Radha Mohan Zeeworld update Friday 26 January 2024

Radha Mohan 26 January 2024: Radha asks Damini what did she give to Mohan jee that he is under such intense influence, Damini asks if she has lost her mind questioning why would she do anything of the sort, Radha replies because this is what she does as Damini did it to even her, Radha asks if she forgot that Mohan jee does not even come close to her while even staying in the same room even if they have been together since the past seven years, Radha explains Mohan is her husband even if he remains angry with her, but Damini would surely do it.

Damini questions what she is talking about since such things are only done by men and not women, Radha replies there is no difference between men and women when it comes to evil things, Radha blames Damini for crossing all limits of evilness so she cannot be trusted at all, but she will convey one thing that Damini should not even try to do something wrong with Mohan jee because Radha would cross all limits for her husband which she has never done. Damini gets tensed, she claims Mohan is her husband and she can do whatever she desires, Radha vows to not let her harm Mohan mentioning it is her responsibility to take care of Mohan.

Damini signals Kaveri to do something however Kaveri is really scared but finally agrees, Damini once again goes to stand in front of Radha, Kaveri slowly walks behind her stepping out of the room, Damini exclaims Mohan is her responsibility and not of Radha.

Kaveri manages to enter the room of Mohan while he is sleeping, she slowly walks to the side of the bed and sees the keys, Kaveri starts smiling seeing the keys and is about to take a print of it but just then Mohan pulls her close to him, causing her to fall on the bed with him, he questions why does she keep walking in the night and should sleep, she still tries to take a print of it but he says that she just keeps walking. Kaveri recalls how Damini revealed Mohan is under the influence of the drugs.

Radha angrily says she feels like teaching her a lesson but has to go and be with him since he is ill, Radha explains Damini must know Mohan would surely come to him just like he did today and if she does not listen then would have to stand in front of her, Radha tries to leave but Damini thinks she cannot let her go into the room otherwise she would ruin the plan of her mother, Damini stops her explaining that Mohan only belongs to her, Radha angrily leaves when Damini think she tried to stop Radha so her mother can fulfill the work but what if Radha sees her mother taking the print of keys, she follows her.

Mohan once again pulls the hand of Kaveri thinking she is Radha, he asks fi she also wants to ruin him sleep, Kaveri once again tries to take the print, but Mohan hits her with the pillow threatening to keep hitting her if she does not stop. Radha is walking towards the room when Kaveri wonders what should she do since Mohan is not letting her leave, she thinks her Damini would not leave if she is not able to take the print, and what if Radha comes here. The person in the black suit also comes opening the window, she thinks it is better if Mohan keeps hitting her with the pillow rather then the knife, she manages to take the print even when he is hitting her, she once again makes him fall unconscious, Radha is walking towards the room, Kaveri smiles seeing she managed to take the print, so slowly removes her hand, Radha is walking straight towards the room, Damini following her wonders why is it taking her mother so long, Kaveri stands up but is stunned seeing that someone is walking towards the room, the person in the black suit closes the window.

Kaveri starts panicking and not able to understand what is going on, she sees that Mohan is constantly hitting the bed with the pillow, she wonders what is he doing so Mohan hits her in the head, he asks how did she go to the other side of the bed, Radha exclaims that she is glad he is awake, Mohan while hitting her says that he was woken up, Radha threatens to complain to the Bihari jee.

Damini standing at the window sees that her mother is still trapped in the room, Radha demands that Mohan jee should wake up, he sits up in the bed but then falls again, Radha explains he has to say a lot of things about Damini, Kaveri slowly kneels down against the door and starts crawling, Damini is really tensed about what might happen if Radha sees her, but Kaveri manages to come to the door so Damini closes the window.

Kaveri is stunned seeing Radha standing in front of her, so Kaveri is forced to stand, Radha questions what is she doing in her room so late at night, Radha exclaims she feels Mohan has really beaten her but what did she come here to do so late at night, Radha asks and why does she have the soap in her hand, Kaveri replies the soap had ended so she came to take it, Radha refuses to let her take even a single string, Radha instructs her to leave since her husband is not able to sleep peacefully, Radha throws Kaveri out of the room, she is cared seeing her daughter standing behind her, Damini asks why did she leave the soap with Radha, Kaveri asks if she did not see that Radha closed the door in front of her, Damini asks what would she do if she sees the pattern of the key on it.

Mr Trivedi is sitting on the bed when Kadambari also wakes up, he asks if she is thinking she made a mistake by giving the keys to Radha, Kadambari replies even thinks she made a mistake, when Mr Trivedi questions what does she think about, Kadambari explains she knows it is the right thing, she reveals Radha has really wronged Mohan in the past few days and if she is causing pain to Mohan after accepting Radha as the daughter in law of this house, Kadambari questions if Radha would be able to become the daughter in law of this house, Mr Trivedi explains that Radha has done a lot for their family before her one mistake so they have to give her some time as even Kadambari learned everything after she was married to him, Kadambari explains that she fears something bad is about to happen but he advises her to have some faith.

Radha is really tensed walking back into her room when she sees Mohan is sleeping so starts feeling the emotion of love which she has for him, Radha starts recalling all the beautiful moments she has spend with him and how he took care of her, explained that he wants to spend his life with her, Radha kneels to pick the cushion when she notices the mark on the soap, she thinks that Kaveri is surly hiding something but what was she doing with the soap, Radha does not turn it and so places the soap on the side, she is about to put the keys under the pillow when she notices the stain on the keys, Radha smells it so understands it is soap, Radha recalls when Kaveri explained she came to take the soap, so Radha realizes Kaveri came to steal the keys, she is really tensed and quickly picks the soap which she turns to find the print of the key on it, Radha places the key on it to confirm the suspicion, Radha mentions Kaveri came to take the print so she can have a duplicate key made, she wonders why are they both so eager to take the print and what is inside the safe. Radha is really tensed.

