Rajjo Starlife update Monday 3 July 2023

Rajjo 3 July 2023: The Episode starts with Kalindi saying you can practice anywhere anytime. Chirag says we all are with you, don’t worry. Rajjo says yes. Arjun says don’t worry, we will make some arrangements. Madhu shouts no. He asks what happened. Madhu says you don’t become a trainer, there are right ways of training in the academy, you won’t do anything, I won’t take the risk now. Rajjo says nothing will happen to me, I will practice well. Madhu says you don’t practice on the roads, anything can happen.

They all agree with Madhu. Madhu says they will get harmed for their sports, they can wait for some time. Rajjo holds Arjun’s hand. Madhu says other centres are far, I won’t send her so far. Arjun says her practice won’t stop, I can manage at a nearby place for my Rajjo’s sake, the lane near the factory is shut, its safe, we will clean that place for practice. Rajjo smiles.Chirag says Rajjo will practice and give the entry test. Arjun says lets hear it for Rajjo. Pushkar says Arjun is making Rajjo practice, that Rajjo will die, Arjun isn’t losing, they both have troubled me. Arjun and everyone get painting the place. They all have cute arguments. Chirag and Kalindi have a moment. Sia also helps them.

Rajjo says I will paint the starting line. Arjun says paint the finish line, your dream is to reach there, right. She says yes. She sees the map and says its in English, what shall I do, I will take Kalindi’s help. Arjun smiles. Rajjo says I can see the pic and copy. Arjun and Rajjo argue. He asks her to go and do the work. Rajjo gets the alcohol bottle and says Chirag has quit drinking. She sees Sagar and goes to him. She asks are you drinking. He says talk slow, anyone will hear. She shouts and says I have seen Chirag, he was dying on the road that night, he has quit drinking, if you show him the alcohol bottle then… already there are problems in Chirag and Kalindi’s marriage. Arjun asks what problems, what is she saying about your accident. Kalindi worries. Arjun says I want to know it from Chirag, what is he hiding.

Rajjo says nothing. Madhu and Jhilmil come and look on. Madhu says they got newly married, what are they doing. Jhilmil says I know, you want them to unite soon, I found out everything, when I thought why you are favoring Rajjo, I called Gurumaa, she told me everything, its fine, any mum will save own child first, you didn’t do anything wrong, leave it, if you want Arjun and Rajjo to unite, then come to me, I have a sureshot solution. Madhu thinks what did Gurumaa do, why did she tell everything to Jhilmil. Jhilmil says no one will know this, come with me.

Arjun asks about the problems. Chirag says nothing, husband and wife have fights, it was new for Rajjo, she will learn, husband gets scolding from wife, Arjun will also get scolding from Rajjo, forget it now. Arjun smiles. Rajjo says sorry. Kalindi says please, be careful next time. Rajjo nods.Jhilmil shows the bottle and says this has a juice, that’s used for those special romance. Madhu says talk slowly. Jhilmil says just two drops of this juice will get them intoxicated, they will lose control. Madhu asks really.

Jhilmil says yes, try this and see. She spikes the milk glasses. Madhu says put two drops more. Jhilmil says Rajjo won’t get saved. Madhu says feed this to them somehow. Arjun and Rajjo come home. Madhu says I have made dry fruit lassi for you, drink it. Arjun says no thanks, we had lassi. Rajjo says I feel like puking. Madhu scolds them. Jhilmil says its mum’s love, drink it. Madhu says I have no sense, right, fine, Jhilmil go and throw this. Rajjo says no, we will drink this, nothing will happen. Jhilmil thinks see what happens.

Madhu asking Arjun and Rajjo to go to their room. Jhilmil says now they will lose control. Madhu says they will unite today. Jhilmil says yes. Arjun and Rajjo see the decorated room. Rajjo says I had much tiredness today. Arjun and Rajjo sit talking. Rajjo asks why is this room decorated again, your family wastes much money. Arjun says yes, they lose senses they get too happy. She asks you also. He says no, I don’t get excited easily. She says but I m excited, its my first time. Arjun says mine too, I feel tensed. They talk romantically.

She asks why are you delaying, start it. Arjun asks really. She asks shall I kiss you. He says no, wait, I will do first. She says you always come first. He says I won’t let you decide, I will start, I should get a chance. She says okay,but you are behind Sia. He asks how did Sia come between. She says she kissed me first, she told good luck to me for the running. He says good luck kissy. She says yes, I was excited for it. He says you were saying that for this. She says yes, its first time. He says good luck. She says same to you.

He says I thought something else. She asks what. He says race. They burst the balloons. He asks her to go and sleep. She says I have to do something. He asks what. She says I like to burst balloons. He says my mood got spoiled. She asks why. He asks what will you understand if I say. She asks what. He says nothing, go and sleep. He puts his bedding on the ground. She also lies beside. She says I won’t sleep, you are so selfish to sleep here between the balloons. She bursts the balloons. He pulls her and says I will also do this. She says you can’t defeat me. Sunte hai jab pyaar ho to….plays…. Arjun thinks don’t think Arjun, control. She throws a pillow at him. He lifts her and outs her on the bed. She asks what are you doing. He says I m putting a pillow under your neck, lie straight, sleep now, AC is on. He thinks I have to sleep without thinking anything.

Pushkar checks the pics. He praises Bunty. He gives his card and says go and party with your friends, fix two lights near the finish line, don’t ask anything, I will handle it, Arjun wants to make Rajjo’s future bright, lights will be fixed. Madhu and Jhilmil rush to Arjun’s room. They see someone and think its Chirag. They see Arjun and ask what are you doing here. Arjun says Rajjo needed proper rest, its her race today, I can sleep anytime, I have to tell something, stop decorating my room every day. He goes. Jhilmil says I don’t know what happened. Madhu says nothing can happen. Jhilmil jokes on Arjun.

Niharika comes for the race. Pushkar asks the man to pull the wire when he signs her. Arjun says I was intoxicated at night, I can’t embarrass myself more. He clears the decorations before Rajjo wakes up. She wakes up. She sees him with the balloon. He bursts it. She asks what’s this. He says don’t know, it came here flying, I did this to wake you up. She asks why am I feeling heavy headed. He says nothing happened, we were talking about race. She says yes. She falls in his arms. Manwa laage…plays…

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