The Rules of Love update Wednesday 3 April 2024

The rules of love 3 April 2024: Maitree and Nandini make their way to the kitchen. Sona requests that Dhananjay’s kid let her use the loo. He gives her permission.

‘I wish Ashish understands the code and doesn’t come here,’ Maitree says to Nandini in the kitchen. Nandini claims he may not comprehend it. Maitree encourages her to think positively and informs her that they must blend sleeping pills into Goon’s food purchased by Sona in accordance with their plan. On the way, Ashish decodes the code phrase and realises his family is in danger.

Maitree and Nandini mix sleeping pills into the dinner they cooked for all of the thugs and Dhananjay’s son. They set the table with food. Dhananjay’s son questions why they would obtain food for someone who held them hostage and refuses to consume the food since it seems suspicious. Maitree claims that nothing was mixed into the dish. Dhananjay takes up the soft drink glass and requests that Maitree drink it. Maitree claims she does not drink cold beverages. He commands her to drink it. Everyone becomes terrified. Maitree sips it while coughing. She claims that she did not combine anything. Maitree recalls mixing in meals rather than drinks. Dhananjay’s son orders his men to eat. He requests that Maitree and Nandini to entertain them with their dancing. Maitree and Nandini will not dance.

Dhananjay’s son cautions them not to dance. Maitree accepts to participate in the dance. Nandish emerges from the cupboard, pondering how he arrived here. Nandini and Maitree perform a performance for Dhananjay’s Son and his goons. Nandish hears the tune and wonders if the party is taking place downstairs. He makes his way downstairs. Goons consume the meal and get unconscious. Everyone, including Maitree, notices Nandish observing them. Dhananjay’s son looks upstairs but sees no one. He resumes his dancing. Maitree notices Ashish hiding with Nandish upstairs.

Dhananjay’s youngster appears to be unconscious. Maitree goes to see how he is. Dhananjay’s kid awakens and declares that they have failed to trick him and that he will teach them a lesson. Ashish leads Nandish to his room and instructs him to be calm. Nandish inquires as to how entered escaped from goons. Ashish recalls entering from the balcony and finding some goons holding his family captive. Hearing gunshots makes Nandish nervous. Dhananjay’s Son holds Maitree at gunpoint and discloses that he hasn’t eaten anything and wonders if it was her idea. Maitree claims it is her responsibility to safeguard her family. Dhananjay’s son tries to hit Maitree with gun.

 Maitree tells Veeru that this is her family, and it is her obligation to defend them. Kusum insists that they must save Maitree in some way. Kusum believes that if all four of them try, they will be able to save Maitree. The ladies are all in agreement. All of the ladies try to approach Veeru and beg him to leave Maitree. Veeru believes this is their new strategy and threatens them with the rifle. All of the ladies attempt to take the gun from him, but it accidentally fires. All of the females double-check that none of them were shot.

Nandish prevents Ashish from going to the hall, saying he is terrified and asking him to stay.Kusum is injured when the chandelier falls on her. Maitree becomes enraged and punches Veeru. Maitree picks up the rifle that has fallen to the ground and instructs Veeru to keep his hands up. Veeru mocks Maitree.

Ashish tells Nandish they’re playing a game and tells him to go hide. Nandish concurs. Ashish enters the hall.Veeru mocks Maitree by daring her to shoot the rifle, claiming she lacks the courage to do so. Veeru flirts with Maitree and challenges her to a shootout. Maitree is a fantastic shooter. Veeru avoids the bullet at the last second. Veeru wonders if Maitree is insane. Veeru kidnaps Maitree. Ashish arrives and saves Maitree.

Veeru gets into an altercation with Ashish. Maitree attempts to assist Ashish. When Ashish is going to get an advantage in the fight.A Goon kidnaps Sona and orders Ashish to leave Veeru. Veeru applauds his goon and orders everyone to stand. The Goons rise one by one. Veeru decides to abduct Ashish.

They hear the sound of a siren. It is revealed that Ashish phones Dinesh and informs him about Veeru and his soldiers. Dinesh promises to send a crew to their residence right away. Ashish warns Veeru that if he causes harm to Ashish or anybody else, he would be confronted.

