Rajjo starlife update Sunday 2 July 2023

Rajjo 2 July 2023: The Episode starts with the family having the food. Mannu sees Rajjo serving the food. Rajjo says I can’t say the recipe. Kalindi asks is this a top secret, we didn’t help you, so you won’t tell us. Sia says I will ask Rajjo. Rajjo says I can’t tell anything because I didn’t make all this, I don’t know cooking, Madhu has ordered this from outside, because she knew I don’t know cooking, I don’t know the names of this food dishes, she did this so that you don’t scold me. Jhilmil says so, this is a party from Madhu’s side. Rajjo says sorry, but thanks, I can’t lie. Madhu says its fine, I know you are true, its my mistake that I couldn’t tell them, you can’t cook. Rajjo says no, I have made pahaadi food. They ask her to get it. Rajjo gets the food. Arjun sees her stumbling and goes to help her. They get the food. Rajjo says I have made this dish with Maai’s blessings. Jhilmil jokes.

They all look on. Arjun sees everyone. He asks Rajjo to serve him the food. Rajjo serves the food to him. They have a moment. Chirag says this is called a moment, I will click a pic. Mannu looks on and smiles. Arjun laughs and feels shy. Rajjo smiles. Madhu looks at them. Chirag jokes on Arjun. Madhu says Rajjo has made the food, I will also taste it. Jhilmil and Kartik joke. They all have the food. They start coughing. Rajjo worries. They all drink water. They find it spicy. Rajjo asks Arjun how is it. Arjun says mind blowing, tasty. Chirag says its so good that we are getting tears of happiness. Rajjo says oh, I understand now, the food got spicy, we add much chilli in the food there. Sia says it is too spicy. Arjun says its tasty, but keep the chillies away. They ask for sweets. They eat sweets. Pushkar comes and asks did I miss anything in food. Jhilmil says you got saved. Madhu asks him to have sweets.

Arjun and Rajjo smile seeing each other. Mannu signs Madhu about Pushkar. Madhu goes to Mannu. She says I will tell you myself, the family invited him home. Mannu asks but why, he doesn’t want the betterment for my daughter. Madhu says he is Kalindi’s dad, else I would have not allowed him. Madhu acts sweet.Arjun talks to Pushkar. He says if Rajjo is given a chance in running, then she can make her career, this will be a big favor on us. Pushkar says I will do as much as I can, if she is in front of me, then I can train her and guide her. Arjun thanks him. Pushkar says I can’t be unfair, she has to give a test and clear it, you make Rajjo a housewife, not a runner.

Arjun says she wants to become a runner. Pushkar says I understand your emotions, my academy has the best athletes. Arjun says tell them to defeat my Rajjo and show. Pushkar says fine, I will make enrolments on Sunday. He tells the record of the best runner. He says its impossible to break this record, anyways, all the best. He leaves.Pushkar argues with Mannu. She says you beware, your daughter is also here, I don’t know what I would tell them. She goes. He says Arjun asked me to take Rajjo to my sports academy, are you shocked. He laughs. He says Arjun will leave her at my academy, I think this time I m going to win again, Rajjo will run till her life’s last breath, poor Mannu, how will you save Rajjo now. Arjun says I will get Rajjo’s admission in Pushkar’s academy. Rajjo says I can’t believe my dream is turning true, my fate is so good that my wish is coming true.

Arjun teasing Rajjo. She asks him to shut up. They come close. Tujhse juda kyu…plays… Madhu scolds Pushkar. She says Arjun will get a life and Rajjo will die when they unite. Pushkar says Arjun came to talk to me. Madhu says you don’t hide behind the mask now, I know your truth, do something that Rajjo forgets to run, give a proof of your smartness. Arjun gets a call. Rajjo says I have to say something else, I was not wasting time, but checking about the athletes in Pushkar’s academy. He says fine. She says I have dreams, courage and passion, but not money. Arjun says we are married, we got married twice, my money is yours. She says no, its not mine, you have good intentions but this struggle is mine. He says we have to share the relation. They have a talk. He says you have return me the money later, don’t make me say anything more. She thanks him and smiles.

Mannu comes there. She hears Rajjo and Arjun talking about the academy. Mannu says Arjun is with Rajjo now, he will save her, I m also there. Arjun asks her to come. Rajjo runs and checks the time. Mannu stops her. She says you can’t practice so much at the same time. Rajjo asks her not to stop her if she can’t discourage her. She says I have to get admission in that academy, I don’t want to hurt my heart and distract it. Mannu recalls Pushkar’s words.
She warns Rajjo. She says I have seen rich people, whose thinking are low, you will not blindly trust anyone for my sake. Rajjo says okay, let me prepare. Mannu says don’t go too far. Rajjo says okay, I will be here. She runs. Arjun comes and sees Rajjo. He says I knew it, she will do this. Rajjo cries and says I m still 2 seconds behind. He stops her from running. She says I m still lagging, leave me, let me practice. Arjun lifts her in arms. She says I will not command you, but I m adamant, I have to deal with you like this.

She says leave me, don’t comment on my weight. He says you have much ego in you. Madhu looks at them. Pratap calls her out. Arjun brings Rajjo to the room, an asks her to sleep, practice tomorrow. Arjun puts Rajjo to sleep. Madhu says I have to explain the children to move ahead. She goes to Arjun’s room. She sees Rajjo and Arjun sleeping separately. She says I have to do something now.

Its morning, Madhu lies and says Rajjo’s first dream broke, the place near Pushkar’s academy got closed because of bridge construction, his academy will be closed for one month, there won’t be any race now, Rajjo, sorry, I couldn’t do anything for you.

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