Radha is shocked to see the print on the soap, realizing that Kaveri came here to make the print of the key so she can have a duplicate made of it, she wonders what is located in the safe due to which both Kaveri and Damini are so interested in it, she wonders what is locked in it, Radha realizes that the water has ended and since Mohan gets really thirsty she would go and get it.

Damini is walking in the room when Kaveri signals her to sit down peacefully as her head would start to become dizzy, Damini angrily sits down because she left the soap with the print of the key Radha might go and find the proof which they have been trying to hide, Kaveri exclaims she would stop looking thinking of it as a design, Damini mentions her over confidence would be their downfall.

Radha while filling the bottle wonders what is the reason that Kaveri and Damini are so eager to reach to the safe, she wonders who would she ask who could tell her the truth thinking Tulsi would have surely helped her if she was present here, Radha is shocked when the metal container falls but she thinks it is because of the mice, however when the utensils keep on falling she wonders if Tulsi wants to say something however does not understand anything, Radha gets really scared asking if this is the same thing which she wants to ask, and it relates to the secret of the safe, the person in the black dress causes the wooden box to fall so Radha is sure it is Tulsi and asks if she knows about it, Radha wonders how would she ask her, she explains she will keep asking the questions and if the answer is true she should cause the utensils to fall, the person causes another pot to fall, so Radha asks if it relates to Mohan jee but the person does not move and then she starts taking the names of all the family members however the person does not move, when Radha finally remembers the name of Tulsi so asks if it relates to the death, the person causes the glass to fall. Radha is shocked thinking about it and gets scared, she explains this means both Kaveri and Damini are related to her death and there is a proof in that safe regarding the incident, Radha thanks Tulsi explaining she has completed half of her work so now she would do the other half, and reveal the truth behind her death.

Radha picks the keys and staring at them thinks of her plan, she angrily turns back when the person in the black dress also stands up, thinking she should thank him because if he had not done anything of the sort then she would not be instigated to find the truth which is hidden in the safe.

Kaveri informs Damini that no matter how hard a sheep tries they cannot be strong as the lion, just like Radha as she is really stupid, Damini replies but ever since she ahs been married to Mohan she ahs become really intelligent, Kaveri explains they are able to make a fool of her each and every time, Damini says she is not the old Radha and has become really intelligent.

Radha while praying in front of Bihari jee apologizes for coming to him so late at night, explaining he is the only one who can help her heart become calm, she explains she has never done anything wrong in her life but today would do something which is wrong, and is known as theft, she explains she is forced to do it as sometimes they have to take a wrong path for the right cause. She says this family is really important for her and she would do anything for them.

Radha mentions when he was blamed for being a thief then everyone thought he was wrong, she mentions today everyone might also think she is a thief and the house from which she just desired to gather love would think of her eager for money, but just as he managed to get out from that blame just like that she would also be relieved of these blames, he says that by doing one good deed a hundred bad deeds are cancelled, so he should also forgive her one bad step for the good cause. Radha is praying in the Mandir.

Ajeet is thinking of something, Ketki questions wat is he thinking about when Ajeet informs he is a bit confused, he explains that what Radha did today is her mistake but why did she do it, Ketki replies Radha just makes mistakes when Ajeet explains people tend to make mistakes, Ketki blames Radha for being a problem for this house. Ajeet informs that Radha protected Gungun and even Mohan from the snake bite, he reveals they are also together because of Radha because she saved Ketki from the bus, Ketki blames Radha for being a selfish girl who just desires to live in this house.

Kaveri exclaims that she doesn’t care what Radha does but she is going to sleep, Damini is shocked seeing the person in the black dress so explains that it is not the time to sleep, Kaveri asks so is it the time to dance saying she would play the song on which Damini should dance, Damini wonders why does this person come to their house and she has to find the truth, Kaveri says they have to take the revenge, Damini asks what is she talking about, Kaveri exclaims she has to make him pay so asks for the rod, Damini mentions they have to do it secretly but Kaveri is shocked as they cannot see the person in the black dress. Kaveri is glad he left otherwise she would have made him pay, Kaveri explains that he just placed a knife, but this time might kill her, Damini questions why is she scare now and they should leave to find out the truth, kaveri gets scared wondering if anyone would even let her sleep.

The person in te black dress is walking not realizing there is a trap set for him, he walks straight into it and falls down as his feet gets strangled in it, Kaveri exclaims he was running away but now is trapped, she sees that he is trying to free himself so starts beating him with the wooden stick, the person manages to hit her so she falls down screaming, Kaveri exclaims he is hitting her with his feet, she once again hits him on the head and then vows to see his face so tries her best to remove his dress,

she even asks Damini to come and help him and they both vow to find out the truth about his identity so it can be revealed who has hit them, Kaveri exclaims he is alone against them both, he is constantly trying to remove the rope, Kaveri boasts that he has made a mistake by standing against them, the person hits them both and then ties the rope around the neck of Damini, she tries calling her mother for help but he even manages to tie the rope even around her, he vows to kill them both if they both try to see his face, he explains that no one would be able to stop him if he desires to reveal the truth about his identity,

he explains they both must try to stop Radha as she is very close to fining the truth about their identity, he pushes them on the floor, Damini and Kaveri both are scared when he is not present anymore, Kaveri wonders if he was also a ghost and her entire life would be spent by taking a beating from them, Damini explains he was a man but said the right thing as they must stop Radha before she finds out the truth.

Damini and Kaveri both are walking towards the room while Radha is present in front of the safe, she prays thinking it is the right time to open the safe.

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