Aparajita Zeeworld update Sunday 9 July 2023

Aparajita 9 July 2023: Dadi gifts a dress to Niya and says you can wear this in the roka. Niya thanks her and leaves. She calls someone and says your work will be done when roka starts. She makes a plan and smirks. Aparajita is preparing for the roka. Akshay comes there and says what is all this? She says you won’t believe if I say anything. Akshay slips and falls down. Aparajita asks him to be careful as he is aged now. He says you are calling me old now. Aparajita holds his hand and picks him up. They share an eyelock.

Aparajita 8 July 2023

He says I will help you, she says its not needed. Alshay says I am her father too, lets do this together. They start decorating the place when their hands touch mistakenly. Dadi comes there with Niya and says its good to see you both working together. Dadi says lets match their kundlis too. Akshay says its useless, Aparajita and I had matching kundlis but see what happened. Aparajita looks on.

Aparajita comes to Chhavi and sees her getting ready. She thinks I have to find a proof against Veer soon. Mohini calls Sunil and says everything will go as per the plan. She ends the call and sees Niya coming there. She says what are you wearing? Niya says Dadi gave this to me so I can ill wear this only. Mohini says its so tacky, you cam go to Aparajita‘s house for today only. Niya nods and leaves.

Niya meets Asha and says finally you are here. Asha says thank you for helping me. She goes to Chhavi and says you are looking pretty. Chhavi says you are here? I thought you wouldn’t be able to make it. Asha says I wanted to surprise you. Aparajita Comes there and says it was a good surprise, how was your exam? Asha shows her the trophy and says I topped the exams. Aparajita Hugs her and says I am so proud of you. Niya says you did so well. Aparajita sees them and thinks I agreed to this roka only so I can get more time.

Mohini gets ready and tells Akshay that he hasn’t complimented her yet. Akshay says you always look pretty. Akshay sees Aparajita coming downstairs wearing a beautiful saree and is mesmerised. She looks at him and sees Mohini grabbing his hand. She looks away.The roka ceremony starts, Veer and his family arrive to Aparajita‘s house. He takes everyone’s blessings. He glares at Disha. Chhavi comes there. Aparajita thinks this should be a happy day for me but this Veer is so clever that I can’t find any proof against him. Veer smiles at Chhavi. Aparajita blesses Chhavi and holds her hand but Mohini makes Chhavi sit down with Verr and smirks.

Aparajita goes to ask the caterers about food and finds footmarks there. She thinks who is this person? The woman in veil enters the ceremony and says I won’t let them become one. She takes a knife. Aparajita Sees her but she runs away. Aparajita is looking for the person. Disha comes there and asks what happened? She tells her about seeing a girl in veil with a knife and says we have to be careful.The roka ceremony starts, the priest checks their kundlis and says the girl’s kundli has issues. Akshay says that’s not important. Dadi says this is not a joke, she asks the priest what would be the solution for this?

he says the kundli is of some guy? the name is Akshay, its not Chhavi’s kundli? All look on. Dadi asks if Akshay’s kundli has some issues? he says let it be. Aparajita brings Chhavi’s kundli. Veer’s mother mistakenly drops the shagun plate so Sunil shouts at her and says you are useless. Mohini says its okay. Sunil says she is a useless woman. Aparajita says its not a big deal, we can make it again. Sunil shouts at her to pick it up, she feels bad and picks up the stuff. Aparajita looks on.

Aparajita comes to her room and recalls about Sunil’s behavior. Akshay comes there and asks what happened? Aparajita says he shouted at his wife and you want your daughter to be married in that house? Akshay says Veer is modern, he will not be the same with Chhavi, he loves her a lot. Aparajita says what about respect? if he doesn’t respect her then what? Akshay says you just are against Veer, its not like he insulted her. Mohini comes there and sees them together. Akshay says she was just worried about Chhavi. Mohini says don’t worry, she will be a queen for Veer and they will have a good life in London.

The priest asks Sunil and wife to bless the couple. They do it. The priest asks Chhavi’s parents to bless them. Aparajita is about to approach but Mohini comes forward with Akshay and blesses Chhavi. Aparajita approaches them and does their tilak. She recalls about Mohini’s words that she has 8 days left. Aparajita’s saree catches fire and Chhavi screams for her. Akshay runs and starts dozing off fire, Akashay covers her with another dupatta and they stare at each other. Mohini says what have you done? you made her wear the roka chunri. Chhavi hugs Aparajita.

Disha takes her from there. Chhavi tries to go behind them but Veer says Disha is with her so don’t worry. Dadi thinks God will bring Aparajita and Akshay together. Mohini is leaving so Akshay says don’t be angry. Mohini says you should realize about the mistake you did 15 years ago, you broke her heart and now she is back so you are trying to be with her again, everyone is saying that I am the villain between you both. Akshay says I just saved her, I mistakenly made her wear the chunri. Mohini says you are concerned about her right? Akshay says yes.

Disha tells Aparajita that the chunri has stains now. Aparajita recalls how Akshay saved her. Disha asks what happened? Aparajita says Chhavi’s roka got spoiled. Disha says its a fake roka, this doesn’t matter. Aparajita says Chhavi must feel bad, Disha says its okay.Akshay tells Mohini that I feel concerned for her but I don’t love her. I am her daughters’ fathers but you are my partner, please come with me. Mohini thinks their relationship will end for sure after Chhavi gets married to Veer.

Veer brings Chhavi to a corner and says I just wanted to spend some time with you. I want to hide you from the world. Chhavi says Maa must be looking for me. Veer says nobody can separate us now. Disha tells Aparajita that I couldn’t find Ritika’s address but I am searching for her sister.

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