Lost in love starlife update Friday 5 April 2024

Lost in love 5 April 2024: Shukla’s mother thanks Savi for giving her respect and making her perform ghat sthapana and gives her shop’s earning to Savi as a shagun. Savi accepts it and advises her to never compromise on her self-respect as both poor and rich deserve respect. Shukla thanks Rao Saheb for giving respect to his mother and touches his feet.

Yashwant says it’s okay. Surekha gets angry seeing her insult. Yashwant tries to calm her down and tongue lashes Ishan for snatching Surekha’s right and giving it to Shukla’s mother. Surekha says she spent her life taking care of the family and deserves respect at least once a year, but she was humiliated today. Ishan says their family member insulted Shukla’s mother and hence he agreed to Savi’s request and let Shukla’s mother perform ghat sthapana. Yashwant and Surekha continue to object. Ishan says Surekha should be happy that she was praised by everyone for her generous act.

Anvi becomes DJ at the dandiya event and plays music. Family gets happy seeing her hidden talent. Prateek takes Ishan aside and informs that he has organized their old college friend’s reunion. Friends walk in. Ishan gets happy seeing them. Friends wait for their favorite friend. Bajirao enters in style with Aaya Police.. music playing the background, running around, and dancing.. Ishan gets jealous seeing him and asks Prateek why did he invite him. Prateek says he knows Ishan doesn’t like Bajirao and hence didn’t call him, he came on other friend’s invitation. Friends praise Bajirao for becoming ACP and joke that they will come to him to solve their problems. Bajirao taunts that he doesn’t want to get busy solving Ishan’s problems. Ishan says he will not let such a bad days come in his life.

Savi walks to Ishan and holding his hand insist him to join her for a dandiya session. Bajirao greets her. Savi feels happy seeing him. She takes Ishan aside and teaches him dandiya. Bajirao taunts that she can teach kid dance to Ishan, he will play pro dandiya. Ishan fumes but fails to learn dandiya. Savi asks him to calm down and look into her eyes and teaches him steps. Yashwant notices that and tells Surekha that she told Savi is not interested in Ishan. Surekha says Savi projected herself that way and fooled her. Asmita and Shikha notice Ishan and Savi’s dance and ask if there is something cooking between them. Shantanu says anything can happen as per Dr Isha. They say Isha is always right.

Harini sings at her society’s navrati function. Host praises her talent. A producer praises her signing next, gives his card to her, and offers her to sing for his album. Kiran snatches card from her, tears it, and humiliates her. Back to college, Savi tells Ishan that he became her dance teacher. Ishan says he is her real teacher and reminds her that she has to attend IAS officer’s coaching classes from tomorrow and has a test at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow, so she can spend at most 1.5 hours here. Bajirao takes Savi aside and dances with her. He plays an energetic song and dances on it. Ishan gets more jealous seeing that.

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