Rajjo starlife update Tuesday 4 July 2023

Rajjo 4 July 2023: The Episode starts with Arjun and Rajjo brushing their teeth and recalling the last night. They think it’s a special day today. He asks what happened. She says I feel scared. He says everyone feels scared. She says I m scared of losing, I got this running talent from mum’s heritage, if I fail in running then… her hopes will shatter, I m very scared. He says its good, you really care for it, I care for the family, you know I don’t have one kidney. She says yes, Chirag and you… He says we had an accident, doctor told me that Chirag won’t get saved, I felt I should also die, I couldn’t think of living without him, Chirag encouraged me to move on and go to US, he taught me to not worry and fulfil my dream, we supported each other, the family misunderstood Chirag, he was driving well, a truck jumped the signal and did the accident, it was Chirag’s loss, Chirag and Kalindi’s married life suffered.

He thanks her for saving Chirag from his addiction, you will win once again like always. He goes. She washes her face.Madhu and Pushkar have a talk. She says Rajjo should be fine so that she saves Arjun. He thinks she is believing superstitions. She says make Rajjo out of this race. He asks her to calm down, this is Rajjo’s last race of her life, I have got a strong opponent for Rajjo, she is coming to tackle Rajjo. She asks who is she. Niharika is seen. Rajjo says I have to win this race for my loved ones. Mannu comes and encourages her. She asks her to not get nervous. Rajjo takes her blessings. Madhu blesses her and asks her to win. Arjun looks on. Chirag wishes Rajjo and asks her not to get scared. He asks Arjun is he tensed. Arjun says yes. Chirag says I know everything. Arjun says I just want Rajjo to run and keep running, she has to win medals and praise, I want this to be in her fate. Chirag pacifies him.

He says go and hold Rajjo’s hand, support her. Arjun remembers Rajjo’s words. He says no, Rajjo has to fulfil this dream alone, let her do it alone, I m fine standing behind her. Chirag goes. Arjun sees Rajjo and asks her to calm down. He prays for her. Pushkar says I have just started my game. Rajjo thinks who is coming, why are they waiting for. The girls praise Niharika who always wins. Rajjo thinks who is coming, I have to be equal to her. Niharika comes. Rajjo says sorry. Niharika says forgiven, happy now. Rajjo says I will be happy when I win. Niharika introduces herself. Arjun says she is a race champion, she won state level for three years, she won gold medallist, she is Pushkar’s younger daughter, she was getting trained in America. Rajjo says she is really talented. Pushkar hugs Niharika. He gets emotional. He asks her to meet everyone.

Niharika meets everyone. Pushkar says I trust Niharika. Niharika greets Arjun. Rajjo sees them. Arjun hugs Niharika and says you didn’t say you have come. She says it was a surprise. Arjun and Niharika have a friendly banter.Niharika says you changed for the good. Chirag says yes, his wife has come to change him. He tells about Rajjo. She says it means you got married to Rajjo. Arjun says yes. He gets shy. Chirag says he has done a lot for Rajjo, she is lovely, she is like my daughter. Niharika says how sweet and pulls Arjun’s cheek. She says I met her as the racer, now I will meet her as your Rajjo. Arjun gets her. He introduces Niharika, she is his friend, we can each other as Jai Veeru.

Niharika says we will meet for the race, all the best. Arjun asks Rajjo to do warm up. Rajjo’s shoe gets torn. Arjun says its sole has come out. Jhilmil asks did you do this, I think so. Madhu says who else will do. Jhilmil says Arjun will get new shoes for her. Arjun says don’t know how did this happen, I will do something, don’t worry. Rajjo says the market will be shut. The man asks them to come for the race. Rajjo tries to fix the shoe. Pushkar says Rajjo, what happened now, your shoes. Arjun says the sole came out. Pushkar says its all fate, the race is beginning, there is just one way now, make her out of this race, disquality. Rajjo says no, don’t do this. He asks what did I do, I didn’t tear your shoe. Jhilmil says Madhu did this. She smiles. Arjun says give me some time to arrange this. Pushkar says so sorry, I can’t break the rules. Rajjo removes the shoe and says I can run barefoot, right, its my dream, don’t break my dream, please.

Arjun also folds hands with Rajjo. Pushkar says this isn’t your village race, don’t waste my time. Arjun says please listen to her. Madhu says Pushkar has listened to you, you do as he is saying. Arjun says I m not doing what I want, Rajjo wants to run barefoot. Madhu says I can’t see you in trouble. Jhilmil says Rajjo can run next year. Rajjo cries.

Arjun stops the girls and appeals for Rajjo. Niharika says we have no problem. Mannu challenges Pushkar. Coach says when no one has an objection, we should let this girl run. Pushkar says fine, let her run. Arjun calls out Rajjo. He wishes her all the best. Pushkar thinks she won’t get saved when she is barefoot and walks over the current wire.Naman comes to cheer. Madhu says your illegitimate daughter will defeat the legitimate daughter, it will be an insult. Pushkar thinks she is talking a lot, just see how Rajjo dies. Swara asks Mannu not to worry, Rajjo will win. Kalindi says Niharika is my sister, I have to encourage her. Mannu says yes, you can cheer for her. Pushkar signs the man. The man switches on the power. The race begins. Rajjo runs ahead of Niharika. Everyone cheers for Rajjo. Arjun sees the wire in Rajjo’s path. He runs to save her. Arjun stops Rajjo before the finishing line and takes her aside. Niharika wins the race. Madhu and everyone go to Arjun. Rajjo says I lost. Mannu asks what happened.

Naman and Chirag ask why did you come in front Arjun. Rajjo says dream broke. Arjun says relax. He says sorry, and hugs her. Rajjo says you would have done this for me, but you know this running was imp for me. Pushkar asks why did you come in between. He sees the wire. He thinks the wire still has current. Arjun throws his kerchief and shows the current in the live wire. The kerchief burns. Everyone gets shocked.

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