Timeless love starlife update Friday 26 January 2024

Mr. Singhania gives 25 lakhs Cheque donation for Balghar and offers job to Vidhi. Vidhi says she can’t accept the job due to some rules and then she gives the cheque to the tax officer. Tax officers appreciate and salute for organizing such a big event. Dev says all the credit goes to Vidhi. Vidhi says it is our group efforts.

Jai says the women who are forbidden from doing work, how they can take credit for the event and says orthodox. Satyavati thinks if you would have been here then would have done the same. She thinks you have sent Singhania here. Satyavati gives her introduction and tells that in her house, the women are forbidden from doing the work. She says even I have done through the same rules till now and says don’t know how I was following it. She calls

Priya and Vidhi near her, and tells that seeing her bahu’s competency, she gives them freedom to do work anywhere and fulfill their dreams. Vidhi and Priya gets emotional and happy. She tells that Vidhi showed us the right way, and Priya left the lost way and standing with her family today. She says she is very proud of her. She then apologizes to Vidhi and Priya for believing the same rules till now. She hugs them. Everyone is happy.

Vidhi tells Priya that they are lucky that they got loving saas who has broken old norms. Priya says we are lucky to get her, but this all happened due to you, if you had not proved your competency then this wouldn’t have happened. She says from today you are my younger sister. Vidhi says you have lost many opportunities and time also and says if you had showed trust on them then the family wouldn’t have been separated. Priya says I thought that I will get freedom with Amba, and I can do anything, but after you all left, I felt alone, though Simmy was with me. I realized that I want Abhimanyu and all the family members.

She says Bhai Saheb named the Raichand house on my house just as I said, and what I did. She says she wants to rectify all her mistakes and win their trust. She says I will not lose hope and this auction will help me win back my trust. Vidhi says Amba is like a wounded naagin and asks her to be careful. Priya says now Yogesh is on my side. Vidhi says we can’t get better advantage than this.

Amba thinks Yogesh has played game with her, who taught him this game, unbelievable. Priya and Simmy come there. Priya says Amba ji is angry and asks her not to talk about Vidhi or Balghar. She says after so many conspiracy, event was successful. Amba says yogesh is good for nothing. Priya says sorry, I didn’t know that Yogesh Bhai will do something and says surely something was wrong. She says I was with Vidhi backstage, and says all the conspiracies were easily handled.

Amba asks Priya not to involve good for nothing Yogesh in the auction and tells that she wants to mortgaged their house and respect too. Priya says ofcourse, I got your point. She says the same thing will happen which Raichand’s deserve and asks her to keep the pen ready with which they write Raichand’s destruction. Amba goes to her room. Priya sends the recording to Yogesh. Yogesh says I will not leave Amba. He calls Priya. Priya tells him that Amba wants to throw him like throwing the housefly from the milk. yogesh asks her to meet him.

Juhi asks Vidhi if she will leave them. Vidhi says no. Dev comes to her and says all the children are theirs. Yogesh and Priya meet in the restaurant. Yogesh asks Priya to take signs of Amba saying it will save her from legal hassles. Priya asks yogesh if they shall do this to Amba, who is very clever. Yogesh says he is a businessman and can handle many Ambas. Priya smiles as they think each other wrong.

Dev and Vidhi come to Satyavati. Satyavati is crying that their house will be auctioned. Vidhi says we shall go there. Satyavati says Amba will insult us, we will not go. Chitra says so many memories are related to that house, it was our world, we shall go to say last bye. She says don’t know if we will meet or childhood memories again or not, we shall go there. Dev thinks all his hopes are ending after hearing about the auction.

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