Radha Mohan update Friday 7 July 2023

Radha Mohan 7 July 2023: Mohan is still unconscious on the hospital bed while everyone is worried, Gungun brings water for Damini who is really stressed, Radha wishes Gungun who assures nothing will happen to their Mohan, the doctor are working to save Mohan, Gungun assures they all would pray to save Mohan, Gungun rushes to Kaveri when she sees her coughing.

Radha Mohan 6 July 2023

Damini explains that Gungun is still their child and must be tired after what happened today so she feels they should send her back home, Gungun agrees with Damini explaining that she needs some rest.Tulsi turns on the television trying to find out what has happened, but they are just reporting that the Trivedi family has saved all of the children, she gest furious wondering what might have happened and why is no one telling the truth.

Radha calls Gungun advising her to go back home and get some rest, but Gungun replies she will not leave with Mohan, Radha explains Dulari would also be scared just like she is when she is alone, she must also make sure that Bihari jee does the Bhajan so he is able to help Mohan jee. Kadambari instructs Rahul to take Gungun home but Ketki feels there is something wrong so she also decides to go with them explaining that if Rahul needs to come back then who would take care of Gungun in the house. Gungun rushes to the window thinking how Mohan said that he got the relationship back after so long so needs him to come back,

she goes back to hug Damini which stuns Kaveri and she coughs out the water, Kaveri assures she is fine after which Gungun leaves. Radha rushes to stand at the door, picking the hand where the Masi wrote his name with Mehndi, Radha starts crying thinking this is the same hand which Mohan held while walking back to the ground, he vowed to take her responsibility from now onward.

Tulsi notices Gungun returning with Ketki and Rahul, she is relieved to see that she is fine., Dulari is also smiling when Tulsi tries to hug her however Gungun instead goes to hug Dulari. Tulsi wonders what sort of fate this is since she cannot even hug her own daughter even when she is safe, Dulari mentions she got really scared but is glad Gungun is safe.Tulsi thinks that Radha and Mohan have not returned so she questions Ketki where he is, Dulari asks if Mohan would be fine, Tulsi getting worked up questions what has happened to him but no one says anything.

Kaveri pulls Damini out of the hospital questioning what has happened to her since they say that people lose their mind but she has completely lost it, Damini explains she just wants to worry about Mohan right now when Kaveri asks if this is the right way by defending their enemies as she hug Radha, Damini replies she only hugged her so she can once and for all end her life as there are only two people who would protect Radha, either Gungun or Mohan but since he is unconscious in the hospital and she send Gungun back home assuring there is no one who can stop her from achieving her desires.

Kaveri smiles thinking now everything is fine but what is Damini planning to do, she explains they have to give Mohan a medicine which would end the life of Radha. Damini calls her men assuring of giving them their desired amount, but she needs them to come to this hospital right now.Tulsi standing in the mandir questions why she always has to make her suffer so much since Mohan used to get better when she cared for him and no medicine worked to cure his headache but the ginger tea which she prepared, Tulsi exclaims that she is not with her husband just because of the swear which she was forced to accept, also because of this protection shield, Tulsi says if anything happens to Mohan today,

she would inform everyone that Bihari jee is nothing more then a sculpture of stone and there is no need to trust him.Gungun mentions she truly believes in him as he helped to make sure she along with her friends were safe, he must also protect Mohan even when she fights a lot with him but Mohan is a hero so Bihari jee must also help Mohan. Gungun exclaims she must be a brave girl in the hospital otherwise Radha would have also gotten tensed, she promises to be a good girl from now onwards and will even respect the elders while would also drink the milk from Dulari without any problem.

Mohan is still unconscious in the hospital while Radha is really tensed, the doctor explains the case if of internal injury as sometimes the people suffer from an internal injury and the blood has clotted in the brain, he informs if Mohan doesnot regain consciousness within the next six hours so they would have t call the neurosurgeons from Mumbai and perform open brain surgery on Mohan, Kadambari sits down in tension.

Radha questions what is this and this way Mohan jee would be fine, the doctor informs her in Hindi that in this procedure they would open one part of his brain. Radha is not able to bear it when Damini assures, she must calm down, Radha explains they need to find some other way but the doctor explains the only other way left is to pray to Bhagwan because if he wakes up within six hours they would not have to perform the surgery.

Gungun is crying so Ketki rushes to hug her assuring that everything would be fine, Gungun exclaims even he needs to have the lunch for the strength to save Mohan, Gungun tries to light the Diya, Ketki helps her when she after that starts performing the ritual. Gungun once again prays for Mohan.Mohan is unconscious when Kadambari questions why this is happening to her family, she sits down wondering what crime they have committed when the Maha Pandit exclaims she is the one at fault, they all greet the Maha Pandit jee when he informs she is the sole reason for all the problems and she herself pushed Mohan towards the end. Damini thinks this is the plan which he had to end the story of Radha. Damini is relieved while Radha is really tensed.

