The Rules of Love update Wednesday 8 May 2024

The rules of love 8 May 2024: Sona requests that Harsh transport Maitree inside. Harsh transports Maitree inside. Everyone applauds them. Nandini is envious. Sona bestows blessings on Maitree and Harsh’s Jodi.

She expresses her delight at their reunion. Maitree visits Nandini. Saransh leaves. Maitree inquires about Nandini’s well-being. Nandini assures her that she is OK and gives her a warm hug. Harsh informs Maitree that he wants to restore her rights in front of everyone. Harsh places the Mangalsutra around Maitree’s neck and fills her maang with kumkum. Sona requests that Nandini prepare Kheer for everyone. Swayam asks Maitree if he is allowed to eat sweets. Sona says he can and cheerfully gives him candies.

Harsh embraces Swayam. Swayam asks if he might address him as Papa. Harsh says he can because he is his father and promises to be the greatest father he can be. Swayam beams. Nandish and Juhi accompany Swayam to his room to show him around. Harsh expresses gratitude to Yash for treating Maitree and Swayam as true friends. Yash asks Harsh to look after his friend and departs. Sona says, “We are finally happy, and we hope no evil eyes fall on our happiness.” Saransh appears to be coughing. Everyone notices him.

Harsh accompany Maitree to their room. He claims that now that you’re back, it’ll be like our old room. He kisses her and courtesies her. They have a good time dancing with each other. Hearing Nandini cough, they let go of each other’s hands.

Nandini claims she came to remove her clothes since Maitree now owns what was formerly mine. She covers her mouth, claiming to be discussing the room. Maitree says she can visit them whenever she wants. Nandini wonders what will happen if she reconsiders her decision to leave Harsh.

Harsh and Maitree are taken aback. Nandini tells Maitree and Harsh that she is just tormenting them. Nandini informs Harsh and Maitree that she has come to take her clothes. Harsh claims he has already packed and stored her clothes. Nandini’s cloths are given to her by Harsh. Nandish and Juhi pay a visit to Maitree. Nandish tells Maitree how much he misses her. Maitree expresses her longing for him and embraces Nandish and Juhi.

Nandini recalls Maitree’s interactions with Harsh and Tiwari’s family. She damages her cosmetics as well as her room. She looks at herself in the mirror while wearing a white and black saree. Saransh appears and says, “I warned you that you would lose happiness with Maitree’s entry, and that is exactly what is happening, and you still have time to kill Maitree.” He walks away.

Saransh visits Nandini. Saransh questions Nandini about her plans to murder Maitree. Nandini informs Saransh that she summoned Maitree. Nandini tells Saransh that Maitree will come here and use the railing to stand. Nandini claims that she has already loosened the railing. Nandini predicts that Maitree will fall from this vantage point. Nandini claims that blood would flow and people will die. Saransh looks at the railings and believes everything is proceeding as planned. Saransh believes he will ruin the Tiwari Sadan.

Sona overhears their discussion. Sona tells Saransh that she knows he would never change his ways. Sona tells Nandini that she never believed Nadini would decide to murder Maitree. Sona recalls Maitree raising Nandini’s son. Nandini urges Sona to stop talking and reminds her that she is also this home daughter in law, but that everyone only talks about Maitree and not about her. Nandini tells Sona that she despises Maitree and plans to murder her. Sona summons Maitree to this location.

Maitree is on the move. Nandini asks Sona who will stop her from killing Maitree, and Sona responds that she will not let her injure Maitree. She declares that she will show Maitree Nandini’s actual face and explain why she is dangerous, and she calls out for Maitree. Before Sona can tell Maitree anything, she falls off the balcony, gravely injuring herself. Nandini has already left by the time Maitree arrives. She summons Harsh and assures Sona that nothing will happen to her. Sona tries to point and talk about Nandini, but she is dying. All of the family members assemble there, and Nandini behaves as if she had no idea what transpired.

Harsh questions Nandini after 13 days about Sona’s unexpected death. Even Maitree urges Nandini to relate the story because she had heard Sona contacting her before the tragedy. Before Nandini can respond, the courier arrives. Harsh receives Maitree’s findings and enthusiastically hugs her because the results are positive and she is pregnant. Maitree is relieved that Swayam is finally secure. She claims that it was Sona’s blessings that brought them good news, and that Swayam’s life saver will arrive soon.

