Broken Hearts update Friday 19 November 2021


Broken Hearts 19 November 2021: The Episode starts with Rehaan coming to talk to Ahana. He says whatever wrong happened in your life, I m responsible for it, the truth us, I have given sorrow and worries to Anant, really sorry. She slaps him. He says I will not go till you forgive me. Gupta laughs on Laila. He gets insulting her and asks why did she come at this time. She says I have no time to talk, just tell me where to sign. She signs the papers. He says I m not so mean, where will you go at this time, come, I will give you 7 days stay in our house. She refuses to take help and goes. Anant comes to Ahana. He says I know our relationship has faced a lot, we both couldn’t share our problems. Roshni hears them. Anant says I didn’t wish this to happen, I just wanted happiness, relations are like flowing water, it keeps changing.

She asks do you mean our relation spoiled. He says I loved you and still love you, can I understand you, maybe I won’t be able to hate you, I m giving this relation a month’s time, we will reach other each. She says you are breaking this relation. He says no, I m trying to make this fine.Roshni asks Karan to help her in ousting Ahana. He says Ahana is Anant’s wife. She says he is ruining everything, I have to make her out in one month time.Rehaan thinks of Ahana. Dil sambhal jaa zara…..plays…. Ahana cries. Rehaan sees her crying and goes to her. She goes back to her room and shuts the door. Saloni calls Ahana. She says we are outside your house, come out fast.

Ahana asks what does Gupta want now. Saloni says he doesn’t listen to us, I m worried for mum. Ahana asks her to call Laila’s friend. Ahana says mom knows looking after herself. Laila sits crying and drinks at a bar. The man says sorry, I can’t keep bar open for you. Laila says I can’t go from here, I have no money to pay the bill. He asks her not to worry. She laughs and says I don’t have a house now, don’t drag me out now, I do care for things. He requests her to leave, bar has shut down. Laila gets glad seeing her car. The man reminds her that she shouldn’t drive in this state. She thanks him and starts the car. She leaves and hits somewhere. Saloni worrying for Laila. Tarun pacifies. She gets Laila’s call. A man informs her about Laila’s accident. Saloni gets shocked. They rush to hospital. Tarun asks Saloni not to worry, things will get fine. They call Ahana and inform her about Laila’s accident. Rehaan asks Ahana is everything fine, why is she worried. Rehaan gets her to hospital. Ahana hugs Saloni. Nurse asks her to do formalities. Ahaan goes to see Laila and gets shocked. She asks Doctor will Laila survive or not. He doesn’t give her false hope.

Roshni asks Anant to come fast. Rehaan calls Anant. Anant forgets his phone. He calls Roshni and says its a bad news, Laila met with an accident, she is critical, just inform Anant. She says fine. Anant asks her what is it. She lies to him and leaves for cycling. Nurse argues with Tarun. He says I can just give a cheque, I couldn’t arrange money. A man helps Tarun and takes the cheque.Anant and Roshni come home. She says it was a beautiful place, you don’t pay me attention, we were so happy, what was the need to get stranger in our life and snatch our happiness. Karan comes and says Laila met with an accident. Anant leaves. Karan asks Roshni why did she not tell this to Anant. Roshni says I thought you understand me, sorry I was wrong. Anant comes to hospital. Ahana sees him and imagines hugging him. She finds Anant away. Rehaan holds her face to console. She hugs him. Rehaan imagines this. Anant asks Ahana and Saloni to be strong, Laila will get fine. Tarun says police said its not an accident, Laila was stressed, Dad has snatched everything from her, maybe that’s why this happened.

Ahana says so mom chose death than leading such a life. Saloni cries. Ahana says Laila can’t accept defeat, this is not an accident, she has committed suicide. Anant asks Tarun about the hospital bill. Tarun says I asked them for some time. Anant asks Rehaan to stay with them and goes. Ahana sees Rehaan and says sorry, I had slapped you in anger. He asks why are you saying sorry, it was my mistake, don’t worry, your mom will get fine soon, I promise. She asks why are you standing in darkness, I can’t see you. He looks at her. Aye dil na kar…..plays…. Rehaan sits beside her. She smiles. He says now you can see me.

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