Radha Mohan update Friday 4 August 2023

Radha Mohan 4 August 2023: Tulsi slowly places her hand on the shoulder of Radha, she gets scared and screams with all her might calling to the person, questioning what she has done to them. Tulsi tries to reveal her identity and once again touches Radha by her hand, but she starts running away, Tulsi requests her to stop mentioning she wants to talk with her but Radha does not listen.

Rameshwar turns questioning where is Radha, Dadi is also worried and they both start searching for her however are not able to find Radha, meanwhile she is also calling them for help. Radha suddenly stops, Tulsi explains Radha should not b scared as she wants to just talk with her, Tulsi once again touches her arm however Radha runs away asking her to leave, Tulsi still tries to stop her.

Mohan is packing the belongings of Radha; he sees the ruler and recalls when he would scare her if she made an excuse while studying. Mohan thinks he had thought a lot about her, and desired to establish a business for her or even hire her in his office, he once again notices the jewelry and thinks her memory will always stay with him, but he cannot keep her belongs because he has promised Damini of a fresh start. Mohan notices the photo, thinks that he promised Damini, he will take it out once they are about to get married, he mentions he has formed a relation with her and whenever he is either angry or happy he tends to turn it back. Mohan notices the Mangal Sutur so he thinks even it would have to leave from the house. Mohan starts searching for it however is not able to find it, he thinks of asking from Kadambari but stops wondering if Damini comes to know he is talking about the belongings of Tulsi, she might get angry. Mohan exclaims Bihari jee should witness that he is not a nice person because anyone who enters his life tends to leave him alone, first Radha and now even Tulsi.

Mohan leaves the room with the photo and bag. Damini standing in the window thinks now her plan has become successful because she managed to throw both Radha and Tulsi out of the life of Mohan, so they are going to have a fresh start.

Radha running in the forest is still calling Dadi and Rameshwar for help, she questions who is there so Tulsi throws the photos in front of her however Radha starts running away, she does not look around her, Tulsi pleads with her to calm down otherwise she will fall, Radha stumbles from the corner of the road and is about to fall but she is saved by the Mangal Sutur, Radha is shocked to see it so wonders how is the Mangal Sutur hanging in midair, Tulsi is revealed in front of Radha, who gets scared seeing her. Radha hesitantly calls Tulsi who thanks Bihari jee, revealing her identity in front of Radha. Tulsi requests her to not worry as she will not let anything happen to her, Tulsi manages to pull Radha up from the bridge. Radha is still shocked seeing Tulsi standing in front of her as a ghost.

Radha tries to think that it is all just her thinking but Tulsi replies it is not like that as she is actually present in front of her, Tulsi once again touches Radha, she is able to recall the feeling of being touched as the same one which she got in the Trivedi mansion, Radha exclaims it is the same feeling, she asks Tulsi if she is the same power whom she felt in the house and she protected them, Radha questions how can she be present here when she has died, Tulsi mentions her body has left this world but the spirit could not leave because of her daughter, she explains she tried to talk with her daughter but was not able to touch her, Tulsi mentions she can talk with other people but not her own daughter, this is because which Mohan made her swear when she left the house, that she cannot talk with her own family and even try to do anything with them.

Tulsi explains she felt helpless in the house but then holding the hand of Radha, she came to that house and showered love on Gungun while even took care of her, she also brought happiness in the life of Mohan, and she realized the witched plans of Damini. Radha seeks permission to ask a question, Radha inquires why she not talked with her in front, Tulsi mentions that ghosts also have to follow certain rules but today Bihari jee, because of her strong belief and the prayers of Gungun showed her a way which she can use to talk with her. As they both wanted the Yashoda and Devaki maa come close, mentioning it all happened because of this Mangal Sutur. Radha is socked as Tulsi reveals it, informing this is what ties her to Mohan and Gungun, and even Radha is attached to it. Radha is not able to understand it.

Tulsi reveals that once when she was angry, Mohan explained he brought a special gift for the mother of his child. Tulsi angrily instructed him to throw Damini out of the house, Mohan explained she is the niece of his mother and his cousin. Tulsi replied that she will warn him Damini is not suitable for her or even their daughter, Mohan tried to joke with her, but she angrily explained he should not give her anything. Mohan replied that he has a gift which will change her mind, and then presented the Mangal Sutur with his name, he explained she will only get it once Gungun is born.

Tulsi explains he was never able to give her the Mangal Sutur but today Bihari jee gave her the feeling that she would have to get the thing which connects both Gungun and Mohan, so she brought this Mangal Sutur for her. Radha hesitantly asks Tulsi jee if anyone knows she is present here. Tulsi replies to Kaveri masi, Damini and even Kadambari knows about it. Radha getting shocked asks then why she not told Mohan, Tulsi informs because she is being blackmailed by Damini.

Tulsi reveals that Kaveri and Damini made her believe that she is a danger for Gungun and Mohan, by saying that she is going to take Gungun with er, and then she tied the protection shield around the house because of which she cannot go out of the house. Tulsi mentions they do not have time for it and she has to believe everything is happening, Tulsi holding the hand of Radha asks if she is going to stand beside her. Radha is shocked.

