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Radha Mohan 8 July 2023: Damini asks the Pandit jee if she is telling the truth because after that incident he even agreed to give their Mandir to the trust, Damini mentions then Hriday came to their house as he intended to marry Radha but instead threw Gungun to the bore well, Ajeet questions what is the problem of Radha in it, Mr Trivedi explains she risked her own life to save Gungun, Damini replies if she was not there then Gungun would not have been in danger. Damini says to Ajeet that after the incident of Bore well, her grandmother came demanding the custody and she even threatened to take Gungun away forever,

Radha Mohan 7 July 2023

Damini says that because of Radha they could have lost Gungun forever. Damini mentions their house is near the fields but still no one has been harmed till now but the snake bit Mohan after she came to their house and they also remember the kidnappers who tried to bury Radha alive so who are these people that always want to harm her, Damini explains after that their house caught fire and even not a single day had passed but the same kidnapper planted the bomb on the bus, Damini explains the kidnapper came for her and she was the last one on the bus,

even then she is saved so her Mohan is in trouble for whom they have to arrange an open brain surgery.Kaveri thinks someone should bring a medal for her daughter since even the big actresses cannot perform like her, Damini mentions that Pandit jee mentioned they should get Mohan married but either her name is printed on the cards or Gungun herself makes Radha sit in her own function, Kaveri rushes asking Damini to cry her heart out as they feel like this for those whom they care about and everyone knows how much she loves Mohan, she can cry as long as she desires. Mohan is still unconscious.

Kaveri going to Kadambari explains Damini is telling the truth because their family is facing these problems because of Radha, she always is saved while their Mohan’s lives is at risk, which is just because of this girl, she warns Kadambari there is still time and she must try to think that Radha is not a girl but someone having an ill fate, who must be thrown out of the house and family. Radha gets tensed so requests Kadambari to not do this to her as she cannot leave when Mohan jee is in such a horrible condition, so Kadambari must not agree to let her go, Radha requests her to listen saying she will not leave but Kadambari pulls her hand away,

Radha also gets stunned. Kadambari mentions she does not want her prayers for Mohan since his entire family is here to stand beside him, she orders Radha to leave mentioning she will not even let her shadow come near Mohan. Radha tries to ask why is she talking like this because she did not do anything wrong, Kadambari stops her, Ajeet defends Radha saying she has always protected Mohan and Gungun but even then they all are blaming Radha, Kadambari replies she made a mistake trusting Radha, Ajeet tries to explain when Kadambari instructs him to go and bring the medicine for Mohan, she warns him to leave.

Kadambari then instructs Shekar to arrange for all the necessary things required by Maha Pandit jee.Damini stops Radha as she tries to talk with Kadambari, Damini holding her hands requests Radha to leave as how many times is she going to put the life of Mohan at risk, Radha requests Damini to not make her leave when Mohan is in such a condition, Damini realizes they are alone, instructs Radha to leave since no one is going to even let her come near Mohan since no one believes her. Radha replies now she reveled the truth as the only reason she was acting so politely a while ago was so she could stab her in the back, Damini explains she is really intelligent but then must leave quickly as Mohan will forget her very soon,

until he wakes up she would have gone far away. Radha replies she pities her since she exclaims, she loves Mohan but is playing such games when he is fighting for his life. Damini threatens to throw her out if she doesnot leave by herself, Kaveri exclaims it is enough so she must leave from here. Damini tries to push her, but Radha stops holding her hand, Damini is shocked at this while Radha is furious. Damini turns back when Radha twists her hand asking if she is not using her hands a bit too much, she forgot Damini only raises her hand on the weak, she is quiet because she respects her however Damini must not mistake her for being weak,

she only respects Damini since she is elder otherwise she can even fight. Radha explains these hands have worked on the field and can either protect or fight anyone, if she slaps her then Damini would be stunned.Damini threatens Radha to leave who asks if she would once again slap her so she should try, Radha exclaims she has listened a lot to her when Kaveri exclaims her daughter has already ruined it all for her. Radha replies that Damini remembers all that happened after she came but she forgot to reveal one thing that Damini and Mohan jee got engaged so what if she is the reason for all the problems in Mohan jee’s life.

Radha explains she did not tell anyone that the criminals were the same who first attacked her and then even kidnapped her. Radha mentions that Damini found out she kept the varth for Mohan after which she got trapped in the carpet and she was unconscious but never tried to find out how it happened, she knows that she came with food for her and were together with her.Radha explains her photo was in the newspaper with Mohan but she cannot understand how did the person came to the right location at the same time, Radha asks how did the reporter knew she was about to fall in the mud and Mohan jee will come to save her,

Radha replies she must not be worried since there is no proof but she will not leave without finding out the proof. Damini gets worried however Radha is adamant.Kadambari slaps Radha saying that her son is fighting between life and death while she is creating a drama but Radha replies she would not leave from here, Kaveri exclaims she is not going to listen to anything and throw her out from here holding her hair, Damini and Kaveri both throw her out of the hospital so she falls hitting her hand.

