Anupama starlife update Friday 26 January 2024

Kavya asks Anupama if Vanraj is outside the house. Pakhi informs them that the family is waiting for them for cake cutting and goes to bring Vanraj from outside. They both join family. Paki brings Vanraj.

Hasmukh thanks Anuj and Anupama for their kind gesture. Anuj asks him not to thank them and says he wants both families to celebrate all the festivals together, he feels all the youngsters will grow together, he feels so happy after CA came into his life. Kinjal says Pakhi and Adhik must be feeling weird as they don’t have kids yet, but soon will understand the feeling of having a child. Ankush walks in. Hasmukh says better late than never. Ankush says Hasmukh said right, he wants to talk about his child. Anuj asks about Sarah> Ankush about his son. Everyone are shocked to hear that.

Anuj sends CA to her room via a servant.

Leela says Ankush considers Adhik as his son. Anuj says he is not talking about Sarah or Adhik, but his youngest child Romil whom he went to pick up from airport. He calls Romil. Romil walks in with his bags and looks around. Everyone look at him in shock. Barkha says this boy will not stay in this house. Ankush says this boy’s name is Romil and he will stay here with him. Barkha asks with what right.

Ankush says as his son. Barkha says there is no right for illegitimate son, Ankush was having affair outside while married to her. Ankush says one who doesn’t get love at home will find love outside. Barkha says maybe she is wrong, but she can’t accept his betrayal. Ankush says if she had given him love, he wouldn’t have to search it outside; she is self-centered and selfish, her own family abandoned her. Barkha slaps him. Ankush raises his hand to slap her back, but stops.

Barkha says whatever it is, she will not let this boy stay in this house. Ankush says his son will stay with him. Barkha requests Anupama to explain Ankush that he is wrong. Anuj asks her not to drag Anupama between her and Ankush’s personal problems. Barkha says she has to as Ankush is not understanding her. Ankush asks her to stop it. Barkha says she reaccepted him even after his affair when he promised that he will not bring his illegitimate son home, so he should take his bundle of sin from here.

Adhik says he didn’t know about Ankush’s son, Ankush can’t hurt his sister anymore and should take his son from here or else his son will remind her of his betrayal. Ankush says he can’t as his girlfriend shifted abroad and left Romil’s responsibility on him. He asks Anuj to decide as the house belongs to him.

Barkha insists Anupama to support her as she never supports wrong. She says she left Vanraj when he betrayed her, had she accepted if Vanraj had brought his illegitimate child home, will she accept if Adhik brings his illegitimate son home, this boy will remind her about Ankush’s betrayal, etc. Vanraj says she shouldn’t accept Ankush’s illegitimate child and shouldn’t let him stay at her house. Barkha continues to insist Anupama to speak. Leela asks why she is involving Anupama in her personal issue. Barkha says just like Leela involves Anupama in her family issues always. Leela shuts her mouth. Hasmukh tells Vanraj that they should go now. Shah family walks out. Kavya tells Anupama that she feells Vanraj found out the truth. Anupama nods yes. Kavya gets tensed and thinks if V knows means it’s over. Barkha says Anuj and Anupama doesn’t want to speak, so now she will speak.

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