Maha Pandit jee walking to Kadambari blames she is the reason Mohan is facing death, Kadambari questions what is he saying and what is he doing here, Damini reveals she called Maha Pandit jee here so he can recite the verses for the betterment but why is he blaming Maa, Maha Pandit jee says that such verses can only stop the outside forces but this problem for Mohan is called upon by their own family.Ketki answers the call and is stunned after hearing it, Rahul questions what happened, she informs Mohan is in critical condition and they must perform the open brain surgery. Rahul also gets worried when Ketki exclaims, they should not inform Gungun about this as she will be really tensed.

Radha apologizes to Maha Pandit jee mentioning Kadambari really loves Mohan and does all she can to for him, Maha Pandit jee says that she feels even after the solution he provided was not fulfilled, as they should get him married is the only way his problems would end, Kadambari replies that she had tried to get Mohan married but every time a problem arose which caused them to delay it. Maha Pandit jee takes out the Kundali, explaining first Mohan went through a road accident after which he was bitten by the snake and before he could fully recover from it then he faced a burning accident,

if they donot listen to him it would lead to his death since his stars are not in the direct order, Mohan has the Markeshdosh and if his wife doesnot come to fight off the evils then he will surely die, Kadambari apologizes to Pandit jee as he advised her to do all these steps but how could she forget them, Kadambari sits down when Radha explains that nothing happens in this world without the permission of Bihari jee and she must not be worried.

Kadambari gets tensed asking if the bad omen is Tulsi but Damini explains that Tulsi has been with them since the past seven years but nothing like this ever happened, Radha kneels in front of Damini requesting her to not believe the warning of Maha Pandit jee as no mother can ever do anything wrong for their children, Radha suggests they all should do whatever they can since the doctors have started working while they must also do whatever is in their power, Radha mentions she would keep standing on one feet till Mohan jee gets healthy once again.

Radha is about to leave however damini stops her, she angrily slaps Radha in front of everyone, Kadambari questions how did she dare slap Radha. Mr Trivedi also asks if she is in her senses as Radha is like their daughter. Ajeet also asks how she can slap Radha, Kadambari consoles Radha, saying to Damini that Radha has done a lot for them and even if she gives her their entire wealth even then it will not be enough. Kadambari asks how she got the strength, Damini replies she should have gotten the strength a long time ago as she can see everything clearly, Damini explains Kadambari must side with her today because if anything happens to Mohan today the whole world would say she was a stepmother,

she fears what might happen if anyone questions her. Damini explains if Kadambari doesnot side with her today then it will happen again, Kadambari questions what the reason is she should side with her because she humiliated Radha.Damini takes her hand explaining Kadambari blindly trusts Radha, however Kadambari explains she trusts Radha but Damini mentions whenever they believe someone it is called blind trust when they still believe someone who is constantly making mistakes, because that person tries to ruin their family even then they all believe her. Kadambari asks Damini to say it clearly as she cannot understand but Damini says that Kadambari would not understand what Maha Pandit jee has just said however she knows the truth.

Mr Trivedi warns her to think before as she must understand who she is talking to. Shekar also asks Damini to not twist the things, Ajeet explains Radha is the daughter of Mr Trivedi’s close friend and like his daughter.Damini mentions they would never think wrong of Radha since she is the daughter of his friend, Ajeet defends Radha explaining she has always thought for the betterment of their family and not once tried to do anything wrong, this is Radha. Kaveri exclaims today her own daughter got trapped in her plan because she thought no one would be able to defend Radha however the entire Trivedi family is siding with Radha.

Damini mentions they did not hear what Maha Pandit jee said, the 2nd of May as on that day an evil spirit entered Mohan’s life. Damini tries to oust Radha, but Kadambari stops her, Damini reveals it is the date when Radha came to their house bringing all the problems in his life, she is the evil spirit. Kaveri exclaims now the real plan started. Radha is really tensed. Damini explains Radha turned the life of Mohan, and till now Mohan is always in danger, first the incident of the picnic, she did not let her go with Mohan but herself was trapped and then the kidnappers came to the forest.

The vein of Mohan was cut, Kaveri thinks her daughter learned to twist the words.
Damini mentions then the incident of the theft began which caused the fight between Mohan and Rahul after which both the brothers did not talk with each other and then the incident of the carpet happened which burnt both, while
Radha did not get even a scratch. Kaveri is really amazed with her daughter. Damini explains after that Radha was trying to go to the Mandir where she fell in the mud and even pulled Mohan, after that the entire city saw them both together which caused humiliation for the entire Trivedi family.

Damini asks who does know her since the reputation of their family was blamed while today Mohan is in this problem because of her, she warns Radha would be blamed if anything happens to Mohan, Radha is terrified while everyone else get shocked.

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