The Rules of Love update Thursday 16 May 2024

The rules of love 16 may 2024:Jhumki coming to Trikaal Ashram. She notices Trikaal had arranged protection around his Ashram. Maitree is shown to be coming to the Trikaal ashram. Trikaal’s accomplices see Naagin near the ashram and shout in fear. Trikaal hears his accomplice’s shouts.

Maitree comes to the Ashram and sees Trikaal’s accomplices are dead. She sees one of Trikaal’s accomplice gaining consciousness. Maitree asks him what happened. He tells Maitree how Naagin overpowered them with her powers and Naagin wiped Raksha Kavach with water and broke into the Ashram.

Maitree inquires of Trikaal’s associate as to where Baba is. He claims that Baba flees from Naagin and that Naagin pursues him. Maitree enters the Ashram and accepts the Snake Charmer bean prepared by Trikaal. Maitree and Trikaal’s associate look for Trikaal. Maitree instructs Trikaal’s assistant to play Bean in order to reach Trikaal Baba and Naagin.

Jhumki is distracted as Trikaal’s accomplice begins playing the bean. Trikaal informs Jhumki that she is not allowed to bite him when Bean is playing. Trikaal’s accomplice falls and drops the pungi flute. Jhumki bites Trikaal and then flees.

Trikaal is a Shiv supporter. Maitree approaches Trikaal and sobs at seeing his predicament. Trikaal apologises to her for failing to save her family. Maitree argues it’s not his fault and asks how she’s supposed to save Harsh from Naagin. Trikaal Baba dies after asking Maitree to meet Nageshwar to conclude the story of Naagin. Maitree makes the decision to meet with Nageshwar.

Harsh arrives in the bush and confronts Maitree about what she is doing there and who the Baba is. He inquires as to why she is residing near crime hotspots. Maitree replies she’ll inform him when they get home. She asks Trikaal’s accomplice to perform Baba’s funeral rituals and departs with Harsh.

Harsh and Maitree return to their home. Harsh requests an answer from Maitree. Maitree does not respond when she sees Jhumki and quickly changes the subject. Maitree and Harsh enter their bedroom. Jhumki suspects something. Maitree informs Harsh that she will inform him shortly and requests him not to tell anyone about Baba’s death. Harsh concurs.

Maitree finds Harsh is not in the room later in the night. She looks for him. She exits the room, wondering what Naagin’s goal is.Maitree is looking around the home for Harsh. She observes that Harsh is not home. Jhumki is not home either, as Maitree has noticed. She sets off to look for Harsh out of concern for him. Harsh follows Jhumki to the jungle while being hypnotised. Jhumki decides to trap Maitree in her scheme since she believes she is aware that Maitree is having doubts about her. Jhumki believes Maitree is unable to take Harsh away from her.

Jhumki purposefully abandons Harsh’s ring and other possessions in the path. Maitree later proceeds to do each harsh act individually. Jhumki believes that if Maitree finds out that she is Ichhadari Naagin, she will murder Maitree. Gungroos makes a noise, and Maitree hears it and looks out from where she is hiding to see Jhumki dancing around Harsh.

Jhumki scans every angle to check if Maitree arrived. To avoid Jhumki, Maitree runs away. Jhumki assumes a snake form and envelops Harsh. Maitree maintains her composure and stays inside. Jhumki believes Maitree is unaware of her. It stings Maitree and lands on her shoulder. While attempting to throw the scorpion, Maitree stumbles. Jhumki goes to that side to see whether anyone is watching her, but when she looks around, she doesn’t see anyone and she leaves. When Maitree finds the idol of Lord Shiv there, she realises that by appearing as a scorpion, he had protected her from Jhumki.

Jhumki observes that the harsh things are unaltered. She makes the decision to see if Maitree is home or not. After taking a short cut home, Maitree lies in bed. When Jhumki gets home, he discovers Maitree asleep in bed. She departs believing Maitree is unaware that Harsh is with her. Harsh enters the room and falls asleep. Maitree believes she is not a fool for falling victim to Jhumki’s scheme. To put an end to the game of Jhumki, she decides to locate Nageshwar.

Jhumki observes Maitree and Nandini in the kitchen the following day. She promises to make the food. Maitree adds that if we don’t get the food ready, we’ll forget and have to learn to survive without you. Where is she going? Jhumki queries. According to Maitree, Kusum is concerned for you and has chosen to send you back to your community for your protection. Jhumki says she wants to stay with them and asks Maitree to persuade Kusum. Kusum allegedly called your uncle, according to Maitree. Jhumki begs Maitree to listen. Maitree asserts that she cannot contest Kusum’s choice.

When Kusum arrives, she informs Jhumki that her uncle visited. Naagin considers how she murdered Jhumki and substituted her. If Jhumki leaves the house, she fears she will be found out.

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