The Rules of Love update Thursday 4 April 2024

The rules of love 4 April 2024: Dinner with Ashish and his family. Ashish inquires as to how they fought the Goons. Kusum and Sona thank Maitree for fooling the goons. According to Maitree, it is a collaborative effort. Nandini becomes enraged. Vasundhara takes Nandini’s hand in hers.

Nandini smiles as though everything is fine. Maitree later notices the injuries on her hand and recalls Veeru torturing her. She tells herself to forget about everything. Ashish requests that Nandini move forward from whatever transpired. Nandini requests that he speak directly.

Ashish adds Maitree has a claim on this family as well, so accept and don’t misinterpret her, and allow Maitree to depart the house with dignity.Nandini inquires as to how she has equal rights as her. Ashish expresses his desire to continue his life with her and urges that she reconcile with Maitree. Nandini concurs. Ashish embraces her. Maitree couldn’t sleep since she was worrying about everything. Nandini believes Maitree stayed at their house due of the thugs. Maitree believes Nandini’s charges and believes she lacks authority over Nandini and her home, therefore she resolves to leave the house for her own self-respect. Nandini decides to devise a plan to entice Maitree to leave the house.

Om returns home from his excursion the next day and hears what occurred. Maitree convinces herself that she should depart after informing everyone. Vasundhara appears and inquires if anyone saw Nandini. When Ashish awoke, he didn’t see Nandini. Sona claims she didn’t see Nandini in the kitchen either. Ashish makes the decision to call Nandini. Vasundhara says it’s pointless because she’s already called Nandini and her phone is turned off. Everyone begins looking for Nandini. Nandish approaches Ashish and inquires if this letter is his. Ashish inquires of Nandish as to whence he obtained this letter. Nandish claims he spotted it on his suitcase and assumed it belonged to Ashish, so he brought it. Nandish accepts Ashish’s invitation to play.

Ashish opens and reads the letter. Nandini stated in the letter that she is leaving the house because she believes Maitree has taken her place in the family after 6 years.

Nandini claims that if she was present, Ashish and Maitree would never be able to get together, so she plans to commit suicide. Nandini says she’s heading back to where their romance began. Ashish and the others decide to look for Nandini. Maitree reads the letter and inquires of Ashish about the location where he initially proposed to Nandini. Ashish mentions a location and calls it Aam Bagh. Maitree and Ashish make the decision to visit Aam Bagh. Maitree instructs Om to contact Dinesh and request that he join the search for Nandini. Om concurs.

Om contacts Dinesh and informs him of the incident. Dinesh assures Om that he will begin as soon as possible. Dinesh informs Sadhana that Nandini abandoned the residence after penning a suicide note. Sadhana begs God to look over Nandini. Vasundhara is worried about Nandini, so Sona and Kusum comfort her.

Ashish and Maitree arrive in Aam Bagh to look for Nandini. Maitree calls Ashish after seeing Nandini’s letter. Ashish reads the letter and confirms that it was written by Nandini. Maitree reads the letter to find out where Nandini has gone. The letter states that their story will conclude where their friendship began.

Maitree discovers the note in the park. To find out where Nandini has gone, she phones Ashish and reads the letter. The letter states that their story will conclude where their friendship began. Maitree and Ashish make their way to their adda. On the way, Maitree calls Dinesh and informs him of their destination. Maitree notices Ashish in tears and tells him not to be concerned. They arrive at the location and meet Dinesh and his colleagues. They look everywhere for Nandini.

Nandini’s engagement ring is discovered by Ashish and Maitree. On their way to find Nandini, Ashish and Maitree discover Nandini’s saree and bangles. Maitree wonders if it was intended. Ashish notices blood on the floor and hopes it isn’t Nandini’s. Ashish is hoping they will not be late. Maitree promises him that Nandini will be safe.

Maitree and Ashish notice Nandini standing near the valley’s edge. Maitree and Ashish beg Nandini not to commit suicide and to not give up. Nandini requests Maitree not to speak because she has already taken her husband and son. Maitree agrees to leave the house and requests that Nandini refrain from committing suicide. Nandini claims you have taken over my family’s heart. Ashish and Maitree request that she listen to them. Nandini declares to Ashish and Maitree that she is no longer alive. As the story comes to an end, Nandini wishes Ashish and Maitree a happy life. She declares that her relationship and love for them is over and takes a step back. Nandini plummets into the valley.

They save Nandini by holding her hand. Nandini requests that they leave her alone, stating that she wishes to die and asking if she wishes to die with them. Ashish expresses a desire to die alongside her. Nandini tells me that you are responsible for Nandish and Maitree, so you must leave me and cannot die with me. When she doesn’t listen, Maitree slaps her. Maitree claims that you have a problem with me and that I opted to leave the house, so why are you committing suicide? Nandini claims that you have won the hearts of my family and that they will never forget you. Give some time to family members, advises Maitree, and you’ll find your position.

Nandini claims Ashish values his friendship with you more than his love for me, thus it’s a waste for me to exist. Maitree adds, “I want to live my life, and I know my friend will not stand in my way.” Ashish tells Maitree that he will not stop her from living her life. Maitree requests that Nandini live for her family, which is all hers, and that they return home. Nandini is taken by Ashish. Maitree notices Net laid beneath the valley. Dinesh and Om meet with Nandini and Ashish. Om begs Nandini not to do this again, claiming that only cowards attempt suicide. Maitree and Ashish inquire if Nandini is ready to accompany them to their home. Nandini concurs.

Ashish and Nandini, along with others, leave. Maitree reflects about her friendship with Ashish and Nandini. Maitree believes they used to come here as friends, but now they have become this. Maitree hopes their friendship does not come to an end here.

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