Sometime earlier, Radha explains that the day Mohan jee vowed to take her responsibility, the next day their photo came in the news paper and Maha Pandit jee came demanding her to get married and after even one day had not passed, her Dadi met Hriday jee who was willing to get married with her, Radha explains that the snake come to the garden in rain but how did it enter the house that day, then one day when she and Mohan jee went to catch the culprit then Rahul jee came to that same location in a sarree and these incidents are a coincidence, Radha explains and poor Gungun who just changed her name in the invitation letter and made her sit in place of Damini at the Haldi, there were two attempts on her life within twenty fours hours, first time she was about to burn alive and then someone planted a bomb in er bus.

Radha says she is not saying Damini is behind it all but they know she doesnot like Gungun. Radha exclaims she is blaming Damini for trying to burn her and even causing the fight between Rahul and Mohan jee, or she planted the snake in the house, but she just means there cannot be so many coincidences, she is just saying she would not go anywhere from here without finding the real culprit. Damini in anger exclaims she would be able to oust Radha within two minutes, Radha advises her to keep the hand to herself since it doesnot have the power to separate her from Mohan jee.Radha turns to see Kadambari standing in front of her, she in anger slaps Radha who is stunned. The entire Trivedi family returns, Kadambari exclaims her son is fighting for his life while Radha is just creating a scene. She asks Radha to leave right now, Radha asks if Kadambari thinks Mohan is in this condition because of her,

Kadambari mentions only she is the reason as it was her fault that she did not realize it sooner, she is glad Damini brought Maha Pandit jee here who revealed the truth, she can see it clearly that ever since she came into their life, Mohan is in danger and today his life is full of darkness which is only because of her. Kadambari instructs Ajeet to prepare for her to go back to Barsana, Radha assures she has not done anything to Mohan. Kaveri explains that she herself is not suitable for Mohan because if she even sees him then he might die.

Radha requests Kadambari to not instruct her to leave since she would not leave Mohan, Kadambari explains she is not saying Radha is evil but after hearing what Maha Pandit jee is saying she will not allow her to remain here any longer. Radha replies she will not go anywhere without seeing Mohan jee is fine and when he wakes up she would surely leave. Damini replies that Radha doesnot must care for Mohan so much as his wife is here and it is also true that Mohan might not wake up until she leaves. Maha Pandit jee says Damini is right, Kadambari questions what she is saying when he informs they must get Damini and Mohan married and that too right now,

because only after that will all the problems with Mohan’s life end. The entire family is tensed, Kadambari asks Damini if she is ready for this marriage, Damini replies she can do anything for Mohan because if this is the only way then she is ready to marry him right now, Kaveri at once starts praising her daughter for being so courageous otherwise who would marry a half dead person, Damini signals her so Kaveri exclaims she just meant to praise her daughter.

Dulari mentions ever since Gungun returned to the house she has been standing in the Mandir, Tulsi exclaims the daughters whose father is In the hospital then she would be really tensed, Tulsi exclaims even Damini is there and no one is informing them about what is happening.Kadambari agrees with Maha Pandit jee saying if this is the only way then she is ready to get Mohan married right now, Radha stops asking if for an apology saying if Mohan jee is unconscious then how can they arrange this marriage,

Maha Pandit jee feels offended asking if she is teaching him how to perform a pooja, Radha replies she is just asking a simple question that both bride and groom have to be awake in order to accept the rituals of the marriage so then why is he deciding on this marriage, Maha pandit jee is not able to answer, Mr Trivedi also agrees with Radha saying they cannot hurry this marriage, Kadambari requests Mr Trivedi to let her take this chance even if there is a slight possibility it can save his life, she would take all possible means to save his life. Damini holding her hands requests Radha to leave since everyone has agreed to her marriage with Mohan, Radha replies Pandit jee has not answered her question so this wedding cannot happen, Damini questions what relation she has with Mohan, Radha mentions she doesnot feel she is obliged to explain anything to her but that she is not going to leave here and let this marriage happen.

Radha informs Maha Pandit jee that she is also the daughter of a Pandit, for which both the groom and bride have to be awake in order for it to be fulfilled so she is just saying if they cannot understand anything then how can the marriage be fulfilled, Kaveri gets angry saying how she has bene mentioning from day one that Radha always pokes her eyes into matters not relating to her, Kaveri holding her hair is about to throw her out of the hospital, Mr Trivedi tries to stop them but Kadambari explains if he ever thought she was worthy of taking care of Mohan then must let her do what she feels is good for him.

Radha falls outside the hospital, she cries for Mohan jee as he took the responsibility for her, Mohan in the hospital bed starts moving his fingers. Kaveri exclaims she should keep yelling since Mohan is not going to come in order to save her, Radha is still crying sitting outside on the floor while Mohan is unconscious.

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