Nandini fakely congratulates Maitree and says she is happy for her and hopes new child brings happiness for family. Next day, Nandini comes to Maitree and asks why she is looking tired. Maitree says she is fine and Nandini says she will press her legs and starts doing so. Maitree thanks her for doing so much for her and calls her true best friend. She tells Maitree to rest for sometime and by then she will bring juice for her. Nandini tells Saransh that Sona saved Maitree Before but now she will kill Maitree. He asks Nandini about her next plan and she says she will kill Maitree in such a way that she she will just disappear.

Harsh inquires about Maitree’s state of mind. She expresses a desire for something sour, sweet, and spicy. Nandini is spotted listening in on their talk. Saransh and Nandini intend to poison Maitree’s unborn child by forcing her to drink poisoned juice. Nandini claims that the baby is a link to strengthen Harsh and Maitree’s bond, something she cannot allow to happen. She believes that if Maitree consumes the juice, her baby would not be born. Maitree is feeling nauseated and uneasy. She is going to take some water when Nandini intervenes.

Nandini brings Maitree juice and emotionally blackmails her into drinking it when she says she doesn’t want anything. The ball hits the glass and falls down before Nandini can sip it. Nandish apologises for hurling the ball. Nandini expresses her rage, but Maitree calms her down. She appears to be concerned about Maitree and her unborn kid. Nandini overhears Maitree discussing Sona’s postmortem reports with her father. Saransh taunts Nandini for creating all flop schemes, but she tells him to wait until her next move.

Nandini used a stick to smack Maitree in the back of the head. Maitree falls unconscious. Saransh and Nandini placed Maitree in a clothing box over the cabinet. Harsh summons Maitree. Maitree smacks the box.

Harsh feeds Maitree a few hours prior. Harsh inquires of Maitree what she is contemplating. Maitree said she will never forget Sona’s death. Sona was never that negligent before, according to Maitree. Harsh tells Maitree that he, too, is struggling to accept the truth that she perished in an accident. Harsh believes that if someone murdered Sona, it could only be Saransh.

Maitree inspects the railings and discovers that they have been purposefully loosened. Saransh notices Maitree inspecting the rails. Maitree notices Saransh. Maitree wonders how low Saransh will go. Saransh asks Maitree what she’s on about. Maitree informs Saransh that he is the cause of Sona’s death. Saransh appears to be hurt by Maitree’s claim. Saransh swears on Maitree that he did not murder Sona. Maitree holds Saransh’s hand and asks him to stop acting. She claims she knows he did it and that she would not rest until he is punished for Sona’s death.

Later, Saransh sees Nandini and informs her that she is leaving. Nandini inquires as to what Saransh is on about. Saransh tells Nandini that he ran into Maitree, and Maitree suspects Sona’s death was not an accident. Saransh warns Nandini that Maitree may discover the truth. Maitree appears and informs Nandini that she has discovered the truth. Nandini is taken aback. Maitree informs Nandini that Sona has been slain. If this is true, Nandini believes they must punish the perpetrator. Maitree accepts and goes to see Saransh. Nandini is relieved that Maitree did not hear their chat. She assures Maitree of her support. Saransh offers his thoughts about them.

Maitree becomes distraught as she sees Sona’s possessions. Nandini appears, covers her face, and strikes Maitree on the back of the head with a stick. Maitree falls unconscious. Saransh arrives and compliments Nandini. They recognise Harsh’s automobile and realise he has returned home. They conceal Maitree in Sona’s clothes box.Harsh delivers ice cream to the children before going to Maitree’s room to give her ice cream. He discovers Maitree isn’t in the room and inquires of Nandini whether she saw Maitree. Nandini says she has no idea.

Maitree regains consciousness in the box and asks for assistance. She becomes claustrophobic and falls unconscious once more. Harsh looks for Maitree and dials her phone number. Nandini arrives and inquires about Harsh’s knowledge of Maitree. No, says Harsh. According to family relatives, Maitree is nowhere to be found. Om requests that Harsh contact Maitree. Harsh claims Maitree’s phone is turned off. Nandini considers how she turned off Maitree’s phone. Nandini receives a message from Saransh. Harsh grabs Sarans’ collar and asks him where Maitree is. Saransh claims he is not guilty. Nandini claims Saransh is not guilty. Swayam bemoans the loss of Maitree. Maitree detects the sound of Swayam’s voice. She addresses Swayam.

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