Radha Mohan Zee world update Thursday 25 January 2024

Radha Mohan 25 January 2024: Mohan apologizes to Radha accepting everything happened because of his mistake as he forced her to take a bath in the cold water and she got so ill, he assures he would not let anything happen to her and make everything better. Mohan thinks she is really shivering but he is dizzy after standing up, he lies down after walking on the other side of the bed, the person in the black coat is really worried but Kaveri is not able to breathe properly, she tries to signal him to remove his hand, but he doesn’t listen. Mohan is trying his best to take care of Radha by rubbing his hand around her arms, Mohan pulls Radha close to him.

Mohan slowly gets on the bed with Radha and starts massaging her arm, the men in the black coat while covering the face of Kaveri signals her to not talk, Mohan tightly hugs Radha meanwhile Kaveri signals him to remove his hand, she slowly takes a deep breath but feels hurt.

Damini thinks Mohan is under the influence of the medicine so what if they do what she was supposed to do with him, she tries her best to get up.

Kaveri under the bed things that both Radha and Mohan are on the bed while the person might try to kill her so before anything of the sort happens, she should reach back to her room, Kaveri hits the person causing him hit his head against the bed, she tries to run away but he catches her from the feet, Kaveri is shocked seeing that the door is locked but she realizes that the window is still open,

the person in the black dress tries to follow Kaveri but hits the couch which wakes Radha, she thinks that it might have opened because of the weather since it is really strange, she is shocked seeing the arm over her, and starts smiling seeing that Mohan is sleeping beside heron the bed, Radha feels a bit nervous so slowly sits up on the bed and tries to call Mohan but he is asleep,, and does not listen to her, she exclaims he first gives pain then himself comes to care for her, she starts crying so slowly removes holds his hand, she vows to never leave his hand or his side. Radha mentions that when both Radha and Mohan are together, they are successful as a team. Radha slowly kneels against the bed when she hears Mohan is apologizing to her even in his sleep.

Kaveri running to protect herself but falls on the floor as the person in the black dress is following her while holding a knife, she keeps on running to protect herself and enters the room closing the door. Damini requests her mother to help her since she cannot get up and is really hurt, Damini requests her to help her instructing that she must do it quickly, Kaveri hesitantly raises her hand to help Damini but then pulls it back,

Damini questions what is she doing, Kaveri replies she did what Damini did to her as she did not answer her call, Damini apologizes explaining she does not know what Mohan would be doing under the influence of the medicine, Kaveri replies he is sleeping while hugging Radha. Damini gets anxious asking her to help her, Kaveri says she claimed to be the women but instead gave Radha the right to celebrate the Suhagraat, Damini gets furious exclaiming she would have to go and stop them, Kaveri tries to stop her informing the person in the black dress is waiting outside for her, Damini leaves exclaiming she would go even if Yamraj comes, Kaveri quickly closes the door after getting scared of the person in the black dress.

Radha also lies down on the bed and tries to call Mohan but he does not respond, she tries to pick the water but Mohan pulls her closer, she questions what is he doing to her, Mohan replies she is feeling cold but would not feel anything as he does the same with Gungun, Damini peeks through the window and gets tensed thinking this cannot happen, Radha holds his hand when Damini exclaims this cannot happen, she wonders what has she done. Damini then closes the door.

Damini starts knocking on the door, Radha wonders who is knocking the door so late at night, she slowly removes her hand from Mohan’s and then sits up in her bed, while slowly trying to get off she wonders who is at the door, Radha walks to open it and finds Damini standing there, she tries to enter the room asking where is Mohan, Radha reveals he is sleeping, and questions why did Damini come here so late at night, Damini explains because she wants to take Mohan with her, Radha stops her asking if Mohan did not say that she should not let the family know that he sleeps with her in the night,

Damini angrily replies Radha can tell anyone but she would take Mohan, she tries to wake him up but Mohan says he is going to sleep with Radha, Damini asks if she would stay here but Mohan replies he has married Radha, hearing this she is shocked so mentions he is not well and under the influence, Radha gets shocked asking what has she done to him that he is not well, Damini getting furious asks Radha to stop, she once again tries to wake Mohan but he angrily pushes her away mentioning he wants to sleep and if she doesn’t leave then he would throw her out of the house, she should let him sleep, Damini is stunned thinking of what has happened so she slowly starts walking out of the room. Radha is standing beside Mohan when she corrects the quilt so that Mohan can sleep peacefully, she thinks he never drinks so why is he under the influence today, she feels Damini has surely done something with Mohan and it is all her plan, she vows to teach her a lesson.

Radha is walking in the hall, she is shocked to see the person in the black dress so asks him to stop, she questions who is he and requests if she is Kaveri then should stop this drama as they are not doing the right thing with Mohan, she vows to teach them a lesson if they do not end this drama, Radha instructs the person to reveal the truth about her, the person in the black dress takes out a knife so Radha hesitantly asks if it is actually her,

she tries to turn the person but is stunned realizing how strong he is, the person pulls Radha in front of him, she feels that he is not Kaveri so what is the true identity. The person takes out the knife threatening Radha, she gets scared. Radha while walking backwards stands against the balcony, he aims to stab her with the knife but stops as she starts yelling, Kaveri hits him on the head with a wooden stick and starts beating him,

Damini asks who is he and how did he manage to enter the house, Kaveri explains this is the person she was telling her about, and did they see how he tried to harm her and now Radha, Damini gets furious asking why did she save Radha as she should have let her die,

Kaveri questions if she has gotten mad since he can attack even again, Kaveri tries to hit him with the stick but the person manages to hold it so they both starts struggling, Radha also helps Kaveri demanding that the person should leave the stick, Kaveri questions why is Damini standing there as she should come and help them but Kaveri stumbles and gets injured, Radha is scared but she tries her best to stop the person in the black dress however he manages to stand up and pushes Radha away so she hits her head against the pillar, he tries to run away but turns back after seeing that the light in the room is switched on, Radha holds him from his gown vowing to not let him run away, she calls Mohan along with everyone for help while trying her best to struggle with him.