Dinesh informs Veeru and his men that the compound has been surrounded and invites them to come outside with their hands in the air. The constable asks Dinesh what they should do. Dinesh orders the constable to prepare for an attack.

When the cops are about to break into the house, Maitree appears, carrying a bomb tied around her waist. Maitree begs the cops to leave and instructs Dinesh to go.

When Veeru confirms that Ashish called the police, he decides to place the bomb around Ashish, but Kusum asks him not to. Veeru asks if anyone wants to place the bomb on themself. Maitree approaches. Ashish urges that Maitree step aside, but Maitree persuades Veeru that Dinesh is her father and that he is leading this operation. Veeru orders his soldiers to deliver the bomb to Maitree.Maitree asks Dinesh not to shoot and to move back; otherwise, Veeru will detonate this device. Veeru also threatens Dinesh with a bomb if he does not listen to his daughter. Dinesh requests that Veeru refrain from doing so. Dinesh warns Veeru not to hurt his daughter and departs.

Dinesh is taken aback by Maitree’s condition. Veeru threatens Dinesh and his colleagues with a bomb if they do not leave. Dinesh requests that Veeru refrain from doing so. Dinesh is asked to leave by Maitree. Dinesh and his colleagues depart from there. He sends a message to Ashish. Goons hear the notification sound and wonder whose phone it is. Nandini redirects them by saying it’s her phone. Ashish checks the message at that point. Maitree is brought inside by Goon. Maitree is prevented from falling by Ashish. Nandini dislikes it. Maitree and her family request that Veeru remove the bomb from Maitree. Veeru claims he will blast Maitree in retaliation for the arrest of his father by the police. Maitree invites Ashish and his family to return, but they reject.

Maitree instructs Veeru to take advantage of the situation and flee. She wants him to be a monster, not a killer, like his father. Ashish agrees with Maitree. Veeru requests that his man remove the bomb from Maitree. They detonate the bomb. Ashish decides to text Dinesh to inform him that Veeru and his colleagues are leaving, but his phone slips to the floor. Veeru notices the noise and inquires as to what it is. Nandini redirects him by saying it’s her phone. Veeru warns Ashisg that he would exact vengeance on him. They are on their way out. Ashish says he’ll contact Dinesh. Maitree said they will flee before the cops arrive. Veeru and his guys are on their way out. Dinesh and his team arrive and apprehend Veeru.

Ashish expresses concern for Nandish. Maitree promises to bring Nandish downstairs. Nandini comes to a halt and says she will take Nandish downstairs. She enters Nandish’s room and notices his sleeping cupboard. She drags him out. Nandish is sleeping, according to Maitree’s mother. Nandini dislikes it. Ashish admires Maitree’s bravery and wonders why she is upset. Maitree claims she was going to leave the house before Veeru and his squad arrived, and now I’m going to go as well. Nandini overhears the conversation. Ashish wonders how Maitree can depart without informing them. Maitree claims she does not wish to harm Nandish. Nandish will cry for you, says Ashish, so let’s go inside. Nandini takes up from there. Maitree refuses to come inside. Ashish ignores her and takes Maitree’s luggage inside. Vasundhara is overjoyed.

Nandini forces Nandish to sleep on the bed. She decides she doesn’t want Nandish to stop Maitree, so she brings him to the room and walks downstairs to see if Maitree has left. Ashish tells Maitree that she is the captain of their family and that they will not let her leave. Kusum and Vasundhara praise her bravery and say she saved them. Nandini overhears it and recalls her mother’s death. Sona invites Maitree to remain. Maitree is asked not to go by Ashish. Maitree says her work in their home is finished and requests them not to stop her. According to Ashish, she is obstinate. When he sees Nandini on the stairs, he asks her to stop Maitree. Nandini arrives. She expresses gratitude to Maitree for her assistance. She says, “I’m hungry now, so let’s have dinner and talk about your leaving topic tomorrow.” Maitree claims she made the decision to leave the residence. Kusum and Sona request that Maitree listen to them and stay. Maitree concurs.

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