The Rules of Love update Friday 5 April 2024

The rules of love 5 April 2024: Nandini is walking alongside Ashish. Nandini recalls convincing Vasundhara to consent to her suicide plan. Maitree considers Nandini’s safety precautions and realises that Suicide was simply a Nandini drama.

Nandini, Om, Dinesh, and Ashish return home. Vasundhara hugs Nandini and inquires about her well-being. Nandini softly appreciates Vasundhara for her assistance. Sona and Kusum advise Nandini not to do it again. Dinesh informs Vasundhara that the law requires them to arrest Nandini if she attempts suicide again. Vasundhara says Nandini will not do it again and appreciates him for his assistance. Dinesh departs. Maitree is following him.

Kusum requests that Nandini take a hot water bath to unwind. Nandini says she is alright since she is pleased to return home. Dinesh inquires about Maitree’s

well-being. Maitree claims to be alright. Dinesh requests that Maitree return to their home. Maitree has stated that she will return entirely. Dinesh invites her to accompany him. Maitree said she will return later after saying her goodbyes to the Tiwari family. Dinesh says they will wait for her and requests that she arrive soon. Maitree concurs. Dinesh departs. Maitree believes that no one, including herself, can prevent her from leaving Tiwari’s house.

Kusum and Sona inquire about Nandini’s appetite. Nandini responds no, I have my three mothers’ love, and that’s enough. Kusum says she’ll cook something for her and departs. Vasundhara orders Sona to leave the room and shuts the door behind her. Nandini twirls and praises her mother for her assistance. Vasundhara inquires as to the outcome of her high-risk drama. She inquires as to whether Maitree is departing. Nandini informs Maitree that she is going and explains how she carried out her plan. Well done, says Vasundhara.

Maitree enters Nandish’s room with her stuff. She holds back her tears while tickling Nandish. Nandish inquires if she is crying. Maitree lies about not sobbing and claiming that her tears are caused by onions. Nandish requests that she not return to the kitchen and instead play with him. Maitree convinces him that she needs to go to his house to care for her mother. She wants Nandish to vow to look after him and his Nandini mother. Nandish accepts and requests that Maitree write her address. Maitree scribbles down her address. Nandish requests that Maitree promise to return to him soon. Maitree kisses his hand and tells him that they are constantly linked by the heart. She requests that he video call her whenever he is missing her. Nandish concurs. Maitree sobs as she holds him.

Kusum and Om question Ashish in the hall about Maitree’s sudden departure. Ashish claims Maitree’s decision has not changed. Nandini arrives and inquires as to why they appear tense. Om reports that Maitree is threatening to leave the house once more. Nandini tells Maitree to live her life and how long she should stay here before quitting her life. Maitree Nandini is correct, and now that my reason for living here has been fulfilled, it is time for me to leave the house to focus on my life, and I ask for everyone’s blessings. She accepts the blessings of the elder.

Maitree tells Om that he is her buddy more than her uncle and requests his blessing. Om bestows blessings to her. Maitree approaches Nandini and urges her to look after herself and her family. Nandini embraces her. She says, “I don’t want to let you go, but you have to go for your life,” so promise her you won’t forget her. Maitree observes. Nandini and Maitree sign their names. Maitree approaches Ashish and requests that he look after Nandish and Nandini. I’m not stopping you from leaving, adds Ashish, but never forget our friendship. Maitree said she will remember her friendship forever. She walks away with her luggage.

Maitree sobs as she recalls her time with Nandini. Nandini approaches Maitree and hands her a photo of Maitree and Nandish, asking her to preserve it as

a present from her. Maitree informs Nandini that she doesn’t need to act because no one is seeing or hearing them. Maitree wonders if Nandini’s suicide drama isn’t enough. She says you want me to leave the house, and I’m leaving; you met your goal, but the method you employed was incorrect. Nandini requests Maitree to stop making accusations against her and questions why she wants to tarnish her reputation. She claims she considered suicide because of her. Maitree commands a halt and declares that she will listen to what Maitree has to say today. According to Maitree, I caught your suicide drama before viewing your hints, and Ashish missed it because of his love for you.

Nandini questions Maitree about her decision to leave after discovering the truth, and whether this is her new drama. Maitree recalls their friendship and tells Nandini that she does not participate in theatrics. Maitree claims she merely stayed here to care for her son and await her return. Maitree reminds Nandini how important friendship is to her and tells her that she hasn’t even fulfilled the normal degree of friendship. Maitree begs Nandini to look after Nandish and Ashish, as well as the rest of the family.

Ashish approaches Nandini and inquires as to her purpose for being here. Nandini claims she has come to apologise to Maitree. Nandini said she does not want Maitree to believe she left the house because of her. Nandini claims she tried to stop Maitree from leaving, but Maitree stated that she has huge aspirations and she couldn’t stop her.

Maitree questions Dinesh about her presence. Dinesh says he knew Maitree would struggle to leave this house. Dinesh shares his knowledge and encourages Maitree. Dinesh has agreed to drive the automobile. Maitree concurs.

Sona tells Kusum that they must be grateful because Maitree saved their family. Nandini arrives and apologises to the entire Tiwari family. Nandini promises to do her best to be the best daughter-in-law in this family. Om makes a remark about Nandini. Ashish requests that Nandini take a break.

Sona tells Kusum that she suspects Nandini and Vasundhara had a hand in Maitree leaving the house. Kusum tells Sona that she suspects everyone because of her advanced age. Sona responds to what she said.Maitree considers the Tiwari household and what transpired. Maitree is consoled by Dinesh. Maitree requests that Dinesh transport her home.


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