The person in the black suit tries to run away however Radha holds him by his neck preventing the person to run away. She vows to reveal the truth about his identity and even calls Mohan jee along with Kaveri, but the person runs away after hitting her on the elf, Radha still tries her best to follow the person while constantly calling the person in the black suit, Tulsi coming wonders why is Radha yelling, she is stunned when Radha falls down but is shocked wondering who has entered the house, Tulsi sits beside her trying to help her however is not able to do anything. Ketki and Ajeet both come asking why is she yelling, Kadambari also comes so Radha reveals that there is a thief in the house, Kadambari is stunned seeing that the door is still locked and explains that it means he is still in the house, she instructs Ajeet to go and check all the rooms of the house, Rahul stops Ajeet saying that this is all a lie and it has become a custom of Radha to gather them all each and every day while creating a scene, Radha replies that she is not lying and informs he even attacked Kaveri masi, Kadambari also questions what is the truth,

Kaveri is shocked and recalls when Damini explained she should have let Radha die, but when she showed her the injury Damini revealed that the person also desires the same thing and Kaveri must refuse to accept anything if she is asked the question.

Kadambari once again asks Kaveri what is the truth, she replies how can Radha speak the truth when she is a liar, Kaveri says that she did not see anything but Radha requests her to speak the truth since the person even attacked her and her life might also be in danger, Kaveri replies that she is in danger because of her, Rahul asks Radha if she doesn’t get tired of speaking such lies and should at least let them live in peace, the entire family is furious and Tulsi also requests them to believe Radha.

Rahul replies that her biggest lie was that Kaveri protected her when it is not possible, Kaveri exclaims if she is allowed to then would electrocute her, Radha requests Kadambari to at least believe her, Kadambari replies that if they are not able to prove their claim it is because it is only a lie and they should not waste their energy, Kaveri agrees with her asking if she understood anything, Radha sees the mark on the neck of Kaveri so stops Kadambari explaining she has the proof, she points to the mark, Kaveri remembers she got it from the person in the black dress, Radha says Kaveri herself would reveal how she got this injury, Kadambari asks her about it, Kaveri gets tensed and looking at Damini, she does not know what to say, Radha replies she would tell that the person in the black dress caused this injury, Radha asks Kaveri if this is not a lie, Kaveri does not know what to do, Tulsi wonders why did the person tried to harmKaveri as she is always planning against them, Kaveri replies that she wanted to hide this from them but got this mark while making her beard, the entire family is shocked and not able to understand,

Damini also starts smiling as Kaveri exclaims that Bhagwan tends to remove the difference between man and women, she asks Kadambari to remember how their parents had the same thing, Kadambari gets irritated asking her to stop talking nonsense, Kaveri blames that she saw Radha going towards the locker due to which she is making such stories, Radha tries to assure that she is not lying so they must believe her, Tulsi prays that Mohan should come downstairs, Damini also explains that Radha is the one lying, Radha replies she doesn’t know about everyone but Damini and Kaveri both are lying, Kaveri pulls Radha explaining they can understand her plans but Radha replies that she has always been the one making plans.

Kadambari getting irritated asks them all to stop as they have made this house into a fighting arena, Kadambari replies that she accepts Radha is a liar but even the story of Kaveri is not acceptable since women cannot get the beard, Kadambari explains that it is very late so they all should go and sleep, Kadambari explains she has understood Radha has got the habit of making a fuss of things so should do it in the morning while letting them sleep in the night, she instructs Kaveri to apply the medicine on her injury.

Tulsi mentions she knew maa would not believe her but why did Damini and Kaveri lie, and if they are the ones who called him here then why did he attack them, she explains she would have to be prepared if the person comes back again, Radha explains she wants to talk about something really important with her.

Radha is sitting beside Gungun asking Tulsi if she saw the person and why did Kaveri, and Damini lie to know about him, if they called him here then why did they both attack the person while protecting her, she is not able to understand anything, Radha exclaims she has a lot of questions but not the answer of anything, Radha advises Tulsi to stay with Gungun as the time is really bad and she must not let anyone come near Gungun, she is not safe in this house.

Radha is also worried for Mohan since he did not come out even for a moment from the room, Tulsi gets worried wondering if Mohan is fine, Radha recalls how Mohan pulled her close to him, she feels that he is under the influence of drugs so Damini would have surely done something, she assures there is nothing to be worried about as she is with Mohan, Tulsi notices that Radha is still shivering and so brings the quilt from the corner placing it over Radha, she starts smiling. Tulsi explains Radha should even take care of herself as she is responsible for the entire family, Radha thanks Tulsi, thinking they have to sort the situation about the person in the black dress and they both would find out about him in their own way.

Damini sitting on the chair exclaims he is their friend but not the enemy, she mentions if he had killed Radha today then their problems would have ended because Radha would never reach to their secret, Kaveri asks what should have she done since he attacked them twice so she did the same, Damini thinks they have to find out about his real identity since he might be the only one who can help them get rid of Radha.

Damini and Kaveri both are shocked seeing Radha standing at the door, she entering explains they both can never do anything wrong with her since she has the support of her Bihari jee, she should see that Kaveri is the one who protected her even after being her enemy, Radha vows to find out the truth about the person in the black dress, Radha exclaims she has come here for Mohan, Damini thinks if Radha has found out she gave Mohan the medicine, Radha replies Damini is right to think and asks what did she give to Mohan that he is under such extreme influence.

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