Unfortunate love update Saturday 8 July 2023

Unfortunate love 8 July 2023: The Episode starts with Ayush about to punch Malishka but stops. Kiran asks what is this misbehavior. Malishka asks what nonsense. Ayush says I will not punch you and says I came to warn you. Malishka asks what? She says you want to say that I shall leave Rishi, and says she will not leave him, as she loves him very much and Rishi also loves her. She says I will not back off until I get my Rishi. Ayush says stop dreaming and says Rishi bhai will never become yours, and you can’t separate Rishi from Lakshmi. Malishka says listen. He says listen to me and says I am sure that whatever happened today is because of you, and says he doesn’t have proof, but he wants to show something else to her. He holds her hand asking her to come.

Kiran asks where you want to take her. Ayush says I didn’t get the proof that you land you both in jail. He says he wants to show the proofs to her every saying. He takes her downstairs and makes her see Lakshmi hugging Virender and the latter blessing her. Dadi also blesses Lakshmi. Ayush says this is the proof that nobody will throw Lakshmi out, and says their Jodi will not be broken. He asks Malishka to stop her doing else if they get Balwinder then. Kiran asks what are you saying about Balwinder. Ayush thinks not to tell them about knowing about their connection with Balwinder. He says Balwinder was tied here and now running away with Police. He says I don’t want the same thing to happen to you. He says whoever is doing bad things with Lakshmi, will not be saved from God, neither you nor her. He goes.

Virender asks Lakshmi to remember one thing and says this house needs you, you have done so much for this house, forgetting yourself, selflessly. He says this house is because of you. He says I was upset with you and apologizes to her. Lakshmi says you are my Bau Ji and have the full right with me. Lakshmi asks him just to bless her. Virender blesses Rishi and her Jodi.He blesses that the house stays with hers always. Dadi also blesses Lakshmi and Rishi’s Jodi and says nobody shall break it. She asks her to go to Rishi and he says even he was scared. She asks her to cry if she wants and make each other believe that they are there for each other. Lakshmi nods her head and hugs her.

Kiran tells Malishka that Lakshmi has taken Dadi and Virender on her side, and Ayush has become her bodyguard. She asks Malishka if she is listening and says nothing will happen if you sit as stone. Malishka says I wish I would be stone. She says they are the same Oberoi family who had chosen me, Ayush was my friend and used to call me, beauty with brains. She says it is good that Ayush gave me pain and made me realize that I shall defeat Lakshmi. She says she will do the things like Lakshmi and will fight with her. She says she will do something unique and that Rishi will become hers, and the Oberoi family will throw Lakshmi out. She says this will be a slap on Ayush’s face and he will know that Malishka is born to win, and is not a loser like Lakshmi.

Lakshmi comes to the room and hugs Rishi. Rishi says it’s okay, what happened? Lakshmi cries and says she had much courage but. Rishi says I was scared thinking if I lose you in reality. Lakshmi says I never thought to go far from you. She hugs him again. Rishi wipes her tears and says Dadi says, bad times and bad sight is gone, and asks her not to worry. He says you used to feel alone, but now I will not let you feel alone and will stand with you always. He hugs her and says no more tears, and asks her to smile. He says I am waiting and asks her to smile. She says she can’t smile. Rishi says it is very easy and smiles. Lakshmi says you look good smiling. He asks why you didn’t say this before? Lakshmi says you always fight with me. He says you are the reason for my fighting behavior.

He says you said that you don’t want to go away from me. Lakshmi says yes, and says if I go away from you then who will take care of you, Malishka. Rishi says Malishka can take care of me. Lakshmi says ok, ask her to take care of you and I will see how much she takes care of you. She asks why did you say that you was scared to lose me. He asks who will fight with me and says you trouble me a lot. She asks why didn’t you fall. He falls on her and then on bed. Lakshmi laughs.

Rishi says you have played a laughter show. He asks her not to trouble her. She says I didn’t do anything. He asks her to accept. Lakshmi takes her clothes from the cupboard and collides with Rishi. He pulls her closer. Lakshmi says sorry. He says your eyes speak a lot than you. She is about to go. He asks where is she going and asks where is his prasad? Lakshmi says I will bring it. He says I will go and take it. She says she will bring it. Rishi says I will take. He says I am going far from you, as manager called and said about urgent meeting in Bangalore. He says there is an international conference and I need to attend it by tomorrow. Lakshmi says ok go. He says I think you will stop me. She says no, and says she will not miss him. He says ok, I will also not miss you. He says he will shift there permanently. Lakshmi says then I will not trouble you there. He slips. She holds his hand and asks how you will stay without me. He says I will not fall, as you will not be there to trouble me. She says only I can trouble you. Rishi thinks she is ruling on me and I am smiling, thinks he is liking it. Lakshmi says I troubled him a lot that he fell down. She then says if he is really going to Bangalore.

In the morning, Virender asks Rishi if he has done all the arrangements. Rishi says yes. Dadi asks him to bring sweets from there. Virender says Maa. Dadi asks Rishi to take Lakshmi with him. Malishka looks on upset. Lakshmi looks at Rishi.Virender telling that idea is not bad. Neelam says conference is important, Rishi has to work, let him do the work there. Virender says yes, Rishi will be busy in work and Lakshmi will be alone there. Dadi says Rishi can take her later. Virender says they can go anywhere, even abroad. Malishka thinks they are pigeons and will do romantic gutargu. Balwinder asks Guddu about the food, which he got from hotel. Guddu says it is good. Balwinder says it is not tasty for him. He blames his destiny. Guddu says if you had got caught then everyone would have beaten you. Balwinder tells that he had told Rishi that Ravan will win, he kept Ravan’s moustache, and changed 10 disguises, and says he will take revenge.

