These Streets update Thursday 18 November 2021

These streets 18 November 2021: Shan says would you marry me Asmita? Nandani says Shan.. He doesn’t listen to her. Shan says start the wedding, I will see who stops us. Bua says keep it simple pandit ji. The wedding starts. Shan and Asmita make each other wear garlands. Bua ties their knots. THe song hamesha tumko chaha plays. Shan and asmita stand up for rounds. Nandani is crying. Pandit ji says you have to fill her hairline.

Asmita says I vow, I will be with you forever. I will love what you love. Shan says I take your responsibility as my wife. Pandit ji asks him to make her wear mangal sutra. Shan makes her wear mangal sutra. He is about to fill her hairline.Nevi says stop. She says this wedding happen. Asmita can’t marry Shan. A married woman can’t do second marriage. This isn’t possible. Shan says but.. Nevi says let me speak. Nevi says unless you divorce your first husband. Shan says but Ridoy..

Asmita is a widow. A widow can marry. Nevi says this is wrong because Ridoy is alive. Everyone is shocked. Ridoy walks in. Everyone is dazed.Asmita and Shan stand up in shock. Shan runs towards Ridoy. His knot breaks. He takes off the warlama.. Asmita says Shan. He says I can’t marry you. Sorry asmita I can’t marry you when Ridoy is alive. Shan says Ridoy.. He hugs him. Asmita cries. Ravindra hugs Ridoy. He says where were you. Shan says I can’t tell you how happy I am. My brother is back. You don’t knw how I feel. I will never leave you alone. Moushmi says what a perfect entry. Your Shan would have married Ridoy’s wife.

Nevi says congratulations asmita. Your husband is back. You are no more a widow but you can’t marry Shan now. Beauty says why have you becoem a statue? You should be happy. Your husband is back. She says all your dreams are gone. You couldn’t separate Puchki and Shan. Nandani says she fooled us and then she tried marrying Shan. Nevi says this is her real face. Shan says not a word against Asmita. I won’t hear a single word.

Shan says it was my decision Why are you all blaming Asmita for my decision. No one will say a word to her. I am sorry to everyone. Thaku ma says you don’t care about Nandani. You ruined her life. Beauty says Ridoy. His wife is always after other men. SHe belongs to sona gachi. Shan says shut up. He says I am sorry asmita. All this is happening because of me. Shan holds nandani’s hand. Asmita says Shan.. He fills Nandani’s hairline. Everyone is shocked. Thaku ma says here is the mangalsutra. SHan makes her wear the mangalsutra.

Shan says are you all happy now? No one will say a word to Asmita. asmita is in tears. Bua says why did you do this. Asmita leaves. Shan says this is what God wanted. what can anyone do.ravindra says to Ridoy I am so happy my son is back. Nevi says this is a miracle. ravindra says we will all celebrate together.ASmita comes to temple. She says you are ready to give me another challenge?? I tell you I will make shan mine. Nevi comes and says stop dreaming about shan. You fooled Ridoy and then see what happened to you.

You cheated on him. You thought I would let you be happy with that Shan? How could I? You have a cursed love story. I won’t ever let it complete. How was my story? I did entry on right time. It was all my game and plan. That Ridoy’s madness, it was also my plan. That accusation on Shan of killing Ridoy was also my part. Then your thaku ma came with nandani. This was all my plan. And then see how I got Shan married to his Puchki. I got his memory removed. Who made you a police officer. You are so dumb.

But not everyone can understand my planning. But see I told you everything. What can you do. Asmta says Shan wanted to marry me regardless. You have not won. Think how will you stop Shan coming to me? How long will you hide truth? Nevi says as long as I am alive. We will always see. your Shan married his Puchki. How will you win him now?

Asmita says truth always wins. You can always play games but Shan will be mine. Nevi laughs. Asmita says God has made Shan and me for each other. You can’t come between our hearts.


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