Tulsi explains Radha would have to believe whatever happening is actually the truth, she holding the hand of Radha asks if she would help her, Radha then asks what is the vow due to which she cannot leave Mohan and Gungun, Tulsi informs it is of Mohan because he made her swear that she will never come in front of his family, she recalls he made her swear that she will neither talk or come in front of his family, or even try to harm them. Tulsi mentions but their love is on the same side as they both love Gungun a lot, Radha is shocked, asking if Tulsi knows she loves Mohan jee. Tulsi replies she knows how much Radha loves Mohan; Radha is shocked.

Mohan is weeping in his room recalling when Radha saved him and Gungun both from her uncles, ho she took out the snake poison from his body, he is really tensed not being able to stop thinking about Radha, he sits down on the bed crying thinking how he pushed Radha out of the house. Mohan is really tensed thinking about what he has done.

Tulsi mentions Radha realized her love after a long time but she saw it in Radha’s eyes the first day she came to this house, what Radha used to call as being a believer but it was actually love, Radha apologizes to Tulsi for loving Mohan, Tulsi replies there is no need to apologize because she is really happy that Radha loves Mohan, because her love is not selfish and she also takes care of Gungun, she used to think that Mohan cannot love anyone more then her but she also proved her wrong, Tulsi informs there is no differences between them both but just one thing that Radha belongs to the world of the living while she is of the dead, Tulsi explains they would have to end these differences and come together for the happiness of those whom they love.

Kaveri is walking holding the dress, she passes the room but smiles exclaiming the ghost would be really happy because her Mohan is about to get married to Damini while Tulsi should just sit there and enjoy, Kaveri exclaims she is going to bring sweets, she wonders if they actually eat but then thinks she is going to give the sweets to Gungun, Kaveri is shocked seeing that the protection shield is broken, she wonders how did it happen so runs calling Damini.

Tulsi explains that they must stop this wedding, she explains they would have to do what no one has ever done and will fight for those who they love, Tulsi asks if Radha is going to stand by her and fight for the people they love, Radha agrees after hesitating for a moment, Tulsi hugs her which scares Radha, but Tulsi thanks her. Radha asks how it will happen because she tried her best but even then was not able to stop this wedding, Tulsi replies now she is going to, only she can stop it.

Damini informs Kaveri that Tulsi would have gone straight to Radha and if they became one then would stop this marriage. Damini replies she thought she got rid of Radha and the Guru maa took care of Tulsi, she mentions everything would be ruined. Damini explains there is only one way so they should get married before either of them return.

Radha, explain she feels they should go and inform Mohan about the truth, however Tulsi is still standing there, explaining that everyone would think she is mad. Radha informs she would tell him that Tulsi jee is by her side, but Tulsi explains she cannot reveal herself in front of Mohan due to the promise which he made her swear and even maa will not accept it, Radha replies Tulsi is right because Kadambari refused to accept the truth.Tulsi explains they have very little time and Damini is very dangerous which only she knows, Radha is shocked asking if Damini also harmed her.

Kaveri exclaims she is fine with the wedding but what if Tulsi revealed that secret to Radha, Damini gets scared explaining they would think about it after a while but Kaveri should first think of getting this marriage happen.Ketki angrily exclaims everyone has lost their mind in this house, she warns that if Damini gets married then everyone would be ruined. Ajeet informs Ketki should let this marriage happen when Ketki asks if he did not see that Maa indirectly instructed them to leave, Ajeet replies so what, he mentions they should leave right now, and he promises to do everything for her even if he is not able to provide her with the luxuries that she gets in this house. Ketki replies that she still likes staying here and even has the right over this property. Ajeet tries to convince her, but she leaves angrily so he follows her.

Tulsi replies she cannot tell her all the secrets right now, but they have to worry about Radha, and go back to the house because Damini would have realized she is not in the house and will hurry to arrange the function. Radha mentions she does not have a plan, Tulsi replies there is just one way, she explains that a wife can never accept anyone else should come between her and her husband however she is going to give Radha the right to become the wife of Mohan, she is holding her hand explains he has already become the mother of Gungun so must also be the wife of Mohan. Tulsi asks if Radha agrees to become his wife, Radha replies it is wrong as Mohan jee would never agree to this proposal, Tulsi starts reciting the religious verses, Radha is shocked, Tulsi explains Bihari jee has himself said that when there is injustice in the world then he himself comes to end all the wrong doings. Tulsi mentions Radha must do the same thing, because she has to fight the wrong. Tulsi explains they must fight the evil people in order to protect those who are true, so is she going to marry Mohan in order to protect him. Tulsi asks if she is going to accept Mohan’s hand in marriage, Radha replies Mohan would never agree to marry her and only say that he has promised Damini so has to marry her. Tulsi explains she has to marry him by force for the sake of his happiness and that of Gungun. Radha is shocked, Tulsi explains this is the only way to save Mohan and Gungun from Damini but is Radha ready to marry Mohan even when he is angry, Tulsi explains she might not be able to bear it, Tulsi informs that his good behavior is what would ruin him, he trusts those people whom he think loves him like Damini, she explains he will never end his promise so Mohan is still going to maintain his relation with Damini, she asks if Radha would be able to bear such behavior of Mohan. Radha is tensed while Tulsi is standing in front of her.

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