan gets out of the car. Ridoy calls asmita and tells her something. Asmita says what.. Shan sees in the car. Asmita isn’t there. Shan says where did she go?

The reception starts. Nandani waits for Shan. Shan comes home. Nandani says Shan you got late. Where were you? Go get ready. Nevi says she is trying at least. Nevi says where is Ridoy. I don’t see him home. Ravindra says welcome Mr. and Mrs. Shan. Nandani says Shan there is a surprise for you. ridoy comes and says no I have a surprise for both of you. Nandani says what? He says ook there. Ridoy smirks. A guy comes in Thaku ma says him here?

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