Ayush asks Rishi if he is going to Bangalore. Rishi says yes,why you are hyper. Ayush says I am super hyper and says foreign delegates are sending someone to inspect the food. He says they like the hotel and says concern is food, and says if they like food, then our profits will be double. Rishi says it is good. Ayush says you will not be here tomorrow, how I will handle alone, food is not my cup of tea. He says I can handle and entertain them, but food. He says a big problem will happen and asks if I shall cancel it. Rishi says let me think. Malishka comes there and says I will help you. Ayush asks Rishi to go and says ladies can handle food. Malishka says our hotel will have stars. Ayush says our event will be super duper hit as Lakshmi bhabhi will handle the responsibility. Lakshmi is surprised. Ayush says you are best cook, human being etc. Malishka says I was talking about myself. Ayush says it is now my idea and tells that everyone will be impressed with her food. Rishi says yes. Lakshmi asks them to make her understand. Rishi says you have to show your magic there in hotel and I know you can handle. He says hotel responsibility is yours now.

Ayush hugs and thanks Lakshmi. He says she will get all the credit. Rishi says whose wife she is and smiles. Malishka gets upset and says Rishi would have said this for me and Ayush is insulting me, they are speaking as if I don’t exist. She says I hate you Lakshmi.In the night, Lakshmi tells Rishi that she will not miss him. He says don’t miss me, what do you think that I will miss you as you trouble me a lot. Lakshmi says I am not talking to you. He asks if you will not talk when I go. She says no and turns to sleep. She thinks how can I stay without missing you, you are in my breaths and will miss you like I am breathing. He thinks the same and says I will miss you, the number of times I take breath. Song plays…..They sleep.

Next day, Virender asks Rishi if he kept all the meeting papers. Neelam asks him to have food on time. Dadi asks him to bring the sweets. Rishi says ok and looks at Lakshmi. Malishka comes there and says all the best to Rishi. She says whatever you do is best. Rishi says I will leave now and hugs Virender, Dadi etc. Lakshmi thinks he went without saying me bye. Rishi thinks she didn’t talk to me, what does she think of herself. Lakshmi thinks he was talking to everyone, but didn’t talk to me. Rishi says I will not miss her. Lakshmi says even I will not miss you. Ayush comes there and says Lakshmi..Bhabhi. He asks her to get ready as they have to go to hotel. Lakshmi asks from where do you get such thoughts? He says since Shalu came in my life, I get such ideas. Malishka comes there and says she is coming to office. Ayush says why you? Malishka says I will help, what is the big deal. He says if you are coming there with bad intentions or to hurt bhabhi, then you will only get harmed. He says I am doubtful on you for whatever happened with Lakshmi in puja.

Malishka asks if he was same Ayush who was praising her. Ayush says that time, I had fight with Lakshmi. Malishka says she is coming to help. Lakshmi tells Ayush that they shall let her come, and says we shall be focus on work. Ayush says you are the best. He asks her to say that she is best. Lakshmi says yes, I am.Neelam tells Virender that Ayush trusted Lakshmi for a big responsibility. Virender says Lakshmi is competent for it. Neelam says I will talk to Rishi, if he knows that or not. Virender says Rishi has sent her there. Neelam says there is a difference between cooking food at home and professional cooking. She says presentation is something too. Virender says chefs are there for that. Neelam says so you have decided to regard her as your daughter. Virender says you will also make her as your daughter. Neelam says it is impossible as she is auspicious. She says she will never accept her, and says she sent Malishka there so that nothing wrong happens in hotel because of Lakshmi. She says Malishka is daughter in real means. Virender says when your mind stop working, there will be no use of eyes, and says Malishka will tell you how Lakshmi has handled today.

Ayush tells the chefs that Lakshmi is Rishi’s wife and asks them to follow her orders. Lakshmi asks if they know about the event and says we have to do everything and win too. The chef asks what to do, and calls her Maam. Lakshmi asks them to call her bhabhi and shares her views with them. She says they are like her family. Malishka thinks surely they are like her family, and thinks she can be Servant and not owner, as class and status are needed to be owner, which I have. She says very soon, I will come here as Malishka Rishi Oberoi and you will be insulted big here, and I will win.

Rishi reaches the conference and hopes Lakshmi handles everything in Mumbai hotel. He thinks all the responsibility is on Lakshmi now. Rishi calls Lakshmi and says hi. Lakshmi says bye, and asks if he reached safely. Rishi says you was worried about me and had 10 missed calls. Lakshmi says she was busy in work and that’s why didn’t call. She says she missed him and made food of his name. Rishi says he is in tension and tensed about there. Lakshmi says I am here, and asks if you think. Rishi says you are best, I have left you alone so feeling alone. Lakshmi asks him to check if someone is there, and tells that she will add so much chilli that critics will not say anything. Malishka hears her. Rishi laughs. Lakshmi says you look good when smiling and says she will handle everything here and asks him to handle the meeting well. She says everything will be fine and your name will reach heights. Rishi says it is good that I called you, and says when you are with me, nothing wrong can happen. Malishka gets upset.

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